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Fowler, O. S.
Fowler, Orson S.
Fowler, Orson Sguire
Fowler, Orson Squire
Fowler, Orson Squire (American designer, author, and social reformer, 1809-1887)
O. S. Fowler
Orson Squire Fowler
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Combe, Andrew (1797-1847)
Fowler, L. N. (1811-1896)
Fowler, Lorenzo Niles (1811-1896)
Hashizume, Kan'ichi (1820-1884)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Kirkham, Samuel
Kirkham, Samuel ([from old catalog])
McManus-Young Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Woodworth, W. F. ([from old catalog])
橋爪, 貫一 (1820-1884)
Amativeness: or, Evils and remedies of excessive and perverted sexuality, including warning and advice to the married and single. Being a supplement to "Love and parentage."
Biographical, historical and incidental sketch of Ossian E. Dodge.
Christian mothers.
creative and sexual science, or manhood, womanhood, and their interrelations (1875)
Creative and sexual science : or, manhood, womanhood, and their mutual interrelations; love, its laws, power, etc. ; selection, or mutual adaptation; courtship, married life, and perfect children ... as taught by phrenology and physiology
Danjo no gimu
Dictionnaire biographique de la psychiatrie
Education and self-improvement, founded on physiology and phrenology; or, What constitutes good heads and bodies, and how to make them good, by enlarging deficiencies and diminishing excesses
Fowler on matrimony, or, Phrenology and physiology applied to the selection of companions for life : including directions to the married for living together affectionately and happily
Fowler on memory: or, Phrenology applied to the cultivation of memory; the intellectual education of children, and the strengthening and expanding of the intellectual powers
Fowler's New illustrated self-instructor in phrenology and physiology : with over one hundred engravings, together with the chart and character of [blank] as marked by [blank]
Fowler's Phrenological instructor
Fowler's Practical phrenology : giving a concise elementary view of phrenology, presenting some new and important remarks upon the temperaments, and describing the primary mental powers in seven different degrees of development, the mental phenomena produced by their combined action, and the location of the organs, amply illustrated by cuts : also the phrenological developments, together with, the character and talents of [blank], as given by [blank] ...
Fowler's practical phrenology, giving a concise elementary view of phrenology ... with references to ... pages of "Phrenology proved, illustrated, and applied" ...
Hereditary descent, 1853:
Hereditary descent; its laws and facts applied to human improvement
Hereditary descent its laws and facts, illustrated and applied to the improvement of mankind; with hints to woman, including directions for forming matrimonial alliances so as to produce, in offspring, whatever physical, mental, or moral qualities may be desired, together with preventives of hereditary tendencies
Home for all, or, A new, cheap, convenient, and superior mode of building
home for all, or, The gravel wall and octagon mode of building new, cheap, convenient, superior, and adapted to rich and poor ..., A
human science of phrenology
Human science, or, Phrenology : its principles, proofs, faculties, organs, temperaments, combinations, conditions, teachings, philosophies, etc., etc. : as applied to health, its values, laws, functions, organs, means, preservation, restoration, etc. : mental philosophy, human and self improvement, civilization, home, country, commerce, rights, duties, ethics, etc. : God, His existence, attributes, laws, worship, natural theology, etc. : immortality, its evidences, conditions, relations to time, rewards, punishments, sin, faith, prayer, etc. : intellect, memory, juvenile and self education, literature, mental discipline, the senses, sciences, arts, avocations, a perfect life, etc., etc., etc.
Illustrated new self instructor
illustrated self-instructor in phrenology and physiology., The
Intemperance and tight lacing considered in relation to the laws of life
Laws of life
Life, its factors and improvement. [Prospectus]
Love and parentage, applied to the improvement of offspring, including important directions and suggestions to lovers and the married concerning the strongest ties and the most momentous relations of life.
Maternity; or, Bearing, confinement, and the treatment of infants: including the analysis, preservation, and restoration of the female health and beauty; the causes and cures of feminine ailments...as taught by phrenology and physiology.
maternity: or the bearing and nursing of children
matrimony, or phrenology applied to the selection of companions
Memory and intellectual improvement applied to self-education and juvenile instruction
New illustrated self-instructor in phrenology and physiology
octagon house: a home for all, the
Octagon house, The : a home for all
Offspring, and their hereditary endowment: or, Paternity, maternity, and infancy; including sexuality; its laws, facts, impairment, restoration, and perfection, as taught by phrenology and physiology, together with warning and advice to youth.
Paddle your own canoe
Phrenological chart, designed to indicate the location and relative size of the organs, describe their accompanying mental faculties, and the phenomena produced by their combination.
Phrenological chart; presenting a synopsis of the science of phrenology ...
Phrenological controversy : answer to Vindex
Phrenology; a practical guide to your head
Phrenology proved, illustrated, and applied : accompanied by a chart, embracing an analysis of the primary mental powers, in their various degrees of development, the phenomena produced by their combined activity, and the location of the phrenological organs in the head : together with a view of the moral and theological bearing of the science
Physiology, animal and mental: applied to the preservation and restoration of health of body, and power of mind.
practical phrenologist and recorder and delineator of the character and talents of [blank], as marked by [blank], The : a compendium of phreno-organic science
Practical phrenology
principles of physiology applied to the preservation of health, and to the improvement of physical and mental education., The
Private lectures on perfect men, women and children, in happy families;
Religion, natural and revealed : or, the natural theology and moral bearings of phrenology and physiology : including the doctrines taught and duties inculcated thereby, compared with those enjoined oin the Scriptures ; together with the phrenlogical exposition of the doctrines of a future state ...
Self-culture, and perfection of character; including the management of youth.
Self-culture, and perfections of character including the management of youth
self instructor in phrenology and physiology, the
Sexual science including manhood, womanhood, and their mutual interrelations: love its laws, power, etc., selection or mutual adaptation ... etc., etc., as taught by phrenology
Sexual science; or, Manhood and womanhood, including perfect husbands, wives, mothers, and infants. Together with maternity ... as taught by phrenology and physiology.
Synopsis of phrenology, and the phrenological developments : together with the character and talents, of [blank space for name] as given by [blank space for name] : with references to those pages of "Phrenology proved, illustrated and applied," in which will be found a full and correct delineation of the intellectual and moral character and manifestations of the above-named individual
Temperance, found on phrenology and physiology, or, The laws of life : and the principles of the human constitution as developed by the sciences of phrenology and physiology applied to total abstinence from all alcoholic and intoxicating drinks
Temperance, founded phrenology and physiology:
Washington mirror : a weekly paper devoted to literature, Congressional, commercial, and local intelligence. Vol. II, no. 8, Saturday morning, November 28, 1835.
What everyone knew about sex; explained in the words of Orson Squire Fowler and other Victorian moralists
Works on phrenology, physiology, and kindred subjects.