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Morton Wheeler, William
Wheeler, W. M.
Wheeler, William M.
Wheeler, William Morton,
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Clark University
Gómez Durán, José María
Parker, George Howard (1864-1955)
Réaumur, R.A. de (1683-1757)
Réaumur, René Antoine (1683-1757)
Réaumur, René Antoine Ferchault (1683-1757 seigneur de)
Réaumur, René-Antoine Ferchault de (1683-1757)
Scott, William Berryman (1858-1947)
Shipley, A. E.
Shipley, Arthur Everett
Smith, Grafton Elliot (1871-1937)
Watson, David Meredith Seares (1886-)
Wheeler, William Morton (1865-1937))
Williston, Samuel Wendell (1851-1918)
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944)
Additions to the Ant-Fauna of Jamaica
American naturalist
Anomalies among ants
Ants collected by the American Museum Congo expedition, The
Ants collected in British Guiana by the expedition of the American Museum of Natural History during 1911
Ants collected in the West Indies
Ants of Formosa and the Philippines
ants of Haiti, The
Ants of the American Museum Congo Expedition.
ants of the Baltic amber, The
Ants of the Belgian Congo
Ants; structure, development and behaviour
Ants, their structure, development and behavior, by William Morton Wheeler,...
Australian honey-ants of the genus Leptomyrmeæ Mayr, The
Biologia centrali-americana. Zoology. Insecta. Diptera. Vol. I-III
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History
Check list of the ants of Oceania
Cinco ensayos de mirmecología
Colony-founding among ants : with an account of some primitive Australian species
compound and mixed nests of American ants, The
consideration of S. B. Buckley's "North American formicidae, A
contribution to insect embryology., A
Corrections and additions to "List of type species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae"
Creation by evolution; a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Demons of the dust : a study in insect behavior
Emergent evolution and the development of societies
Emergent evolution and the social
Essays in philosophical biology
extraordinary ant-guest, An
Foibles of insects and men
fungus-growing ants ... 1973:, The
fungus-growing ants of North America, The
genus of maritime Dolichopodidae new to America., A
Histoire des fourmis
Historia natural de las hormigas : (de un manuscrito en los archivos de la Academia de Ciencias de París)
Keys to the genera and subgenera of ants
Lamarck manuscripts at Harvard. Edited by William Morton Wheeler and Thomas Barbour, The
list of the type species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae, A
males of some Texan ecitons, The
Mosaics and other anomalies among ants
natural history of ants, The : from an unpublished manuscript in the archives of the Academy of Sciences of Paris
neglected factor in evolution, A
New species of Dolichopodidae from the United States.
New species of Formica : (Formica munda, sp. nov.)
On the distribution of the ants of the Ethiopian and Malagasy regions
parasitic origin of Macroërgates among ants, The : (Pheidole) (Mermis)
Revised list of Hawaiian ants
social insects, The : their origin and evolution
Social life among the insects. - [1923]
Social life among the insects, being a series of lectures delivered at the Lowell Institute in Boston, in March 1922, by William Morton Wheeler,...
Social Life among the Insects, etc.
sociétés d'insectes, Les : leur origine, leur evolution
Some additions to the North American Ant-Fauna
Studies of neotropical ant-plants and their ants
synonymic list of the ants of the Ethiopian region, A : A synonymic list of the ants of the Malagasy region
Templeton Crocker expedition of the California Academy of sciences, 1932. No. 6. "Formicidae" of the Templeton Crocker expedition, by William Morton Wheeler,..., The
Three new ants from Mexico and Central America
"Reprinted from Journal of morphology, v. 8., no. 1."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Clark University, 1892