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Hawksworth, D. L.
Hawksworth, David
Hawksworth, David L.
Hawksworth, David Leslie
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Ainsworth, G.C. (1905-1998)
Ainsworth, Geoffrey C.
Ainsworth, Geoffrey Clough (1905-1988))
Ainsworth, Geoffrey Clough (1905-1998)
Bisby, Guy
Bisby, Guy Richard (1889-1958)
Bull, Alan T.
Commonwealth Mycological Institute
Ferry, B. W.
Hall, G. S.
International Mycological Institute
Systematics Association
Systematics association GB
Advancing agricultural production in Africa : proceedings of CAB's first scientific conference, Arusha, Tanzania, 12-18 February 1984
Ainsworth and Brisby's dictionary of the fungi, 1995:
Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the fungi : (including the lichens)
Air pollution and lichens
Alectoria and allied genera in North America
Arthropod diversity and conservation
Ascomycete systematics : problems and perspectives in the nineties
Biodiversity and biosystematic priorities : microorganisms and invertebrates : priorities for biosystematic research in support of biodiversity in developing countries : microorganisms and invertebrates
Biodiversity and conservation in Europe
Biodiversity information : needs and options : proceedings of the 1996 International Workshop on Biodiversity Information
Biodiversity : measurement and estimation
British Ascomycotina, The : a annotated checklist
British Ascomycotina, The : an annotated checklist
British poultry standards.
changing flora and fauna of Britain, The : proceedings of a symposium held at the University of Leicester, 11-13 April 1973
changing wildlife of Great Britain and Ireland, The
Coevolution and systematics
Coevolution of fungi with plants and animals, 1988:
Dictionary of the fungi
draft glossary of terms used in bionomenclature, A
Family names : index of Fungi supplement
Filamentous fungi
Forest diversity and management
Frontiers in mycology : honorary and general lectures from the Fourth International Mycological Congress, Regensburg, Germany, 1990
Fungi and international biodiversity initiatives
Human exploitation and biodiversity conservation
Identification and characterization of pest organisms, The : proceedings of the Third Workshop on the Ecological Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture (WEFSA III), held at the International Mycological Institute, Egham, Surrey, England, 9 to 11 June 1993
Improving the stability of names: needs and options : proceedings of an international symposium, Kew, 20-23 February 1991
International mycological directory
International of microorganisms and invertebrates, The : its role in sustainable agriculture : proceeding of the first Workshop on the Ecological Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture (WEFSA 1) London, 26-27 july 1990
Key to the lichen-forming, parasitic, parasymbiotic and saprophytic fungi occurring on lichens in the British Isles, A
Key works to the fauna and flora of the British Isles and north-western Europe.
Key works to the fauna and flora of the British Isles and northwestern Europe
lichen-forming fungi, 1984:, The
lichenicolous Hyphomycetes, The
Lichenology in the British Isles, 1568-1975 : an historical and bibliographical survey
Lichenology : progress and problems: proceedings of an International Symposium held at the University of Bristol
Lichens as pollution monitors
Management and the conservation of biodiversity
Marine, freshwater, and wetlands biodiversity conservation
Methods and practice in biodiversity conservation
Methods for the examination of organismal diversity in soils and sediments
Mycologist's handbook : an introduction to the principles of taxonomy and nomenclature in the fungi and lichens
new bionomenclature: the BioCode Debate, The : proceedings of a symposium held during the fifth international congress on systematic and evolutionary biology in Budapest on 21 August 1996
Ornamentation on the terminal hairs in Chaetomium Kunze ex fr. and some allied genera
Plant conservation and biodiversity
preliminary list of the families proposed for fungi (including the lichens), A
Prospects in systematics
Protist diversity and geographical distribution
Regnum vegetabile : a guide to the location and contents of the world's public herbaria.... needs and options
Report on the lichen flora of the Peak District National Park : (with emphasis on sites of special scientific interest)
revision of the genus Ascotricha Berk., A
revision of the genus Zopfia Rabenh, A
Two new species of Dacampia (Ascomycota, Dacampiaceae), with a key to and synopsis of the known species of the genus
Vertebrate conservation and biodiversity
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