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Portes, R.
Portes, Richard
Portes, Richard D.
Portes, Richard David
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Alogoskoufis, G
Alogoskoufis, G.
Alogoskoufis, George
Baldursson, Fridrik Mar
Baldwin, Richard E.
Begg, David
Burkett, John
Centre for Economic Policy Research
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Centre for Economic Policy Research Affiliation (see also from)
Cline, W-R
Cohen, Daniel
Cornelli, Francesca
Dunne, Peter
Dunne, Peter G.
Eichengreen, B
Eichengreen, Barry
Eichengreen, Barry J.
Emerson, M.
Francois, Joseph F.
Giersch, Herbert
Hamermesh, Daniel
Hamermesh, Daniel S
Hélène, Richard Portes and Rey
Hewett, Edward
International Economic Association
Kaser, Michael
Kaser, Michael Charles (1926- ))
Kotowitz, Yehuda
London Business School (LBS) / Department of Economics
London Business School Affiliation (see also from)
Martin, Christopher
Moore, Michael J
Moore, Michael J.
Muellbauer, John
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Ogawa, Kazuo
Oh, Yonghyup
Padoa-Schioppa, T.
Palladini, Giorgia
Papademos, Lucas
Papaioannou, Elias
Portes, R
Portes, R.
Portes, Richard
Portes, Richard D
Portes, Richard et al
Quandt, Richard E
Quandt, Richard E.
Rey, =20 H=E9l=E8ne
Rey, H
Rey, H.
Rey, Hélène
Rey, Hélène
Richard, Barry Eichengreen and Portes
Santorum, Anita
Schaffer, Mark E
Shigehara, K.
Siourounis, Gregorios
Spencer, Grant
Summers, L-H
Swoboda, Alexander K. (1939-....))
Winter, David
Yeo, Stephen
`tax on wage increases', The : A theoretical analysis
Anatomy of Financial Crises, The
Benchmark Status in Fixed-Income Asset Markets
Capital Structure of Firms in Central and Eastern Europe, The
Central Planning and Monetarism: Fellow Travelers?
Comment on "Trade Invoicing in the Accession Countries: Are They Suited to the Euro?"
Comment on "Why the European Securities Market Is Not Fully Integrated"
Control of Inflation: Lessons from East European Experience., The
Convertibility and exchange rate policy
costs and benefits of eastern enlargement: the impact on the EU and central Europe, The
Costs and benefits of running an international currency
Dealing with debt : the 1930's and the 1980's
Dealing with Debt: The 1930s and the 1980s.
Dealing with Destabilizing 'Market Discipline'
Debt and default in the 1930s : Causes and consequences
Decentralized Planning Procedures and Centrally Planned Economies.
Defining Benchmark Status: An Application using Euro-Area Bonds
Demand for Money and for Consumption Goods in Centrally Planned Economies., The
Determinants of Cross-Border Equity Flows: The Geography of Information., The
Determinants of Cross-Border Equity Flows: The Geography of=20 Information, The
Discussion of 'The Unfolding Turmoil of 2007–2008: Lessons and Responses'
'Disequilibrium dynamics with inventories and anticipatory price-setting' by Green and Laffont
Disequilibrium Estimates for Consumption Goods Markets in Centrally Planned Economies.
Eastern Germany since unification: wage subsidies remain a better way
Economic Reforms in Hungary.
Economic reforms, international capital flows and the development of the domestic capital market in CPEs
Economic transformation in Central Europe a progress report
Effective Demand and Spillovers.
Effets de la crise sur les pays de l'Est
emergence of the euro as an international currency, The
Empirical Analysis of Transparency-Related Characteristics of European and US Sovereign Bond Markets, An
Enterprise debt and economic transformation (Financial restructuring of the state sector in Central and Eastern Europe)
Enterprise under Central Planning., The
Euro and International Equity Flows, The
Euro and the International Financial System, The
Europe After 1992: Three Essays.
European Contribution to International Financial Stability, The
External Constraints on Macroeconomic Policy
Finance, Trade and Development: Issues in Transatlantic Cooperation
Foreign Lending in the Interwar Years: The Bondholders' Perspective.
From Halifax to Lyons : What Has Been Done About Crisis Management?
Global Financial Markets and Financial Stability: Europe's Role
Implementing EMU.
Information and capital flows: The determinants of transactions in financial assets
Internal and external balance in a centrally planned economy
'International adjustment with wage rigidity' by Branson and Rotemberg
International Costs and Benefits from EMU
international role of the euro: a status report, The
Interwar Debt Crisis and Its Aftermath., The
Investment and the inflation-unemployment tradeoff in a macroeconomic rationing model with monopolistic competition: By H.R. Sneessens
Labor Market Under Central Planning: The Case of Hungary, The
Labour Market under Central Planning: The Case of Hungary., The
Long-Run Scale Adjustments of a Perfectly Competitive Firm and Industry: An Alternative Approach.
Macroeconomic Adjustment and Foreign Trade of Centrally Planned Economies
Macroeconomic disequilibrium in centrally planned economies: Comment
Macroeconomic Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Centrally Planned Economies.
Macroeconomic Models with Quantity Rationing.
Macroeconomic Planning and Disequilibrium: Estimates for Poland, 1955-1980.
Macroeconomic Policy Coordination and the European Monetary System
Managing financial crises in emerging markets
Monetary Policies and Exchange Rates at the Zero Lower Bound
Monetary Union in Motion: the European Experience, A
Money and the consumption goods market in China
Optimal currency shares in international reserves - the impact of the euro and the prospects for the dollar
Path of Reform in Central and Eastern Europe: An Introduction, The
Planning and market relations : proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association at Liblice, Czechoslovakia
Planning the Consumption Goods Market: Preliminary Disequilibrium Estimates for Poland, 1955-1980
Polish crisis western economic policy options, The
Price of LDC Debt, The
Reply to E . Dirksen, "The Control of Inflation? Errors in the Interpretation of CPE Data."
Resolution of Sovereign Debt Crises: The New Old Framework
Settling Defaults in the Era of Bond Finance.
Sovereign CDS and Bond Pricing Dynamics in the Euro-area
SOVMOD: A Macroeconometric Model of the Soviet Union: Review Article.
Structural reform in Central and Eastern Europe
supply of consumption goods in centrally planned economies, The
Tests of the Chronic Shortage Hypothesis: The Case of Poland.
Theory and Measurement of Macroeconomic Disequilibrium in Centrally Planned Economies, The
Threats to international financial stability
Toward a Lender of First Resort
Towards a Lender of First Resort
Transformation Traps.
Transition to Convertibility in Eastern Europe and the USSR, The
Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen Ost und West: Perspektiven und Probleme
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