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Wildavsky, Aaron
Wildavsky, Aaron B.
Wildavsky, Aaron Bernard
Wildavsky, Aron
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writer of accompanying material
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Caiden, Naomi
Douglas, Mary (1921-2007)
Heclo, Hugh
Machan, Tibor R. (1939-)
New Haven
Polsby, Nelson W.
Polsby, Nelson Woolf
Pressman, Jeffrey L.
Seabury, Paul
Singer, Max (1931-)
Swedlow, Brendon
White, Joseph (1952-)
1926 referendum, The ; [both] with an introd. by Henry Mayer.
American federalism in perspective
American governmental institutions; a reader in the political process
american political science review
Assimilation versus separation : Joseph the Administrator and the politics of religion in biblical Israel
Beleaguered presidency
Beyond containment : alternative American policies toward the Soviet Union
Budgeting a comparative theory of budgetary processes
budgeting and evaluation of Federal recreation programs or, Money doesn't grow on trees, The
But is it true? : a citizen's guide to environmental health and safety issues
Chatham house series on change in American politics
costs of federalism, The : in honor of James W. Fesler
Craftways : On the organization of scholarly work
Cultural theory
Culture matters : essays in honor of Aaron Wildavsky
deficit and the public interest, The : the search for responsible budgeting in the 1980s
Dilemmas of presidential leadership : from Washington through Lincoln
Dixon-Yates: a study in power politics
Dixon-Yates ; a study of decision-making in American national politics
électeur et le président, L'
Élections présidentielles aux États-Unis, Les
Evaluation as an organizational problem
Federalism and political culture
great détente disaster, The : oil and the decline of American foreign policy
heated debate, The : greenhouse predictions versus climate reality
history of taxation and expenditure in the Western world, A
How to limit government spending or, How a constitutional amendment tying public spending to economic growth will decrease taxes and lessen inflation,...
Implementación : cómo grandes expectativas concebidas en Washington se frustran en Oakland
Implementation : how great expectations in Washington are dashed in Oakland : or, Why it's amazing that Federal programs work at all, this being a saga of the Economic Development Administration as told by two sympathetic observers who seek to build morals on a foundation of ruined hopes
Leadership in a small town
moral collapse of communism, The : Poland as a cautionary tale
National budgeting for economic and monetary union
nursing father, The : Moses as a political leader
operational approach to policy analysis: the craft, An : prescriptions for better analysis
Perspectives on the Presidency
Planning and budgeting in poor countries
Planning-programming-budgeting: rescuing policy analysis from PPBS
policy cycle, The
Políticas del proceso presupuestal, Las : la distribución del gasto en el gobierno de E.U.
politics of mistrust, The : estimating American oil and gas resources
Presidential elections : strategies of American electoral politics
private government of public money, The : community and policy inside British politics
Problem definition in policy analysis
Public administration : the state of the discipline
real world order, The : zones of peace, zones of turmoil
revolt against the masses, and other essays on politics and public policy, The
Rights and regulation : ethical, political, and economic issues
rise of radical egalitarianism, The
Risk and culture : an essay on the selection of technical and environmental dangers
Searching for safety
Speaking truth to power : the art and craft of policy analysis
Studies in Australian politics
third-world averaging strategy, A
U.S. foreign policy : perspectives and proposals for the 1970's
Urban outcomes : schools, streets and libraries
Conn., Yale Univ., Diss.--New Haven, 1959