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Justin Yifu Lin
Lin (I-fu)
Lin, Ifu
Lin, J. Y.
Lin, Justin
Lin, Justin Y.
Lin, Justin Yifu
Lin (Yi-fu)
Lin (Yifu)
Lin, Yifu Justin
Rin, Kifu
Yifu Lin, Justin
リン, キフ
林, 毅夫
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Cartographic material
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Cai, Fang
Cai, Fang (1956-)
Chandra, Vandana
Chang, Ha-Joon
Chen, Binkai
Doemeland, Doerte
Fang, Cai
Fardoust, Shahrokh
Feder, Gershon
Fleisher, Belton M.
Gong, Gang
Gong, Qiang
Hahn, Donghoon
International Economic Association
Jia, Shen
Jiang, Ye
Ju, Jiandong
Kung, James Kai-sing
Kurekova, Lucia
Lau, Lawrence J.
Lee, Keun
Li, Feiyue
Li, Zhiyun
Li, Zhou
Li, Zhou (1952-)
Lin, Justin
Lin, Justin Y
Lin, Justin Y.
Lin, Justin Yifu
Liu, Mingxing
Liu, Peilin
Luo, Xubei
Martin, Will
Martin, William J.
Monga, Célestin
Mukherjee, Arijit
Nugent, Jeffrey B.
Pan, Shiyuan
Renard, Mary-Francoise
Rosenblatt, David
Srinivasan, T. N. (1933-)
Stiglitz, Joseph E. (1943- ))
Sun, Xifang
Tan, Guofu
Tao, Ran
Treichel, Volker
Tsai, Yingyi
University of Chicago, Department of Economics, June 1986
Velde, Dirk Willem te
Wang, Gewei
Wang, Yan
Wang, Yong
World Bank
World Bank Group / Economics Research
Yang, Dennis
Yang, Dennis Tao
Yao, Yang
Yifu Lin, Justin
Yifu, Lin
Yifu, Lin Justin
Yu, Miaojie
Zhang, Fan
Zhang, Pengfei
Zhao, Yaohui
Zhou, Li
李周, 1952-
関, 志雄 (1957-)
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Inhibition of Factor Markets, Institutional Reform and Induced Technological Choice in Chinese Agriculture: Theory and Empirical Evidence
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Late Marketisation versus Late Industrialisation in East Asia
Late Marketization versus Late Industrialization in East Asia: Convergence and Divergence among Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, & Mongolia
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WTO accession and China's agriculture
Yu Lin lao shi dui hua
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, Department of Economics, June 1986