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Mandelbrot, B.
Mandelbrot, B. B.
Mandelbrot, Benoît
Mandelbrot, Benoît B.
Mandrelbrot, Benoit B.
Мандельброт, Бенуа
マンデルブロ, ベノワ・B
マンデルブロ, ベンワー・B
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Musical sound recording
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Aharony, A.
Apostel, Leo
Asikainen, J.
Barral, Julien
Calvet, Laurent
Cioczek-Georges, R.
Evertsz, Carl J.G.
Filoche, Marcel
Fisher, Adlai
Frame, Michael L.
Hudson, Richard L.
Lapidus, Michel L. (1956-)
Lapidus, Michel Laurent (1956-)
Lima, José Luís Malaquias (1969-)
Llosa, Josep
Mandelbrot, B.
Mandelbrot, B. B.
Mandelbrot, Benoit
Mandelbrot, Benoit B
Mandelbrot, Benoit B.
Morf, A.
Morf, Albert
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto (1945-)
Piaget, Jean (1896-1980)
Robert, Marianne (1952-..)
Stewart, Ian (1945-..)
Teerikorpi, Pekka (1948- ))
Морозов, А. Д. (1944-)
Морозов, Альберт Дмитриевич (1944-)
広中, 平祐 (1931-)
Abraham Robinson : the creation of nonstandard analysis : a personal and mathematical odyssey
Alternative micropulses and fractional Brownian motion
anneau fractal de l'art à l'art à travers la géométrie, la finance et les sciences, L'
approche fractale des marchés risquer, perdre et gagner, Une
Cartoons of the Variation of Financial Prices and of Brownian Motions in Multifractal Time
class of micropulses and antipersistent fractional Brownian motion, A
Colors of infinity
Contribution à la théorie mathématique des jeux de communication
Contribution à la théorie mathématique des jeux de communications
Correction of an Error in "The Variation of Certain Speculative Prices" (1963).
Dieu joue-t-il aux dés ? les nouvelles mathématiques du chaos
Discovery of cosmic fractals
Etudes d'épistémologie génétique.
Forecasts of Future Prices, Unbiased Markets, and "Martingale" Models
forme d'une vie mémoires (1924-2010), La
Formes nouvelles du hasard dans les sciences
Fractal aggregates, and the current lines of their electrostatic potentials
Fractal aspects of materials : proceedings of Symposium N, 1985 Fall Meeting of the Material Research Society : extended abstracts
Fractal forms
Fractal geometry and analysis : the Mandelbrot festschrift, Curaçao 1995
Fractal geometry of critical Potts clusters
Fractal geometry of nature
Fractal landscapes from the real world : [touring exhibition, 1994-1996]
Fractales, hasard et finance 1959-1997
Fractalist memoir of a scientific maverick
Fractals an animated discussion
Fractals and chaos : the Mandelbrot set and beyond
Fractals and Scaling in Finance Discontinuity, Concentration, Risk. Selecta Volume E
Fractals, graphics, & mathematics education
Fractals in geophysics
Fractals in physics : essays in honour of Benoit B. Mandelbrot : proceedings of the International Conference honouring Benoit B. Mandelbrot on his 65th birthday, Vence, France, 1-4 October, 1989
Fraktale Geometrie der Natur, Die
Fraktale und Finanzen : Märkte zwischen Risiko, Rendite und Ruin
Fraktalista : rebelem ve vědě
Fraktály : tvar, náhoda a dimenze
Furakutaru kikagaku.
Gaussian self-affinity and fractals : Globality, the earth, 1/f noise and R/S
inescapable need for fractal tools in finance, The
Large Deviations and the Distribution of Price Changes
lecture de l'expérience, La
Linear Regression with Non-Normal Error Terms: A Comment.
Logique et équilibre
Logique, langage et théorie de l'information
Lois de symétrie et particules étranges cours, année scolaire 1956/1957
Long-Run Linearity, Locally Gaussian Process, H-Spectra and Infinite Variances.
(mis)behavior of markets a fractal view of risk, ruin, and reward
Mixtures of Paretian distributions and maximization of personal income
Multifractal model of asset returns, A
Multifractal Model of Assets Returns, A
Multifractal Products of Cylindrical Rules
Multifractality of Deutschemark/US Dollar Exchange Rates
Multifractality of the harmonic measure on fractal aggregates, and extended self-similarity
Multifractals and 1/f noise wild self-affinity in physics, 1963-1976 selecta volume n
New “anomalous” multiplicative multifractals: Left sided ƒ(α) and the modelling of DLA
New Methods in Statistical Economics
Objectos fractais forma, acaso e dimensão ;
Objets fractals, 3e éd., Les
Objets fractals forme, hasard et dimension
Panorama da linguagem fractal, seguido de
Parallel cartoons of fractal models of finance
Physics and fractal structures
Plane DLA is not self-similar; is it a fractal that becomes increasingly compact as it grows?
Quelques interactions entre analyse, probabilités et fractals
Renormalization and fixed points in finance, since 1962
Scaling in financial prices: I. Tails and dependence
Scaling in financial prices: II. Multifractals and the star equation
Scaling in financial prices: III. Cartoon Brownian motions in multifractal time
Scaling in financial prices: IV. Multifractal concentration
Schönes Chaos : mein wundersames Leben
Science on the edge of chaos
Selected works of Benoit B. Mandelbrot
Self-similarity of harmonic measure on DLA
Some Pareto-Levy stochastic processes and the variation of income
Some potential problems arising in the theory of axial turbomachines, 1949.
Statistical Methodology For Nonperiodic Cycles: From The Covariance To Rs Analysis
Stochastic volatility, power laws and long memory
Structures macrolinguistiques, grammaire et logique
Subordinated Stochastic Process Model with Finite Variance for Speculative Prices: Comment., A
Survey of Multifractality in Finance
syndrome de la variance infinie et ses rapports avec la discontinuité des prix, Le
Thinking in patterns : fractals and related phenomena in nature
Universalités et fractales jeux d'enfant ou délits d'initié ?
Variation of Certain Speculative Prices, The
Variation of Some Other Speculative Prices, The
When Can Price Be Arbitraged Efficiently? A Limit to the Validity of the Random Walk and Martingale Models.
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