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Simpson, Thomas
Simson, Thomas
Symson, Thomas
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Andersch, Ernst Philipp
Clairaut, Alexis Claude (1713-1765)
Darquier de Pellepoix, Augustin (1718-1802))
Morterre, Jan (Amsterdam)
Nourse, John (1705-1780))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Simpson, Thomas (1710-1761))
Strabbe, Arnoldus Bastiaan (1741-1805)
Tipper, John (d. 1713))
Vincent, Philippe (1724?-1790))
Woolwich Polytechnic Affiliation (see also from)
appendix, containing some remarks on a late book on the same subject, with answers to some personal and malignant misrepresentations, in the preface thereof, An
designed for the use of schools
Doctrine and application of fluxions containing (besides what is common on the subject) a number of new improvements in the theory, and the solution of a variety of new, and very interesting, problems in different branches of the mathematicks
Éléments de géométrie
Elements of geometry with their application to the mensuration of superficies and solids to the determination of the maxima and minima of geometrical quantities, and to the construction of a great variety of geometrical problems
Essays on several curious and useful subjects, 1740
Gronden der meetkunst, behelzende een beknopt saamenstel der eerste beginselen van deeze wetenschap; : benevens derz. toepassing in de oplossing van meetkunst. voorstellen.
Introduction à l'analyse pratique
ladies diary or, woman's almanack, for the year of our Lord, 1754. Being the second after bissextile, or leap-year. Containing new improvements in arts and sciences, and many entertaining particulars; adapted for the use and diversion of the fair-sex. Being the fifty-first almanack publish'd of this kind., The
Mathematical dissertations on a variety of physical and analytical subjects ...
Miscellaneous tracts on some curious and very interesting subjects in mechanics, physical-astonomy, and speculative mathematics wherein, the precession of the equinox, the nutation of the earth's axis and, the motion of the moon in her orbit, are determined
Nature and laws of chance
professor of geometry in the royal academy at woolwich
Select exercises for young proficients in the mathematicks
Supplement to the doctrine of annuities and reversions, deduced from general and evident principles : containing the valuation of annuities and reversions, for single and joint lives, with the necessary tables
Treatise of algebra wherein the principles are demonstrated and applied ... to which is added the geometrical construction of a great number of linear and plane problems with the method of resolving the same numerically
treatise of fluxions
Trigonometry, plane and spherical with the construction and application of logarithms
Verhandeling over de platte en spherische driehoeksmeetkunde benevens de ... logarithmus
Vorbereitung zu einer populären Algebra : nebst deren Anwendung auf Probleme der Arithmetik und Geometrie, auch Constructionen geometrischer Probleme, fur Lernende und Lehrende