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Lord Macaulay
Macaulay Trevelyan, George
Trevelʹi︠a︡n, Dzhordzh Makoleĭ
Treveljan, Đorđ Makoli
Trevelyan, G. M.
Trevelyan, George M.
Trevelyan, George Macaula
Trevelyan, George Macaulay
Тревельян, Джордж Маколей
トレヴェリアン, G. M.
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Briggs, Asa (1921-)
Dębnicki, Antoni
Godinho, Vitorino Magalhães (1918-)
Katz, Henryk (1914-1998))
Longmans, Green & Co
Meredith, George (1828-1909)
Plumb, John Harold (1911-)
Poussou, Jean-Pierre
Powell, Edgar (1853-)
Seresia, Cécile
Steel, Anthony
Trevelyan, George Macaulay (1876-1962))
Verlinden, Charles
Wright, Ruth C.
林, 健太郎 (1913-2004)
age of Shakespeare and the Stuart period, The
Aufstieg des britischen Weltreichs im XIX und XX. Jahrhundert, Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur, 1782-1919, mit einem Überblick über die Ereignisse von 1919-1937. [Übersetzung des englischen Originalwerkes, George MacAulay Trevelyan. Der : British history in the 19th century. 14. Auflage.]
autobiography & other essays., An
Biography : a reader's guide
Biography... by G. M. Trevelyan
Bolingbroke's defence of the Treaty of Utrecht : being letters VI-VIII of "The study & use of history"
British history in the 19th century and after, 1782-1919, by George Macaulay Trevelyan,... [2nd edition.]
British history in the nineteenth century (1782-1901)
British history in the nineteenth century and after 1782-1919
Carlyle; an anthology
Chaucer's England and the early Tudors
Clio, a muse, and other essays.
Daniele Manin e la rivoluzione veneziana del 1848
Defence of the Treaty of Utrecht
Dutch Barrier 1705-1719, The
eighteen century, The
Eikoku shakaishi : Chosa yori vikutoria joou made 6seikikan no chobo.
England in the age of Wycliffe, by George Macaulay Trevelyan,...
England in the age of Wycliffe : with maps
England of Queen Anne, The
England under Queen Anne... by George Macaulay Trevelyan,...
England under the Stuarts
English literature and its readers.
English revolution, The : 1688-1689
English social history, a survey of six centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria, by G. M. Trevelyan,...
English social history : a survey of six centuries from Chaucer to Queen Victoria
Englishmen and italians, some aspects of their relations past and present, ...
Fifty years : memories and contrasts : a composite picture of the period 1882-1932
Garibaldi and the making of Italy, June--November, 1860
Garibaldi and the thousand : may 1860
Garibaldi e i Mille.
Garibaldi's defence of the Roman Republic, 1848-9.
Garibaldi's defence of the Roman Republic, by George Macaulay Trevelyan,... 2nd edition
Geschichte Englands.
Government control in War
Grey of Fallodon, being the life of Sir Edward Grey, afterwards Viscount Grey of Fallodon.
Histoire et le lecteur. Texte traduit par Cécile Sérécia..., L'
Histoire et le lecteur. Texte traduit par Cécile Seresia et présenté par Charles Verlinden,..., G. M. Trevelyan... L'
Histoire sociale de l'Angleterre : six siècles d'histoire, de Chaucer à la reine Victoria
Histoire sociale de l'Angleterre. Traduction française de Cécile Seresia. Préface de François L. Ganshof,..., G. M. Trevelyan,...
História da Inglaterra
Historia política de Inglaterra
Historia social de Inglaterra
Historia społeczna Anglii : od Chaucera do Wiktorii
History and the reader
History of England : with maps
Illustrated english social history
Illustrated history of England
Johnson's England : an account of the life and manners of his age
Layman's love of letters, A : being the Clark Lectures delivered at Cambridge : October-November 1953
Letters and recollections of Mazzini
Life and letters of Lord Macaulay, The
life of John Bright, The
Lord Grey of the Reform bill, being the life of Charles, Second Earl Grey.
Magic and religion : being chapters I to VII of the abridged edition of "The golden bough,"
Manin and the Venetian revolution of 1848.
Nineteenth century, The
Pace and the protestant succession
Peace and the Protestant succession
peasants' rising and the Lollards: a collection of unpublished documents forming an appendix to "England in the age of Wycliffe.", The
poetical works of George Meredith, The ; with some notes by G.M. Trevelyan.
Poetry and philosophy of George Meredith, by George Macaulay Trevelyan,..., The
present position of history, an inaugural lecture delivered at Cambridge, October 26, 1927, The
Ramillies and the union with Scotland
Richard II
rivoluzione inglese del 1688-89., La
Scandinavians in history, The
Scenes from Italy's war
Select documents for Queen Anne's reign down to the union with Scotland, 1702-7
shortened history of England, A : by George Macaulay Trevelyan.
Sir Edward Grey, sein Leben und Werk, eine Grundlegung englischer Politik
Studies in social history : a tribute to G.M. Trevelyan
trinity college: an historical sketch
two-party system in English political history, The
История Англии от Чосера до королевы Виктории, 2002:
英国社会史 : チョーサーよりヴィクトリア女王までの六世紀間の眺望.
英国社会史 : チョーサーよりヴィクトリア女王まで六世紀間の眺望.