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Uèvell, Vil'âm
Whewell, W.
Whewell, Will
Whewell, William
Whewell, William (English philosopher and historian, 1794-1866)
William Whewell
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Faraday, Michael
Groot, Hugo de (1583-1645)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)
Hodgson, W. B. (1815-1880)
Hodgson, William Ballantyne (1815-1880)
John W. Parker and Son
Paget, James Sir, 1814-1899
Todhunter, Isaac (1820-1884)
Tyndall, John (1820-1893)
Yeo, Richard (1948-)
Yeo, Richard R. (1948-..)
Yeo, Richard R. (1948-)
李善蘭, 1810 (1882)
Additional lectures on the history of moral philosophy
Architectural notes on German churches
Astronomi och allmän physik, 1842:
Astronomi och allmän physik : betraktade ...
Astronomy and general physics considered with reference to natural theology, by the Rev. William Whewell,... [7th edition.]
Chong xue : er shi juan, fu Yuan zhui qu xian shuo san juan
collected works of William Whewell, The
Conic sections: their principal properties proved geometrically.
culture demanded by modern life;, The
doctrine of limits with its applications; namely, conic sections, the first three sections of Newton, the differential calculus. A portion of a course of university education., The
Elementar-Lehrbuch der Mechanik : zum Gebrauch für technische Lehranstalten und zugleich als ein Supplement zu den Lehrbüchern der Physik
elements of moralit
elements of morality, including polity, The
Grotius on the rights of war and peace : an abridged translation
historical and philosophical works of William Whewell, The
Historical and philosophical worksof William Whewell, collected and edited by G. Buchdahl and L. L. Laudan..., The
History of scientific ideas
History of the inductive sciences, from the earliest to the present time, by William Whewell,... A new [2nd] edition revised and continued...
History of the inductive sciences : from the earliest to the present times
[http://archive.org/details/philosophyinduc00goog the philosophy of the inductive sciences, founded upon their history]
Hugonis Grotii de jure belli et pacis libri tres accompanied by an abridged translation
Indications of the Creator. Extracts, bearing upon theology, from the History and the Philosophy of the inductive sciences.
introduction to dynamics, containing the laws of motion and the first three sections of the Principia., An
Istorìâ induktivnyh nauk ot drevnejšago i do nastoâŝago vremeni v treh tomah.
iure belli ac pacis. English. abridged, De
jure belli ac pacis libri tres., De
jure belli et pacis libri tres, De
Karte von dem Deutschen Meere (...) zur übersicht der Fluthwellen under Beschaffenheit des Seebodens nach Whewell und Lubbock
Lectures on systematic morality. -
Lectures on the history of moral philosophy. A new [2nd] edition with additional lectures, by William Whewell,...
Lectures on the history of moral philosophy in England ; Additional lectures on the history of moral philosophy
Lectures & tracts on political economy
letter to the author of Prolegomena logica, A
life and selections from the correspondence of William Whewell, D.D., The
Literary remains, consisting of lectures and tracts on political economy
Mathematical exposition of some of the leading doctrines in Mr. Ricardo's "Principles of political economy and taxation"
mathematical works of Isaac Barrow, The
mechanical Euclid, containing the elements of mechanics and hydrostatics demonstrated after the manner of the elements of geometry; and including the propositions fixed upon by the University of Cambridge as requisite for the degree of B.A. To which are added remarks on mathematical reasoning and on the logic of induction., The
Mechanics and architecture
Moral philosophy
Natural theology and astronomy
"Novum organon renovatum", by William Whewell,... being the second part of "The Philosophy of the inductive sciences". The 3rd edition, with large additions
obligatione conscientiae, De : praelectiones decem oxonii in schola theologica habitae anno domini 1647
obligatione conscientiæ prælectiones decem Oxonii in schola theologica habitæ anno Domini M.DC.XLVII, De
Oeuvres choisies
Of a liberal education in general; and with particular reference to the leading studies of the University of Cambridge ...
of induction, with especial reference to mr. j. stuart mill's system of logic
Of the plurality of worlds: an essay.
On the foundations of morals
On the fundamental antithesis of philosophy ...
On the material aids of education
On the materials aids of education
On the mathematical exposition of some doctrines of political economy.
on the origin of species
On the philosophy of discovery : chapters historical and critical : Including the completion of the 3d ed. of The philosophy of the inductive sciences
On the principles of English university education
Philosophie des sciences inductives
Philosophy of science
Philosophy of the inductive sciences founded upon their history, by William Whewell,... A new edition, with corrections and additions and an appendix containing philosophical essays previously published..., The
philosophy of the inductive sciences, The : founded upon their history
Platonic dialogues for English readers., The
plurality of worlds ..., The
Political economy and miscellaneous writings
Report on the recent progress and present state of mineralogy.
Réveries et vérités ou de quelques questions astronomiques envisagées sous le rapport religieux : en réponse a l'ouvrage du William Whewell sur la pluralité des mondes (of the plurality of worlds)
Ritter Toggenburg.
Science and education; lectures delivered at the Royal institution of Great Britain,.
Selected writings on the history of science
Sermons preached... Trinity College...
theological works of Isaac Barrow., The
Theory of scientific method
Thoughts on the study of mathematics ... 1935:
transactions of the cambridge philosophical society
Two introductory lectures to two courses of lectures on moral philosophy
Über die Grundsätze der englischen Universitätsbildung, nebst allgemeinen Bemerkungen über das Studium der Mathematik ...
Whewell's critics
William Whewell, D.D., master of Trinity College, Cambridge : an account of his writings with selections from his literary and scientific correspondence
William Whewell's theory of scientific method
Yuan zhui qu xian shuo
重學 : 二十卷, 附圜錐曲線說三卷