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Chase, S. P.
Chase, Salmon P.
Chase, Salmon Portland
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Donald, David Herbert (1920-2009)
Johnson, Bradley T. (1829-1903)
Johnson, Bradley Tyler (1829-1903)
McClure, James P.
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Niven, John
O'Connell, Daniel (1775-1847)
Ohio Governor (1856-1860 : Chase) (see also from)
Owen, Robert Dale (1801-1877)
Smith, Gerrit (1797-1874)
United States. Circuit Court (4th Circuit)
United States. Supreme Court
address and reply on the presentation of a testimonial to S. P. Chase, The
address of the Southern and western liberty convention, The
Appeal of the independent democrats in Congress, to the people of the United States : shall slavery be permitted in Nebraska?
Argument for the defendant, submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, at the December term, 1846, in the case of Wharton Jones vs. John Vanzandt
complete works of Edward Livingston on criminal jurisprudence, The : consisting of systems of penal law for the state of Louisiana and for the United States of America : with the introductory reports to the same : to which is prefixed an introduction
conditions of reconstruction; in a letter from Robert Dale Owen to the secretary of state., The
Daniel O'Connell on American slavery
Diary and correspondence of Salmon P. Chase.
dissenting opinion in the Milligan case., The
How the South rejected compromise in the Peace conference of 1861.
Improvement of navigation of the falls of the Ohio: May, 1851.
Inside Lincoln's Cabinet; the Civil War diaries of Salmon P. Chase.
Letter from Hon. S. P. Chase, secretary of the Treasury, to the Loyal national league.
Letter of Daniel O'Connell on american slavery
Letter of Gerrit Smith to S.P. Chase, on the unconstitutionality of every part of American slavery
Letter of hon. S.P.Chase in reply to Daniel O'Connell
Letter to Chief Justice Chase.
Liberty or slavery? Daniel O'Connell on american slavery : reply to O'Connell
Maintain plighted faith.
Message of the governor of Ohio ..., 1857:
Nebraska question;, The
Opinion of Chief Justice Chase, and of associate justices Wayne & Swayne, in the Supreme court of the United States.
Politics in Ohio. Senator Chase's letter to Hon. A. P. Edgerton.
radical democracy of New York and the independent democracy. Letter from Senator Chase, of Ohio, to Hon. B. F. Butler, of New York., The
Reclamation of fugitives from service. An argument for the defendant, submitted to the Supreme court of the United States, at the December term, 1846, in the case of Wharton Jones vs. John Vanzandt.
Reports of cases decided by Chief Justice Chase in the Circuit court of the United States for the Fourth circuit, during the years 1865 to 1869, both inclusive, in the districts of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
Salmon P. Chase papers, The
Sketch of hist. of Ohio, 1833.
sketch of the history of Ohio., A
specific contract law, 1865:, The
Speech of Hon. Salmon P. Chase, delivered at the Republican mass meeting in Cincinnati, August 21, 1855; together with extracts from his speeches in the Senate on kindred subjects.
Speech of Hon. Salmon P. Chase ... [MI] 1855.
Speech of Salmon P. Chase in the case of the colored woman, Matilda : who was brought before the Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton County, Ohio, by writ of habeas corpus, March 11, 1837.
Speech of Senator Chase, delivered at Toledo, May 30, 1851, before a mass convention of the Democracy of north-western Ohio.
"Spur up your Pegasus" : family letters of Salmon, Kate, and Nettie Chase, 1844-1873
statutes of Ohio and of the Northwestern territory, adopted or enacted from 1788 to 1833 inclusive: together with the Ordinance of 1787; the constitutions of Ohio and of the United States, The
system of national finance., A
U. L. A. "Going home to vote." Authentic speeches of S. P. Chase, secretary of the Treasury, during his visit to Ohio, with his speeches at Indianapolis, and at the mass meetings in Baltimore, October, 1863.
Union and freedom, without compromise. Speech of Mr. Chase, of Ohio, on Mr. Clay's compromise resolutions.
Union and freedom, without compromise. Speech of S. P. Chase, of Ohio, in the Senate of the United States, March 26-7, 1850, on the compromise resolutions submitted by Mr. Clay on the 25th of January.