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S, W.
S, William Stansby
Sta, W.
Sta, William Stansby
Stanesbeius, Wilhelmus
Stanesbeius, Will
Stanesbeius, William
Stansbeius, Guilielmus
Stansby, G.
Stansby, Gulielmus
Stansby, VVilliam
Stansby, W.
Stansby, Will
Stansby, William
Stansbye, William
W. S, William Stansby
W. Sta, William Stansby
active 1597-1638
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Blount, Edward active (1588-1632)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Featherstone, Henry (d. 1647)
Hans and Hanni Kraus Sir Francis Drake Collection (Library of Congress)
Hooker, Richard (1553 or 1554-1600)
Jonson, Ben (1573?-1637)
Meighan, Richard
Purchas, Samuel (1577?-1626)
Selden, John (1584-1654)
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Waterson, Simon (fl. 1584-1634)
Angeli Caninii Anglarensis hellēnismos, copiosissimi graecarum latinarumque vocum indicis acceβione per Carolum Hauboesium locupletatus. In quo quicquid vetustiβimi scriptores de græcæ linguæ ratione præcipiunt : atque adeò omnia quæ ad dialectos intelligendas, & poëtas penitus cognoscendos pertinent, facili methodo exponuntur. Eò accedunt plurimorum verborum originis explicatio, & regulæ quædam breves de ratione syntaxeos..
Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum regnante Elizabetha.
Don Quixote.
generall historie of the magnificent state of Venice, The : from the first foundation thereof vntill this present
golden fleece, The : diuided into three parts, vnder which are discouered the errours of religion, the vices and decayes of the kingdome, and lastly the wayes to get wealth, and to restore trading so much complayned of : transported from Cambrioll Colchos, out of the southermost part of the iland, commonly called the Newfoundland
Guide into tongues
Historiae nouorum
historie and liues of twentie kings of England, The : with the successions of the dukes and earles of this realme from the conquest vntill the twelfth yeare of the famous raigne of the most admired prince, King Iames the First : together with the times of the creations of the barons and baronets of this kingdome
historie of the raigne of the king Henry the seventh. Written by the right honourable Francis, Lord Verulam, viscount St. Alban., The
history of Great Britanie from the first peopling of this iland to this presant raigne of o[u]r hapy and peacefull monarke K. James, The
Jacobs great day of trouble and deliverance : a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, the fifth of August 1607 vpon His Maiesties deliuerance from the Earle Gouuries treason and conspiracy
Joannis Seldeni I.C. de Di̲i̲s syris syntagmata II. : Aduersaria nempè de Numinibus commentatijs in Vetere Instrvmento memoratis accedunt [...]
Joannis Seldeni Mare clausum, seu De dominio maris libri duo. Primo, mare, ex jure naturae seu gentium, omnium hominum non esse commune, sed dominii privati seu proprietatis capax, pariter ac tellurem demonstratur. Secundo, serenissimum Magnae Britanniae regem maris circumflui, ut individuae atque perpetuae imperii britannici appendicis, dominum esse, asseritur....
M. Blundeuile his exercises : contayning eight treatises ... very necessary to be read and learned of all yong gentlemen that haue not beene exercised in such disciplines and yet are desirous to haue knowledge as well in cosmographie, astronomie, and geographie, as also in the art of nauigation ...
M. Blundevile His exercises, 1622:
Marchant royall
Mare clausum
merchant royall, The : a sermon preached at White-Hall before the kings Maiestie, at the nuptialls of the Right Honorable the Lord Hay, and his ladie, vpon the twelfe day last, being Ianvar. 6. 1607.
Microcosmus, or, The historie of man : relating the wonders of his generation, vanities in his degeneration, necessity of his regeneration : meditated on the words of Dauid, Psal. 39:5, "Verily, euery man at his best state is altogether vanitie, selah"
mystery of selfe-deceiuing, or, A discourse and discouery of the deceitfulnesse of mans heart, The
Of the institution of the sacrament of the blessed bodie and blood of Christ, (by some called) the Masse of Christ, eight bookes : discovering the superstitious, sacrilegious, and idolatrous abominations of the Romish Masse : together with the consequent obstinacies, overtures of perjuries, and the heresies discernable in the defenders thereof
Of the lawes of ecclesiastical politie : eight bookes
Old religion
olde religion, The : a treatise wherein is laid downe the true state of the difference betwixt the Reformed and Romane Church, and the blame of this schisme is cast upon the true authours : serving for the vindication of our innocence for the setling of wauering mindes for a preseruatiue against popish insinuations
Palladis tamia
ponderibvs et pretiis vetervm nvmmorvm, eorumq́[ue] cum recentioribus collatione, liber unvs, De
prophane schisme of the Brownists or Separatists, The : with the impietie, dissensions, leuud, and abhominable vices of that impure sect
Purchas his pilgrimage
Queen Anna's new world of words, or Dictionarie of the Italian and English tongues, collected, and newly much augmented by John Florio, reader of the Italian unto the Soveraigne Majestie Anna, crowned queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. And one of the gentlemen of hir royall Privie Chamber. Whereunto are added certaine necessarie-rules and short observations for the Italian tongue.
Relation of some yeares travaile, begvnne anno 1626
Relations of the vvorld and the religions obserued in al ages and places discouered, from the Creation vnto this present
Saracenical historie, contayning the acts of the mvslims from mvhammed to the reigne of atabacews in the svcession of nine fortie emperovrs, The
Sir Francis Drake Sir reuiued : calling vpon this dull or effeminate age, to follow his noble steps for gold and siluer, by this memorable relation, of the rare occurances (neuer yet declared to the world) in a third voyage, made by him into the West-Indies, in the yeeres 72 and 73 ... : faithfully taken out of the report of M. Christopher Ceely, Ellis Hixom, and others who were in the same voyage with him
Sir Francis Drake Sir revived
Sixe court comedies : often presented and acyted before Queene Elizabeth by the children of Her Maiesties chappell, and the children of Paules
Sui saeculi libri VI
Surveyor in foure bookes
Titles of honor
treatise of melancholy, A : containing the causes thereof and reasons of the strange effects it worketh in our minds and bodies : with the physicke cure, and spirituall consolation for such as haue thereto adioyned afflicted conscience : the difference betwixt it and melancholy, with diuers philosophicall discourses touching actions and affections of soule, spirit, and body, the particulars whereof are to bee seene before the booke
Two relations one of the northeasterne parts, extracted ovt of sir Ierome horsey knight, his many yeeres....
vviddovves teares, The : a comedie, as it was often presented in the Black and White Friers
Widow's tears
Wits common wealth. a treasurie of diuine, morall, and phylosophicall similies and sentences, generally vsefull : but more particularly published for the vse of schooles
Witts academy, a treasurie of goulden sentences, similies, and examples
Workes, both morrall and natural, of Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Workes of Benjamin Jonson