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Hodgson, G. M.
Hodgson, Geoff
Hodgson, Geoffrey
Hodgson, Geoffrey M.
Hodgson, Geoffrey Martin
Ходжсон, Джеффри
ホジソン, G. M
ホジソン, ジェフリー・M
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Aldrich, Howard
Camic, Charles
European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
Hodgson, G.
Hodgson, Geoff
Hodgson, Geoff M
Hodgson, Geoffrey
Hodgson, Geoffrey M
Hodgson, Geoffrey M.
Huang, Kainan
Hull, David
Itō, Makoto (1936-)
Jiang, Shuxia
Knudsen, T.
Knudsen, Thorbjoern
Knudsen, Thorbjørn
Pucek, Zbigniew
Rothman, Harry
Samuels, Warren J. (1933-)
Screpanti, Ernesto (1948-)
Steedman, Ian
Tool, Marc R.
Tool, Marc Reed
University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire / Business School / Economics Group
Veblen, Thorstein Bunde
Yokokawa, Nobuharu (1950-)
西部, 忠 (1962-)
Agency, Institutions, and Darwinism in Evolutionary Economic Geography
Agreeing on generalised Darwinism: a response to Pavel Pelikan
Alfred Marshall versus the historical school?
Approach of Institutional Economics, The
Behind Methodological Individualism.
Book review
Book reviews
brief response to Jurgen Lange-von Kulessa, A
by Alfred Marshall
by Walton H. Hamilton
Capitalist Development in the Twentieth Century: An Evolutionary-Keynesian Analysis. By John Cornwall and Wendy Cornwall. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Pp. 269. $59.95.
Choice, habit and evolution
comment on the paper by Joseph Henrich, A
¿Cómo llegó la economía a semejante situación?
Competence and contract in the theory of the firm
complex evolution of a simple traffic convention: the functions and implications of habit, The
Darwin's Conjecture
Darwinian coevolution of organizations and the environment
Darwinism, causality and the social sciences
Darwinism in economics: from analogy to ontology
Depreciation of Machines of Changing Efficiency: A Note.
¿Desconocemos los hechos cuando son inconvenientes? Respuesta al profesor Gorbaneff
Dismantling Lamarckism: why descriptions of socio-economic evolution as Lamarckian are misleading
Eclipse of the Uncertainty Concept in Mainstream Economics, The
economía de la corrupción y la corrupción de la economía: una perspectiva institucionalista, La
Economics and evolution : bringing life back into economics
Economics and the return to Mecca: The recognition of novelty and emergence
Editors and Authors of Economics Journals: A Case of Institutional Oligopoly?, The
emergence of property rights enforcement in early trade: A behavioral model without reputational effects, The
Evolution of Evolutionary Economics: Review Article., The
Evolution of Institutions: An Agenda for Future Theoretical Research, The
Evolutionary and competence-based theories of the firm
evolutionary and non-Darwinian economics of Joseph Schumpeter, The
Evolutionary game theory and evolutionary economics: are they different species?
Evolutionary Theorizing Beyond Lamarckism: a reply to Richard Nelson
experimentos pueden falsear la teoría de la utilidad esperada?, ¿Los
firm as an interactor: firms as vehicles for habits and routines, The
Firm-Specific Learning and the Nature of the Firm. Why Transaction Costs May Provide an Incomplete Explanation
foundations of evolutionary economics: 1890-1973, The
Frank A. Fetter (1863–1949): Capital (1930)
From Group Selection to Organizational Interactors
From Pleasure Machines to Moral Communities
From Social Theory to Explaining Sickonomics: A Response to Dimitris Milonakis and Ben Fine
Generative replication and the evolution of complexity
great crash of 2008 and the reform of economics, The
Habits, Rules and Economic Behaviour
Hayek's Theory of Cultural Evolution: An Evaluation in the Light of Vanberg's Critique
Hayekian evolution reconsidered: a response to Caldwell
hidden persuaders: institutions and individuals in economic theory, The
Impact of Empirical Tests of Transaction Cost Economics on the Debate on the Nature of the Firm, The
Impossibility of Social Democracy’, by Albert E. F. Schäffle, ‘The
In defence of generalized Darwinism
In search of general evolutionary principles: Why Darwinism is too important to be left to the biologists
Instituciones, recesiones y recuperación en las economías en transición
institutional and evolutionary perspective on health economics, An
Institutional Rigidities and Economic Growth.
Institutions and Individuals: Interaction and Evolution
Introduction to the inaugural issue by the Editor-in-Chief
Introduction to the Special Issue on the Evolution of Institutions
Knowledge at work: Some neoliberal anachronisms
Legal Nature of the Firm and the Myth of the Firm-Market Hybrid, The
Maurice Fitzgerald Scott, a new view of economic growth : (Clarendon Press, Oxford, U.K. and New York, U.S.A., 1989) pp. xlix + 592, [UK pound]50.00 (hardback), [UK pound]17.95 (paper)
Meanings of methodological individualism
Mecca of Alfred Marshall., The
Microeconomics: Behavior, Institutions, and Evolution, Samuel Bowles, Princeton University Press and Russell Sage Foundation, 2004, 584 pages
Mirage of Microfoundations, The
Money and the Sraffa System.
Mystery of the Routine. The Darwinian Destiny of An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change, The
nature and units of social selection, The
Obituary: Ernest Mandel, 1923-1995.
On the Evolution of Thorstein Veblen's Evolutionary Economics.
On the Problem of Formalism in Economics
Opportunism is not the only reason why firms exist : why an explanatory emphasis on opportunism may mislead management strategy
Optimisation and Evolution: Winter's Critique of Friedman Revisited.
Philosophical Perspective on Contemporary Evolutionary Economics, A
Pierre Garrouste and Stavros Ioannides, eds., Evolution and Path Dependence in Economic Ideas: Past and Present (Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2001), pp. viii, 247, $90. ISBN 1 84064 081 2.
Poverty of stimulus and absence of cause: some questions for Felin and Foss
Reclaiming habit for institutional economics
Reply to Howard Sherman, A
Rick Tilman, Thorstein Veblen and the Enrichment of Evolutionary Naturalism (Columbia and London: University of Missouri Press, 2007), pp. xxiv, 344, $49.95. ISBN 978-0-8262-1714-1.
Schmoller's Impact on the Anglophone Literature in Economics
Sex on the brain: some comments on ‘love, war and cultures: An institutional approach to human evolution’
Sickonomics: Diagnoses and Remedies
Socio-Economic Consequences of the Advance of Complexity and Knowledge
Some claims made for critical realism in economics: two case studies
Taxonomizing the Relationship Between Biology and Economics: A Very Long Engagement
Theoretical and Policy Implications of Variable Productivity.
Theories of Economic Evolution: A Preliminary Taxonomy.
Thorstein Veblen (1857–1929): ‘The Limitations of Marginal Utility’ (1909)
Thorstein Veblen and Post-Darwinian Economics.
Toward an Evolutionary and Moral Science
Towards an alternative economics of health care
ubicuidad de los hábitos y las reglas, La
Ubiquity of Habits and Rules., The
Veblenian Evolutionary Economics: Introduction.
Visions of Mainstream Economics: A Response to Richard Nelson and Jack Vromen
What Are Institutions?
What Lies beyond Capitalism?
Why we need a generalized Darwinism, and why generalized Darwinism is not enough
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