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Jāmiʻat al-Umam al-Muttaḥidah
Kokuren Daigaku
Kokusai Rengō Daigaku
Naciones Unidas Universidad
Nations Unies, Assemblée générale, Université
Nations Unies, Université
Nations Unies Université des Nations Unies
Organizace spojených národů Univerzita
U.N. University
UN University
United Nations Universidad
United Nations Universität
United Nations Université
United Nations University
United Nations University (Tokyo)
Universidad de la Naciones Unidas
Universidad de las Naciones Unidas
Universität der Vereinten Nationen
Université des Nations Unies
Université des Nations Unies (Tokyo)
Univerzita Organizace spojených národů
Univerzita OSN
Univerzita Spojených národů
UNU (United Nations University, Tokyo)
جامعة الأمم المتحدة
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Desai, Ashok V.
Dupuy, René-Jean
Energy Research Group
Hague Academy of International Law
International Development Research Centre (Canada)
Lawand, T. A.
Mabbutt, J. A.
Third World Forum
United Nations (see also from)
United Nations Environment Programme
Vysoký komisariát OSN pro uprchlíky
World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics 13, 1991 Singapore
World Institute for Development Economics Research
Adaptation of structures and methods at the United Nations
Annual report
Arab alternative future dossier, The
avenir du droit international de l'environnement, L'
Charter of the University
Chemical Weapons Convention implementation, challenges and opportunities, The
Chronic energy deficiency : consequences and related issues
Culture and thought
Culture, development, and democracy the role of the intellectual ; a tribute to Soedjatmoko
Emerging world cities in Pacific Asia
Energy research : directions and issues for developing countries
Food and nutrition bulletin
Food Nutr Bull
fragile tropics of Latin America sustainable management of changing environments, The
Future of the international law of the environment
Global challenge and local response : initiatives for economic regeneration in contemporary Europe
Global environmental change : human and policy dimensions
Human and Social Development Programme.
Impact of technology on human rights, The : global case-studies : studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights, commissioned as a special project by the United Nations University, following a reference to the University by the United Nations Human Rights Commission
Intra-household resource allocation issues and methods for development policy and planning ; papers prepared for the Workshop on Methods of Measuring Intra-Household Resource Allocation, Gloucester, Oct. 1983
Light of wisdom series
Meiji Ishin.
Millenium series
mortality crisis in transitional economies, The
Mountain research and development
New detente, The : rethinking East-West relations
Pacific, The : peace, security, & the nuclear issue
Poverty of progress, The : changing ways of life in industrial societies
Problems and prospects of multi-ethnic states : a lecture delivered on 27 March 1986 in Lomé, Togo
Proceedings of the Khartoum Workshop on Arid Lands Management, the University of Khartoum--the United Nations University, 22-26 October 1978
Proceedings of the Workshop on Coastal Resources Management of Krakatau and the Sunda Strait Region, Indonesia, Jakarta, August 19-September 6, 1981
Research and development systems in rural settings : project meeting report, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, April 1977.
Right to development at the international level
Right to health as a human right
Rural energy systems in the humid tropics proceedings of the first workshop of the United Nations University Rural Energy Systems Project, Ife, Nigeria, 10 - 12 August 1978
Science and praxis of complexity, The : contributions to the symposium held at Montpellier, France, 9-11 May, 1984
Science and technology in the transformation of the world
Second Advisory Committee meeting on the Human and Social Development Programme : a report, Tokyo, Japan, April 1978.
Séminaire sur l'énergie solaire pour les communautés rurales : Alger, du 15 au 21 avril 1978
Social and environmental aspects of desertification : proceedings of an Inter-Congress Meeting : 3-8 January 1979, Tuscon, Arizona, USA
Sociedad y utopía
socioeconomic dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Africa, The : challenges, opportunities, and misconceptions
Solar water disinfection : proceedings of a workshop held at the Brace Research Institute, Montréal, Que., Canada, 15-17 August 1988
State and cultural transformation, The : perspectives from East Asia
Strengthening the family implications for international development
Towards a liberating peace
Training needs in geothermal energy : report of the workshop, Laugarvatn, Iceland, July 1978.
Transforming the world-economy? : nine critical essays on the new international economic order
United Nations system the policies of member states, The
United Nations University newsletter
United Nations University strategic plan 2000
United Nations University strategic plan 2002
United Nations University today, The : introduction and basic facts.
UNU nexions : a UNU Public Affairs newsletter providing connexions to the work of the University
UNU publications.
UNU research & policy briefs
UNU series on social transformation
UNU strategic plan 2000 : advancing knowledge for human security and development
UNU strategic plan 2002 : advancing knowledge for human security and development
UNU studies on critical environmental regions
Urban crime : global trends and policies
Urban geomorphology in drylands
Urban management : policies and innovations in developing countries
Visiones de sociedades deseables.
Visions of desirable societies
Woman heads of household in rural Bangladesh : strategies for survival
Women and kinship : comparative perspectives on gender in South and South-East Asia
Women, households and change
Women's work & family strategies in South & Southeast Asia proceedings of workshop held in Kathmandu, Nepal
Work in progress (United Nations University)
world steel industry today, The
Yunnan di sheng wu duo yang xing
国際価値会議レポート : 1980 : 「人間の尊厳と社会的公正に準拠したワールド・システムの構築をめざして」
難民問題の学際的研究 : アジアにおける歴史的背景の分折とその対策