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Author of the late Considerations
Christian and civil society. First printed in the year MDCLXXIII. By W. Penn, With
Considerations, Author of the late
Friend to liberty for liberties sake
Friend to righteousness and peace
Gentleman in the city
Gentleman in the country
One who cordially imbraces whatsoever there is of tru religion in al professions ..
P, W.
P, William Penn
Pen̄, Guillaume
Pen, William
Penn, Guillaume
Penn, Guljelmus
Penn, W.
Penn, Wilhelm
Penn, William,
Penn, William (English-American religious leader, 1644-1718)
Vrind van vryheyd, om vryheyds wille een
W. P
W. P, William Penn
William Penn
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Arentsz, Pieter (II, wed., Amsterdam)
Bridel, Édouard-P.
Claus, Jacob (Amsterdam)
Esme, Jean ď (1894-1966))
Fell, Margaret (1614-1702)
Fox, George (1624-1691)
freame margaret penn
Maes van Avenrode, Petrus vander (1667-1741)
Mead, William (1628-1713)
Murphy, Andrew R. (1967-)
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiodiagnostiek
Pennsylvania Governor (1699-1701 : Penn) (see also from)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sys, Cornelis van der (Amsterdam)
Van den Dungen, Peter (1948- ))
@account of travails in Holland and Germany, ..., An
account of William Penn's travels in Holland and Germany, anno M. DC. LXXVII. for the service of the gospel of Christ: by way of journal. Containing also divers letters and epistles writ to several great and eminent persons whilst there, An
Aleksander hr. Fredro : Zemsta
Brief aan den koning van Poolen.
brief account of the rise and progress of the people, call'd Quakers, A
Brief account of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers... by W. Penn, A
Brief examination and state of liberty spiritual both with respect to persons in their private capacity and in their church society... Willam Penn..., A
Christian-Quaker and his divine testimony stated & vindicated, from scripture, reason and authority. Against the injurious attempts that have been lately made by several adversaries, with manifest design to render him odiously inconsistent with Christian and civil society. First printed in the year MDCLXXIII. By W. Penn, 1699:, The
collection of the works of William Penn. In two volumes. To which is prefixed a journal of his life. With many original letters and papers not before published. ..., A
Continued cry of the oppressed for justice, being a farther account of the... cruel proceedings... against the... Quakers... by the author of "England's present interest", etc. [William Penn], The
Copye van een missive vyt Londen [...]. Aen bvrgermeesteren en raadt der stad Embden.
Copye van een missive vyt Londen [...]. Aen bvrgermeesteren en raadt der stadt Embden.
Correspondence between William Penn and James Logan, Secretary of the Province of Pennsylvania, and others, 1700-1750 from the original letters in possession of the Logan family
England's present interest discover'd
Englands great interest in the choice of this new Parliament, 1679:
Epistola consulibus nec non senatui [...] Embdensis. Dutch
Essai d'un projet pour rendre la paix de l'Europe solide et durable (1693?) : fac-similé de l'exemplaire unique dans la bibliothèque de l'Institut Nobel Norvégien à Oslo
Essai d'un projet pour rendre la paix de l'Europe solide et durable (1693?) : fac-similé de l'exemplaive unique dans la Bibliothèque de l'Institut Nobel Norvégien à Oslo
essay towards the present and future peace of Europe by the establishment of an European dyet, parliament or estates, An
Evangelische waarheden, voorgestaan en geleerd, by die christenen, welke quakers worden genaamd.
Extracts from divers ancient testimonies of friends and others, corresponding with the doctrines of christianity ..
Fruits de la solitude, ou Reflexions et maximes sur la maniere de se conduire dans le cours de la vie. Par Guillaume Penn. Nouvellement traduit de l'anglois par Edd. P. Bridel
Fruits of a father's love. -
Fruits of a fathers love, being the advice of William Penn to his children, relating to their civil and religious conduct
fruits of solitude and other writings, The
Fruits of solitude, in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life. By William Penn
Goede raad aan de kerke van Engeland ... Waar in men tracht te doen blyken, dat het hunne plicht, grondregels, en interest medebrengt, om de penale wetten, en de tests te vernietigen ...
Good advice to the Church of England. Dutch
Gospel-truths, held by the people called Quakers. Dutch
great question to be considered by the King, and this approaching Parliament ... 1679:, The
groote en gemeene objectie tegen het afschaffen der penale wetten en Tests, in 't kort neergesteld en overwoogen; 't welk dienen mag tót een antwoord op verscheydene schriften onlangs over die stóffe uytgekomen., De
Histoire abrégée de l'origine et de la formation de la société dite des Quakers : ou sont exposés clairement leur principe fondamental, leur doctrine, leur culte, leur ministere, et leur discipline
Information and direction to such persons as are inclined to America. Dutch
Jakie prawa mają Polacy pod Austryakiem, Niemcem i Moskalem
Journal of his travels in Holland and Germany in 1677
journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences, and labour of love in the work of the ministry of that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox., A
letter from William Penn. Dutch, A
letter to Mr Penn with his answer., A
[Life of Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke, The
Missive van William Penn, eygenaar en gouverneur van Pennsylvania [...] aan de commissarissen van de vrye societeyt der handelaars op deselve provintie, binnen London residerende.
My Irish journal, 1669-1670.
Nader informatie en bericht voor die gene die genegen zijn, om zich na America te begeeven, en in de provincie van Pensylvania geinteresseerd zijn.
No cross, no crown, a discourse shewing nature and discipline of the holy cross of Christ... by William Penn... The 2d edition...
No cross, no crown : a discourse shewing the nature and discipline of the holy cross of Christ, and that the denial of self and daily bearing of Christ's cross is the alone way to the rest and kingdom of God : to which are added the living and dying testimonies of many persons of fame and learning, both of ancient and modern times, in favour of this treatise
No cross, no crown : a discourse showing the nature and discipline of the holy cross of Christ, and that the denial of self, and daily bearing of Christ's cross, is the alone way to the rest and kingdom of God
Original letters, and documents relating to the history of Pennsylvania, hitherto unpublished.
papers of William Penn, The
peace of Europe, The
Penn's Frame of government of 1682 and Privileges and concessions of 1701.
peoples ancient and just liberties asserted, in the tryal of William Penn, and William Mead, at the sessions held at the Old-Baily in London, the first, third, fourth and fifth of Sept. 70. against the most arbitrary procedure of that court., The
Peoples antient and just liberties asserted in the tryal of William Penn and William Mead
Point de croix, point de couronne
political writings of William Penn, The
Predikatie gedaan door William Penn. In London. Op het afsterven van zeker persoon.
Primitive Christianity revived, in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers.
Publications of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Quakers caveat and former testimonies against popery, The : recommended to be reviewed by Mr. William Penn, Mr. Robert Barklay, George Fox, George Whitehead, and the rest of their preachers and people.
Reason against railing, and truth against fiction.
Rise and progress of the people called Quakers;
select works of William Penn., The
sermon preached upon the occasion of the death of mrs. Rebecca Travers. Dutch
Słońce Etiopii
Słońce Etjopji : powieść egzotyczna.
Soleil d'Ethiopie
Som [sic] free reflections upon occasion of the public discourse about liberty of conscience ... 1687:
Some account of the Province of Pennsilvania in America; lately granted under the great seal of England to William Penn, etc. together with priviledges and powers necessary to the well-governing thereoff. : made publick for the information of such as are or may be disposed to transport themselves or servants into those parts.
Some fruits of solitude, in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life, in two parts.
spirit of truth vindicated, against that of error & envy; unseasonably manifested: in a late malicious libel, intituled, The spirit of the Quakers tryed, &c., The
testimony to the truth of God as held by the people, called Quakers., A
Trial of William Penn, founder of Pensylvania, at the Old Bailey, London, before the Lord mayor, recorder, and aldermen, Sept. 1670.
Truth exalted. Dutch
Truth exalted in a short, but sure, testimony against all those religions, faiths and worships that have been formed and followed in the darkness of apostacy ...
Urim and thummim ... 1674:
waarheyt ontdekt, en verhoogt: in een kort, maar echter zeker getuygenisse tegens al die soorten van religien [...], die in de duysternisse [...] sijn opgerecht., De
William Penn on religion and ethics : the emergence of liberal Quakerism
William Penn - reformator i polityk : czas ideałów (1644-1681)
William Penn's journal of his travels in Holland and Germany in 1677, in the service of the gospel containing several letters and addresses written while there to persons of eminence and quality.
William Penn's own account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians.
William Penn's testimony concerning Samuel Fisher
William Penns eigene beschreibung Pennsylvaniä an seine freunde nacher Londen.
William Penns eigene beschreibung Pensylvaniä an seine freunde nacher Londen.
William Penns völkerbundplan
Wisdom justified of her children, from the ignorance & calumny of H. Hallywell, in his book, called, An account of familism
witness of William Penn, The