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Humphreys, A. A.
Humphreys, Andres A.
Humphreys, Andrew A.
Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson
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Cartographic material
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Abbot, Henry L.
Abbot, Henry Larcom (1831-1927)
Egloffstein, F. W. (1824-1885)
Ives, J. C.
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers
United States. Office of Explorations and Surveys
Warren, G. K. (1830-1882)
Warren, Gouverneur Kemble (1830-1882)
Wheeler, George M. (1842-1905)
Wheeler, George Montague (1842-1905)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Address of Maj. Gen. A. A. Humphreys on the military services of the late Maj. Gen. George Gordon Meade
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, A Biography
Annual report of Captain A.A. Humphreys, topographical engineers, in charge of Office of Explorations and Surveys, War Department, December, 1858.
Central Virginia
Estados Unidos
Examination, by direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis. secretary of war, of the reports of explorations for railroad routes from the Mississippi to the Pacific, made... in 1853-54... by capt. A. A. Humphreys and lieut. G. K. Warren,..., An
From Gettysburg to the Rapidan, the army of the Potomac, July 1863 to April 1864, by Andrew A. Humphreys,...
Geologic map, no. 1 : Rio Colorado of the West
[Geological map of the state of Virginia]
Gettysburg Battlefield map set.
Jetersville and Sailors Creek
Letter from the chief of engineers to the secretary of war, containing a historical sketch of the corps of engineers and remarks upon its organization and duties... [Signé : A. A. Humphreys.]
Major General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, United States Volunteers
Map of battle-grounds of August 28th, 29th & 30th, 1862, in the vicinity of Groveton, Prince William Co., Va.
Map of the alluvial region of the Mississippi
Map of the battle-field of Gettysburg
Map of the military dep't of Texas : being a section of the map of the territory of the U.S. from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
Map of the routes examined and surveyed for the Winchester and Potomac Rail Road, State of Virginia, under the direction of Capt. J. D. Graham, U.S. Top. Eng., 1831 and 1832; surveyed by Lts. A. D. Mackay and E. French, 1st Arty., assistants in 1831, and Lts. E. French and J. F. Izard, assistants in 1832; drawn from the original plot by Lt. Humphreys, 2d Artillery.
Map of the United States showing the limits of the military departments and the positions of the military posts
Memoir to accompany a military map of the peninsula of Florida, south of Tampa Bay
Military map of the peninsula of Florida south of Tampa Bay.
Physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi, reply to criticism made by Dr. Hagen,... by... A. A. Humphreys,... and... Henry L. Abbot,...
Physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi : reply to criticisms made by Dr. Hagen ...
Position of Richmond, Va.
Preliminary reports concerning explorations and surveys principally in Nevada and Arizona...
Remarks upon so much of the proposed revised statutes of the United States, "Title XIV. The army", as affects the legal status of the Corps of Engineers : being a letter from the chief of engineers to the Board of Commissioners for the revision of the U.S. statutes.
reply to certain portions of the minority report of the Hon. Z. Kidwell, of the House of Representatives, member of the Select Committee upon the Pacific Railroad, A
Report upon the Colorado river of the West...
Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi river, upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow, and upon the deepening of the mouths : based upon surveys and investigations made under the acts of Congress directing the topographical and hydrographical survey of the delta of the Mississippi river ..., submitted to the bureau of Topographical Engineers, War Department, 1861
Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi river, upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow and upon the deepening of the mouths, based upon surveys and investigations made under the acts of Congress, submitted to the Bureau of Topographical Engineers, War department, 1861, prepared by captain A. A. Humphreys and lieut. H. L. Abbot,...
Report upon United States Geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian
Reports on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers : made by Brig. Gen. S. Bernard and Lt. Col. Jos. G. Totten, in 1822; Charles Ellet, Jr., in 1852; Maj. Gen. A.A. Humphreys, in 1866.
Reservation no. 1 : [White House grounds, Washington D.C.].
Rio Colorado of the West
Theorie der Bewegung des Wassers in Flüssen und Canälen, nach... dem Bericht Humphreys' und Abbot's über die physischen und hydraulischen Verhältnisse des Mississippi-Stromes... Deutsch bearbeitet, von Heinr. Grebenau,...
Topographical Atlas : Geographical Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th. Meridian : Seasons of 1869, 1871, 1872, 1823 & 1874 Under the Command of 1st. Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers, N.S. Army By Order of the Honorable WM.W. Belknap, Secretary of War, Under the Direction of Brig. Gen A.A. Humphreys, Chief of Engineers U.S. Army
Topographical map of Washoe mining region : expeditions of 1876 & 1877
U.S. Miss. Delta survey, plate II
Virginia Campaign, 1864 and 1865, The : the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the James
Virginia campaign of'64 and '65, the army of the Potomac and the army of the James, by Andrew A. Humphreys,..., The
York River and Mobajack [sic] Bay, Va.
York River and Mobjack Bay, Va.