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J. T, John Tillotson
John (Archbishop of Canterbury)
John (Lord Archbishop of Canterbury)
John (of Canterbury)
T, J.
T, John Tillotson
Tillotson, ..
Tillotson, Jean
Tillotson, Joannes
Tillotson, Johan
Tillotson, Johann
Tillotson, Johannes
Tillotson, John
Tillotson, John (Abp of Canterbury)
Tillotson, John (Dr)
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Barbeyrac, Jean (1674-1744)
Barker, Ralph (1648-1708)
Barrow, Isaac
Beausobre, Charles Louis de (1690-1753)
Bernard, Jean Frédéric (Amsterdam)
Burnet, Gilbert
Hill, Abraham
Humbert, Pierre (1680?-1758))
Humbert, Pierre (Amsterdam)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Simon, Irène
South, Robert
Algemeene regel van regtvaardigheid; : aangetoont in een leer-reden, over Matth. VII. vs. 12
Alle de predikaetsien van den zeer vermaerden Johannes Tillotson ... Uit het Engelsch vertaeld ... nevens eene lykreden over den schryver, uitgesproken door ... Gilbert Burnet ..
Conscience void of offence towards god and men : in a sermon preach'd before queen mary at white-hall, february 27. 1690/1
copy of a letter rom the dean of Canterbury, dr. Tillotson ... to a friend of his
Discourse against transubstantiation
Dr Tillotson's letter to Mr Nicholas Hunt of Canterbury Who had a cancer, of which he died, 1687.
Enquiry into the nature and obligation of legal rights : with respect to the popular pleas of the late k. james's remaining right to the crown
European Community law : text, cases & materials
form of prayers, used by his late Majesty K. William III. When he received the Holy Sacrament, A
gantsche pligt van een christen, De : of De christelyke zedekunde ...
Heyl des sondaars, neevens een bondige verhandeling over de sonde tegen den Heyligen Geest, 't
Parable of the ten virgins : in a sermon preach'd before her royal highness the princess anne of denmark at tunbridge-wells, sept. 2. 1688
Persuasive to frequent communion in the holy sacrament of the lord's supper in a sermon upon i corinth. xi. 26, 27, 28
Predicatie gedaan in de kapel van Lincolns-Inn, tot London, op den 10 February. 1689. zijnde de dag die aangesteld was om ... God opentlijk te danken, voor dat hy ... den Prince van Orange, tot een heerlijk instrument van de groote verlossinge van dit Koningrijk van 't Pausdom en de arbitraire magt, heeft gemaakt
Predikaetsien in zes deelen
Reason against raillery, 1672:
Rule of faith
Sermon concerning the unity of the divine nature and the b. trinity
Sermon lately preached on i corinth. 3. 15
sermon of the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost. By John Tillotson, D.D, A
Sermon preach'd before the queen at white-hall, march the 8th, 1688/9
Sermon preached at lincolns-inn-chappel, on the 31th of january, 1688 being the day appointed for a publick thanksgiving to almighty god for having made his highness the prince of orange the glorious instrument of the great deliverance of this kingdom from popery & arbitrary power
Sermon preached at white-hall, april the 4th, 1679
sermon preached [...] on Jan. 31. 1688. Dutch, A
Sermons. French. Part 7
Sermons preach'd upon several occasions
Sermons. Selections
Sermons sur diverses matières importantes
Sermons sur la repentance, par feu Mr. Tillotson, archevêque de Cantorberi. Traduit de l'anglois par C. L. de Beausobre,... Tome septieme.
Textes choisis.
That important case of conscience practically resolv'd: wherein lies that exact righteousness, which is required between man and man. A sermon preach'd at Cripplegate, in the year 1661. By John Tillotson, M.A. and then publish'd by himself
treatise of the Pope's supremacy to which is added a discourse concerning the unity of the Church. By Isaac Barrow... The fourth edition corrected. With a table to the whole., A
Twenty discourses on the most important subjects carefully abridged, from the works of Archbishop Tillotson, And adapted to the Meanest Capacities, with a View to their being Dispersed By those who are charitably inclined. By D. Henry
Verhandeling van de grondbeginsels en pligten van den natuurlyken godsdienst
verkoren godsdienst binnens huys geoeffend: en d'opvoeding der kinderen in de selve ... in ses predicatiën, De
Vijftien uitgelezene predikatien, handelende ...
works of Dr. John Tillotson,... With the life of the author, by Thos. Birch. Also, a copious index, and the texts of scripture carefully compared. In ten volumes., The
Works of the most reverend dr. john tillotson, late lord archbishop of canterbury containing fifty four sermons and discourses on several occasions. together with the rule of faith, being all that were published by his grace himself, and now collected into one volume. to which is added, an alphabetical table of the principal matters