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Badj, Wālis
Badž, E. A. Volis
Budǧ, Wālīs
Budge, E.A.W.
Budge, E. A. Wallis
Budge, E. A. Wallis (Sir)
Budge, E. A. Wallys
Budge, Ernest A. Wallis
Budge, Ernest A. Wallis (Sir)
Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis
Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis ((Sir))
Budge, Ernest Alfred Wallis)
Budge, Ernest Alfred Wallis (Sir)
Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis
Budge, Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis
Budge, Wallis
Wallis Budge, E. A.
Wallis Budge, E. A. (Sir)
Wallis Budge, Ernest Alfred (Sir)
Wallis Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson (Sir)
Бадж, Уоллис
Бадж, Э. А. У
Бадж, Э. А. Уоллес
Бадж, Эрнест Альфред Уоллес
Бадж, Эрнест Альфред Уоллис
Бадж, Эрнест Уоллис
באדג׳, וואליס (Sir)
בדג', ארנסט אלפרד וליס
بدڄ، إ. أ. والس, إرنست ألفرد والس
バッジ, ウォリス
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Manuscript language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Barhebraeus, Gregorius Abū al-Faraǧ (1226-1286)
British Museum
British museum (London)
British Museum Dept. of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities
British Museum. Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities
ebrary, Inc
ʻAnân-Îshôʻ, 7th cent
Ibn al-ʿIbrī, Abū al-Faraǧ Ġirīġūriyūs b. Hārūn (1226-1286)
Ibn al-ʿIbrī, Ġirīġūriyūs b. Hārūn (1226-1286)
King, L. W.
King, Leonard William
Laurent, A.
Mandić, Robert
Open Court Publishing Company
Thomas Leiper Kane Collection (Library of Congress. Hebraic Section)
YaʼItyop̣yā ʼortodoks tawāḥedo béta kerestiyān
Amulets and superstitions : the original texts with translations and descriptions of a long series of Egyptian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Christian, Gnostic and Muslim amulets and talismans and magical figures, with chapters on the evil eye, the origin of the amulet, the pentagon, the swastika, the cross (pagan and Christian), the properties of stones, rings, divination, numbers, the Kabbâlâh, ancient astrology, etc.
Assyrian Sculptures in the British Museum
Babylonian life and history
Babylonian story of the deluge and the Epic of Gilgamish, The
Barlaam et Josaphat
book of opening the mouth, The : the Egyptian texts with English translations
book of the bee..., The
Book of the Cave of treasures, a history of the Patriarchs and the kings their successors from the creation to the crucifixion of Christ, The
Book of the dead, The : an English translation of the chapters, hymns, etc., of the Theban recension, with introduction, notes, etc.
Book of the dead, The : the hieroglyphic transcript of the Papyrus of ANI
Book of the dead, The : the Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum
book of the kings of Egypt, The
Book of the mysteries of the heavens and the earth and other works of Bakhayla Mîkâʻêl (Zôsîmâs);, The
Book of the saints of the Ethiopian Church, The
British Museum. A guide to the 1st and 2d Egyptian rooms... 2d edition
chapters of coming forth by day or The Theban recension of the Book of the Dead the Egyptian hieroglyphic text, The
chronography of Gregory Abû'l Faraj, the son of Aaron, the Hebrew physician commonly known as Bar Hebraeus, The : being the first part of his political history of the world
Cleopatra's needles and other Egyptian obelisks : a series of descriptions of all the important inscribed obelisks, with hieroglyphic texts, translations, etc.
Coptic apocrypha in the dialect of Upper Egypt
Coptic biblical texts in the dialect of upper Egypt
Coptic homilies in the dialect of Upper Egypt : edited from the papyrus codex oriental 5001 in the British Museum
Coptic martyrdoms, etc., in the dialect of Upper Egypt
decrees of Memphis and Canopus, The
divine origin of the craft of the herbalist, The
earliest known Coptic Psalter the text, in the dialect of Upper Egypt, edited from the unique papyrus Codex Oriental 5000 in the British Museum, The
Easy lessons in Egyptian hieroglyphics with sign list
Egipatska magija
Egyptian book of the dead, The
Egyptian heaven and hell, The
Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary. With an index of english words, king list and geographical list with indexes, list of hieroglyphic characters, Coptic and Semitic alphabets, etc., An
Egyptian language : easy lessons in Egyptian hieroglyphics with sign list
Egyptian magic
Egyptian religion : Egyptian ideas of the future life
Egyptian sculptures in the British Museum
Egyptian Sûdân, The : its history and monuments
Facsimiles of Egyptian hieratic papyri in the British Museum
From fetish to God in ancient Egypt
gods of the Egyptians or Studies in egyptian mythology, The
guide to the Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities., A
guide to the Egyptian collections in the British museum, A
Herb-doctors and physicians in the ancient world : the divine origin of the craft of the herbalist
hieroglyphic vocabulary to the Theban recension of the book of the dead, A : with an index to all the english equivalents of the egyptian words
histories of rabban Hôrmîzd the Persian and rabban Bar-ʻIdtâ., The
history of Alexander the Great, being the Syriac version, edited from five manuscripts, of the Pseudo-Callisthenes, with an English translation, accompanied by an historical introd. on the origins and the various Oriental and European versions of the fabulous history of Alexander, The
history of Egypt from the end of the Neolithic period to the death of Cleopatra VII, B.C. 30, A
history of Ethiopia, Nubia and Abyssinia, A : according to the hieroglyphic inscriptions of Egypt and Nubia, and the Ethiopian chronicles
history of the Blessed Virgin Mary and The history of the likeness of Christ which the Jews of Tiberias made to mock at. The Syriac texts, The
Jeroglíficos egipcios : el lenguaje egipcio en fáciles lecciones
Kebra Nagast.
kegan paul
Księga umarłych
laughable stories, The
Lefāfa ṣedeq
Legends of Our Lady Mary the perpetual virgin and her mother Hannâ
Legends of the gods
libro de los muertos, El
life of Rabban Hôrmîzd and the foundation of his monastery at al-Ḳôsh, The : a metrical discourse
literature of the ancient Egyptians, The
Liturgy of funeral offerings.
liturgy of funerary offerings, The : the Egyptian texts with English translations
Lives of Mabâ Seyôn and Gabra Krestôs, The
Livre des morts
Llibre dels morts.
magia egipcia, La
martyrdom and miracles of Saint George ... 1888, The
Maṣḥafa senkesār.
Miscellaneous Coptic texts in the dialect of upper Egypt; ed., with English translations.
Monks of Kûblâi Khân, Emperor of China; or, The history of the life and travels of Rabban Ṣâwmâ, envoy and plenipotentiary of the Mongol khâns to the kings of Europe, and Markôs who as Mâr Yahbh-Allâhâ III became Patriarch of the Nestorian Church in Asia., The
mummy a handbook of Egyptian funerary archaeology, The
mummy; chapters on Egyptian funereal archaeology, The
mummy, The : chapters on funereal archaeology
Nile; notes for travellers in Egypt and in the Egyptian Sudan., The
Nile, The : notes for travellers in Egypt
On the hieratic papers of Nesi-Amsua, a scribe in the temple of Amen-Rā at Thebes about B. C. 305
Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection
Osiris; the Egyptian religion of resurrection.
Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum
paradise or garden of the holy fathers; being histories of the anchorites, recluses, monks, Coenobites, and ascetic fathers of the deserts of Egypt between A.D. CCL and A.D. CCCC circiter, The
Queen of Sheba and her only son Menyelek (I); being the 'Book of the glory of kings' (Kebra nagast) a work which is alike the traditional history of the establishment of the religion of the Hebrews in Ethiopia, and the patent of sovereignty which is now universally accepted in Abyssinia as the symbol of the divine authority to rule which the kings of the Solomonic line claimed to have received through their descent from the house of David., The
Reign of Ashur-Nasir-Pal, 885-860 B.C.
rise and progress of Assyriology, The
Rosetta stone, The
short history of the Egyptian people, A
study of the cultus of St. George in Ethiopia, A
Tell el-Amarna tablets in the British museum, with autotype facsimiles ..., The
Texts relating to Saint Mêna of Egypt and canons of Nicaea in a Nubian dialect, with facsimile [microform]
Tutankhamen, Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian monotheism : with hieroglyphic texts of hymns to Amen and Aten
Vida etiópica de Santo Aleixo
wit and wisdom of the Christian fathers of Egypt: the Syrian version of the Apophthegmata patrum, The
Легенды о египетских богах, 1997: