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Soddi, F.
Soddi, Frederik
Soddy, Fr
Soddy, Fred
Soddy, Frederick
Soddy, Frederik
Содди, Ф
Содди, Фредерик
סודי, פרדריק
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Howorth, Muriel
Iklé, Max
Kauffman, George B. (1930-)
Lepape, Adolphe
Philippi, E. (18..-19.. traducteur)
Siebert, G. (1845-)
Siebert, Georg (1845-)
Siebert, Georg (1845-))
Trenn, Thaddeus J.
Tutin, John
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Žmavc, Ivan (1871-1956)
Трифонов, Д. Н.
Трифонов, Дмитрий Николаевич
Atom, The
Atomic transmutation, the greatest discovery ever made
Brownian movement and molecular reality
Brüggen, Nikolaus von der: Wohlstand für alle. -
Chemistry of the radio-elements
chimie des éléments radioactifs, La
cubic equation with three real roots, The : its geometrical diagram and a machine that solves it
Entwickelung der Materie. -, Die
Experiments in radio-activity and the production of helium from radium
Frederick Soddy (1877-1956) : early pioneer in radiochemistry
[http://habitat.aq.upm.es/boletin/n37/afsod.en.html cartesian economics: the bearing of physical science upon state stewardship]
[http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/chemistry/laureates/1921/soddy-lecture.pdf nobel lecture - the origins of the conception of isotopes]
[https://archive.org/details/roleofmoney032861mbp the role of money
Interpretation of Radium and the Structure of the Atom
Interpretation of radium being the substance of six free popular experimental lectures delivered at the university of glasgow, 1908
inversion of science and a scheme of scientific reformation. -, The
Isotopy : lectures by Soddy and Cranston.
Istorija atomnoj energii
Kartesiánská ekonomie : vztah přírodních věd ke společenské úpravě hospodářské
Matter and energy
money as nothing for something ; the gold "standard" snare
Money reform as a preliminary to all reform : an address by Frederick Soddy, read before the Birmingham Paint, Varnish & Lacquer Club on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the founding of the club, Jan. 12th, 1950.
Money versus man a statement of the world problem from the standpoint of the new economics
Natur des Radiums nach sechs an der Universität zu Glasgow im Jahre 1908 gehaltenen freien populären Experimentalvorlesungen, Die
Present outlook, a warning : debasement of the currency, deflation and unemployment ...
Principios de la economía ecológica, Los
Radìj i ego razgadka
Radio-activity: an elementary treatise, from the standpoint of the disintegration theory
Radioactivity and atomic theory, presenting facsimile reproduction of the Annual progress reports on radioactivity 1904-1920 to the Chemical society
Radioaktivität vom Standpunkt der Desaggregationstheorie elementar dargestellt. -, Die
radium interprétation et enseignements de la radioactivité, Le
Role of Money What it Should Be, Contrasted with What it Has Become
Science and life Aberdeen addresses
science and life wealth, virtual wealth, and debt money versus man etc
Science and philosophy. Extracts from the works of Frederick Soddy. [Edited by] Muriel Howorth
searchable facsimile at the university of georgia libraries; [[djvu]] & [http://fax.libs.uga.edu/qd181xr1xs679/1f/interpretation_of_radium.pdf layered pdf] format), (a
Słownik fizyczny
Story of atomic energy
Wealth, virtual wealth and debt the solution of the economic paradox
world made new. -, The
wrecking of a scientific age, The
Zvrácená věda a plán vědecké reformace
История атомной энергии