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Robert White
White, R.
White, Robert
White, Robert (English engraver, 1645-1703)
White, Robert ((engraver))
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Notated music
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Bentley, Richard (16..-1697))
Darby, John (167.?-1733; imprimeur-libraire))
Henny, Adriaen de (16..-1710))
Howard, Robert (1626-1698))
Shaw-Lefevre, Charles (1794-1888)
Simon, Jean (fl. 1675-1754)
Spelman, Henry
Tillotson, John (1630-1694))
Tonson, Jacob (1656?-1736))
white george
Wood, Anthony à (1632-1695))
Wybard, John
anatomy of an horse, the
compleat surveyor containing the whole art of surveying of land, by plain table, circumferentor, theodolite, peractor, and other instruments, The : with divers kinds of measurations, and matters pertinent to a work of this nature : the whole treatise being comprised in VII books : an account of the particulars in each of them contained, is given in the preface to the reader
Consilium ætiologicum de casu quodam epileptico: quo respondetur epistolæ doctissimi viri Thomæ Hobart, M. D. Annexâ disquisitione de perspirationis insensibilis materiâ, & peragendæ ratione. Authore Gulielmo Cole, M. D. Coll. med. Lond. socio.
effigies of the late learned divine Stephen Charnock, The
Euripidou sōzomena hapanta. Dēlonoti tragōdiai eikosi, plēn hystatē, pasai teleiai. Eti dē kai apospasmatia tōn allōn hyper tas hexēkonta. Kai epistolai pente, kai autai nun to prōton prospara grapheisai. Scholia tōn panu dokimōn eis hepta tas proteras tragōdias, syllegenta ek diaphorōn palaiōn bibliōn, kai synarmologōthenta para Arseniou archiepiskopou Monembasias. Euripidis quæ extant omnia : tragoediæ nempe XX, præter ultimam, omnes completæ : item fragmenta aliarum plusquam LLX tragœdiarum : scholia demùm doctorum virorum in septem priores tragœdias, ex diversis antiquis exemplaribus undiquaque collecta & concinnata ab Arsenio Monembasiæ archiepiscopo. Præmittitur Euripidis vita ex variis authoribus accuratiùs descripta. Etiam tractatus de tragœdiâ veterum Græcorum. Adduntur suis locis scholia aliquot MSS. item selectiores doctorum virorum notæ & conjecturæ cumperpetuis ad posteriores fabulas commentariis. Genuinæ lectiones asseruntur, carminum ratione diligenter observatâ. Scholia vetera & latina versio, omniáque adeò multò quàm antehac emendatiora. Accedit index triplex, 1. In authorem. 2. In scholia. 3. Authorum in scholiis & notis laudatorum. Operâ & studio Josuæ Barnes S. T. B. Emmanuelis collegii apud Cantabrigienses socii maximè senioris..
Five new plays viz. The Surprisal, Committee, comedies. And The Indian-Queen, Vestal-virgin, Duke of Lerma, tragedies. As they were acted by His Majesty's servants at the Theatre-Royal written by the Honourable Sir Robert Howard.
Glossarium archaiologicum, continens latino-barbaro, peregrina, obsoleta et novitate significationis vocabula
Gravure met zeven portretten van de opper-regenten tijdens de afwezigheid van Willem III, koning van Groot-Brittanië, in 1695
Historia et antiquitates universitatis Oxoniensis duobus voluminibus comprehensæ..
history of the rebellion and civil wars in England begun in the year 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King's blessed Restoration, and Return upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660. Written by the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon, Late Lord High Chancellour of England, Privy Counsellour in the Reigns of King Charles the First and the Second. Volume the First-[Volume the Third]., The
history of the reformation
life of James II late King of England. Containing an account of his birth, education, religion, and enterprizes, ... till his dethronement. With the various struggles made since for his restoration; ... and the particulars of his death. The whole intermix'd with divers original papers., The
Marcelli Malpightii...Opera omnia, figuris elegantissimis in aes incisis illustrata. Tomis duobus comprehensa, quorum catalogum sequens pagina exhibet.
Œuvres complètes.
Origines juridiciales, or, Historical memorials of the English laws, courts of justice, forms of tryal, punishment in cases criminal, law-writers, law-books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of serjeant, innes of court and chancery : also a chronologie of the lord chancellors and keepers of the Great Seal, lord treasurers, justices itinerant, justices of the Kings Bench and Common Pleas, barons of the Exchequer, masters of the rolls, kings attorneys and sollicitors, and serjeants at law
Paradise lost. A poem in twelve books. The authour John Milton. The fourth edition, adorn'd with sculptures.
Praxis medica [electronic resource] : The practice of physick: or, Dr. Sydenham's processus integri, translated out of Latin into English, with large annotations, animadversions and practical observations on the same. Containing the names, places, signs, causes, prognosticks, and cures, of all the most usual and popular diseases afflicting the bodies of human kind, according to the most approved modes of practice. Among which you have the pathology, and various methods of curing a clap, or virulent running of the reins, and the French pox, with all their attendent symptoms, beyond whatever was yet publish'd on this subject by any other author, ancient or modern, since the disease first appeared in the world to this day. The second edition inlarged throughout, with some thousands of additions not in the former impression. By William Salmon, M.D..
Processus integri in morbis ferè omnibus curandis.
Scalar supplement for the most accurate plotting of land
true intellectual system of the universe, The : the first part ; wherein, all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted ; and its impossiblity demonstrated. By R. Cudworth ....
V[iri] Cl[arissimi] Gulielmi Camdeni et illustrium virorum ad G. Camdenum Epistolae. Cum indice varii argumenti. Accesserunt annalium regni Regis Jacobi I Apparatus et commentarius de antiquitate, dignitate et offices comitis marescalli Angliae. Praemittitur G. Camdeni vita, scriptore Thoma Smitho....
Vita sana & longa : The preservation of health, and prolongation of life. Proposed and proved. In the due observance of remarkable præcautions. And daily practicable rules, relating to body and mind, compendiously abstracted from the institutions and law of nature. By E. Maynwaringe, Dr. in Physick.
works of the most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late lord archbishop of Canterbury, The : containing fifty four sermons and discourses, on several occasions. Together with the rule of faith. Being all that were published by his Grace Himself, and now collected into one volume. To which is added, an alphabetical table of the principal matters. The ninth edition..