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Cottrell, Leonard
קוטרל, ליאונארד
كوتريل، ليونارد،
ليونارد كوتريل،
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Grégoire, Catherine
Hanson, Harald
Horizon (New York, N.Y.) Horizon book of lost worlds
Joba, Anne
Mohr-Wille, Micaela
Schede, Wolfgang Martin
Schliemann, Heinrich (1822-1890)
أبو بكر، عبد المنعم، (1907-،)
إسكندر، زكي، (1912-1979،)
فريد، شفيق اسعد
محمد، محمد عبد القادر
All men are neighbors ... 1947.
All men are neighbours;
anvil of civilisation, The : an outline of the birth, development, and inter-relationship of the ancient civilisations of Western Asia and the Mediterranean, 4000-400 B.C.
anvil of civilization., The
bull of minos: the discoveries of schliemann and evans, the
bull of Minos, The : the discoveries of Schliemann and Evans
bull of Minos, The : the great discoveries of ancient Greece
Cités perdues et retrouvées
Concise encyclopædia of archaeology., The
concise encyclopedia of archaeology., The
Crete: island of mystery.
Dictionnaire enciclopédique d'archéologie
Dictionnaire encyclopédique d'archéologie.
Digs and diggers: a book of world archaeology.
Égypte., L'
Enemy of Rome
Épouses des pharaons., Les
Faden der Ariadne, Der
Five queens of ancient Egypt.
Fucine della civiltà, Le ; [The Anvil of civilization]. Trad.
Geheimnis der Königsgräber, Das
great invasion, the
Great leaders of Greece and Rome.
guide to roman britain, a
Hannibal, enemy of Rome.
Horizon book of lost worlds, The
Horizon (New York, N.Y.)
Isčeznatite faraoni
lady of the two lands: five queens of ancient egypt
land of shinar, the
Land of the Pharaohs.
land of the two rivers
Life under the Pharaohs
lion gate: a journey in search of the mycenaeans, the
Lion Gate: a journey in search of the Myceneans., The
Lost cities.
Lost civilizations
lost Pharaohs; the romance of Egyptian archaeology., The
Madame Tussaud.
Mountains of Pharaoh; 2,000 years of pyramid exploration., The
Music in Mexico
mystery of minoan civilization, the
one man's journey
Penguin book of lost worlds., The
Queen of the Pharaons.
Queens of the Pharaohs.
quest for sumer, the
Reading the past; the story of deciphering ancient languages
Realms of gold; a journey in search of the Mycenaeans.
Roman forts of the Saxon shore, The
Schmiede der Zivilisation, Die
secrets of tutankhamen's tomb, the
Seeing Roman Britain.
tiger of chʻin: the dramatic emergence of china as a nation, the
Tiger von Ch'in, Der : Wie China eine Nation wurde
Times to remember, 1996:
Times to remember : the life of Edward L. Ginzton
Up in a balloon.
Verschollene Königreiche
vie au temps des Pharaons, La
Volk der Pharaonen, Das
warrior pharaohs, the
Wonders of antiquity.
Wonders of the world.
الحياة فى عهد الفراعنة
الموسوعة الاثرية العالمية