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Rubin, B. M.
Rūbīn, Bārī
Rubin, Barry
Rubin, Barry A.
Rubin, Barry M.
Rwbiyn, Bariy
רובין, ברי
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writer of accompanying material
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Çarkoğlu, Ali (1963-)
Heper, Metin (1940-...)
Johns Hopkins University. Foreign Policy Institute
Keaney, Thomas A.
Kirisci, Kemal (1954-...)
Laqueur, Walter (1921-)
Laqueur, Walter Ze'ev (1921-)
Lustick, Ian S.
Rubin, Judith Colp
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Webber, Philip
Wilkinson, Graeme
רובין, ג'ודית קולפ
Alternative voice of Russia and Eastern Europe
Anti-American terrorism and the Middle East : a documentary reader : [understanding the violence]
Arab states and the Arab-Israeli peace process, The : linkage or disengagement?
Arab states and the Palestine conflict, The
Arab states and the Palestines conflict., The
Armed forces in the Middle East : politics and strategy
Assimilation and its discontents
Books on Israel.
Cauldron of turmoil : America in the Middle East
Central American crisis reader, The
Chronologies of modern terrorism
Conflict and insurgency in the contemporary Middle East
Crises in the contemporary Persian Gulf
Crisis de los euromisiles
Critical essayes on Israeli society, politics, and culture
Critical essays on Israeli society, politics, and culture
Efficient use of limited water resources making Israel a model State
Egypt's Civil War
From war to peace : Arab-Israeli relations 1973-1993
great powers in the Middle East, 1941-1947, The : the road to the Cold War
Greek-Turkish relations in an era of détente
Guide to Islamist movements.
Gulfwatch anthology : August 30, 1990-March 28, 1991 : the day-by-day analysis of the Gulf crisis by the scholars and associates of the Washington Institute
Günümüzde Türkiye'nin dış politikası
Hating America : a history
history of Islam, The
How others report us : America in the foreign press
[http://gloria.idc.ac.il/publications/books/loathing_america.pdf loathing america]
Human rights and U. S. ... 1979 (a.e.)
Human rights and U.S. foreign policy
human rights reader., The
International new and the American media.
International news and the American media
Iranian revolution and the resurgence of Islam, The
Iraq's road to war
Islamic fundamentalism in Egyptian politics
Islamic political and social movements : critical concepts in political science
Islamization of Turkey under the AKP rule
Israel : an introduction
Israel-Arab reader, The : a documentary history of the Middle East Confilict
Israel-Arab reader, The : a documentary history of the Middle East conflict ; Walter Laqueur, Barry M. Rubin ed.
Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the Arab States
İstanbul entrikaları
Istanbul intrigues : [during World War II the city teemed with spies, saboteurs, defectors, diplomats, lovers, assassins, journalists, and a future pope].
Jang-i qudrathā dar Īrān, 1984:
Kontinent : the alternative voice of Russia and Eastern Europe.
Lebanon : liberation, conflict, and crisis
long war for freedom, The : the Arab struggle for democracy in the Middle East
Middle East in the age of uncertainty, 1991-present, The
Modern dictators : a history of tyranny in the Third World
Modern dictators : Third World coup makers, strongmen, and populist tyrants
Muslim brotherhood, The : the organization and policies of a global Islamist movement
Nazis, Islamists, and the making of the modern Middle East
new geopolitics of Eurasia and Turkey's position, The
new Middle East, The : opportunities and risks
Paved with good intentions, 1981:
Paved with good intentions : the American experience and Iran
PLO - between anti-Zionism & antisemitism, The : background and recent developments
Political Islam
Political parties in Turkey
politics of counterterrorism, cop. 1990:, The
Politics of counterterrorism, The : the ordeal of democratic states
Politics of terrorism, The : terror as a state and revolutionary strategy
Radical Middle East states and U.S. policy
Radical Middle East states and United States policy
Religion and politics in Turkey
Revolution until victory? : the politics and history of the PLO
Revolutionaries and reformers : contemporary islamics movement in the Middle East
Revolutionaries and reformers : contemporary Islamist movements in the Middle East
Secrets of state : the State Department and the struggle over U.S. foreign policy
Secrets of state : the State Department and the struggle over US foreign policy.
Shimush yaʻil bi-meḳorot mayim mugbalim : hafikhat Yiśraʼel li-medinat model
Terrorism and politics
tragedy of the Middle East, The
Transformation of Palestinian Politics, The : From Revolution to State-Building (Johnston)
truth about Syria, The
Turkey and the European Union : domestic politics, economic integration, and international dynamics
Turkey in world politics : an emerging multiregional power
Türkiye'nin dış politikası
Two minutes over Baghdad
U.S. allies in a changing world
United States allies in a changing world
US allies in a changing world
West and the Middle East critical concepts in political science, The
What do Middle Eastern Armies do?
Yasir Arafat : a political biography
יאסר ערפאת - ביוגרפיה פוליטית
שימוש יעיל במקורות מים מוגבלים : הפיכת ישראל למדינת מודל
שמוש יעיל במקורות מים מגבלים
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