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Newman, F. W.
Newman, Francis W.
Newman, Francis William
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Busch Keiser, I. (1805-1867)
Busch Keiser, Isaäc (1805-1867)
Huber, V. A. (1800-1869)
Huber, Victor Aimé (1800-1869)
Kossuth, Lajos (1802-1894)
Newman, John Henry (1801-1890; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Rationalist Press Association
Richardson, James
Saulcy, Félicien de (1807-1880))
Sieveking, Isabel Giberne ([from old catalog])
Susan B. Anthony Collection (Library of Congress)
Tebb, William
Anglo-Saxon abolition of Negro slavery
Appeal to the middle classes on the urgent necessity of numerous radical reforms, financial and organic
Catholic union: essays towards a church of the future
Character of the southern states of America letter to a friend who had joined the Southern Independence Association
christian commonwealth, A
Comments on the text of Æschylus.
Contributions chiefly to the early history of the late Cardinal Newman with comments
Crimes of the house of Hapsburg.
Delitti politici di Casa d'Austria
dictionary of modern Arabic., A
difficulties of elementary geometry, The : especially those which concern the straight line, the plane, and the theory of parallels
Englischen Universitäten.
English Universities from the German of V. A. Huber, an abridged translation edited by Francis W. Newman,..., The
Europe of the near future
good cause of President Lincoln., The
handbook of modern Arabic: consisting of a practical grammar, with numerous examples, dialogues, and newspaper extracts; in a European type, A
Hebrew theism, the common basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedism with revisions and additions to the quarto ed. of 1858
History of the hebrew monarchy from the administration of samuel to the babylonish captivity
Iliad, The
Kabail vocabulary supplemented by aid of a new source
lecture on women's suffrage, delivered in the Guildhall, Bath, on January 28th, 1870, His Worship the Mayor presiding;, A
Lectures on political economy.
Libyan vocabulary. An essay towards reproducing the ancient Numidian language, out of four modern tongues.
Life after death Palinodia
Memoir and letters of Francis W. Newman
Miscellanies, chiefly addresses, academical and historical
[Mr. Richardson to Mr. Bidwell]
On the bible as the protestant basis.
On the constitutional and moral right or wrong of our national debt
On translating Homer
On truth and historical truthfulness...
Phases of faith or Passages from the history of my creed
position and prospects of the revolt against compulsory vaccination in England, The : being an address delivered before the First International Anti-Vaccination Congress, Paris, December 11, 1880
[Recueil factice : Langue berbère, I]
Regal Rome: an introduction to Roman history.
relation of physiology to sexual morals, The
Reminiscences of two exiles (Kossuth and Pulszky) and two wars (Crimean and Franco-Austrian)
Soul, her sorrows and her aspirations an essay towards the natural history of the soul, as the true basis of theology
text of the Iguvine inscriptions, with interlinear Latin translation, and notes, The
Theism, doctrinal and practical; or, Didactic religious utterances
Third chapter of Matthew in the Ghadamsi dialect [by Ibn Mūsā ibn al-Qāsim], decyphered, punctuated and translated by F. W. Newman,... - Third chapter of Matthew, in the kabail (or Algiers) dialect of Berber... translated by F. W. Newman - Familiar conversations in four languages : English and Arabic and Ghadamsee and Touarghee [by Ibn Mūsā]. - Vocabulary in Arabic and Ghadamsee [by Ibn Mūsā]. - Fragment of Grammar. The Ghadamsee and Touarghee languages. - ... Ben Mousa el-Kasem of Ghadames. @ [edited by James Richardson]
What is Christianity without Christ?
ziel, in hare smart, behoefte en streven, De : eene proeve over de natuurlijke geschiedenis der ziel, als de ware grondslag der godgeleerdheid