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Dominguez, J. I.
Domínguez, Jorge I.,
Domínguez, Jorge Ignacio
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writer of accompanying material
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Council on Foreign Relations
Fernández de Castro, Rafael (19..-.... professeur de science politique)
Harvard University
Harvard University, Center for International Affairs
Heclo, Hugh
Hernández, Rafael
Jones, Anthony (1940-)
Lawson, Chappell H. (1967-)
Lindenberg, Marc
Lowenthal, Abraham F. (1941-...)
Pérez Villanueva, Omar Everleny (1960-...)
Poiré, Alejandro
Shifter, Michael
Vinielles, Trepat Magin
Authoritarian and democratic regimes in Latin America
Between compliance and conflict : East Asia, Latin America, and the "new" Pax Americana
Boundary disputes in Latin America
Building blocks : foundations for learning for young blind and visually impaired children : bases para el aprendizaje de niños ciegos y disminuidos visuales
Caribbean, its implications for the United States, The
Central America : current crisis and future prospects
Comparative goverment : politics of industrialized and developing nations
Comparative government politics of industrialized and developing nations
Conflictos territoriales y democracia en América Latina
Consolidating Mexico's democracy : the 2006 presidential campaign in comparative perspective
constitution for Cuba's political transition, A : the utility of retaining (and amending) the 1992 Constitution
Construcción de gobernabilidad democrática en América Latina, 2005
Constructing democratic governance in Latin America
Constructing democratic governance : Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s : themes and issues
Constructing democratic governance : Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean in the 1990s
Constructing democratic governance : South America in the 1990s
construction of democracy, 2007:, The
construction of democracy, The : lessons from practice and research
Cuba, 1978:
Cuba hoy : analizando su pasado, imaginando su futuro
Cuba : internal and international affairs
Cuba on the brink Castro, the missile crisis and the Soviet collapse
Cuba order and revolution
Cuban economic and social development policy reforms and challenges in the 21st century
Cuban economy at the start of the twenty-first century, 2004:, The
Cuban studies
Debating U.S.-Cuban relations : shall we play ball?
Debating United States-Cuban relations
Democracy in the Caribbean : political, economic, and social perspectives
Democracy in the Carribbean political, economic, and social perspectives
Democratic politics in Latin America and the Caribbean
Democratic transitions in Central America
Democratizing Mexico public opinion and electoral choices
economía cubana a principios del siglo XXl, La
Economic issues and political conflict : US-Latin American relations
Economic strategies and policies in Latin America
Enhancing global human rights
Essays on Mexico, Central and South America : scholarly debates from the 1950s to the 1990s
From pirates to drug lords : the Post-Cold War Caribbean security environment
future of inter-American relations, The
Handbook of Latin America in the world
Insurrección o lealtad : la desintegración del Imperio español en América
Insurrection or loyalty the breakdown of the Spanish American empire
International Cooperation in Latin America : the Design of Regional Institutions by Slow Accretion
International security and democracy Latin America and the Caribbean in the post-Cold War era
Lange Schatten
Largas sombras
Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s
Latin America's international relations and their domestic consequences war and peace, dependency and autonomy, integration and disintegration
Mexico, Central, and South America : new perspectives.
México, hoy y mañana : Madrid, Casa de América, 6 de noviembre de 2000
Mexico's pivotal democratic election candidates, voters, and the presidential campaign of 2000
Mexico's political economy challenges at home and abroad
Parties, elections, and political participation in Latin America
Peldaños del crecimiento : bases para el aprendizaje de niños ciegos y disminuidos visuales
política exterior de Cuba, 1962-2009, La
política exterior del presidente Barack Obama hacia América Latina, La
Political and military limitations and consequences of Cuban policies in Africa
Race and ethnicity in Latin America
roads not taken, The : institutionalization and political parties in Cuba and Bolivia
roman catholic church in Latin America, The
Routledge handbook of Latin America in the world
Seguridad internacional, paz y democracia en el Cono Sur
Social mobilization, traditional political participation and government response in early nineteenth century Spanish America
Social movements in Latin America the experience of peasants, workers, women, the urban poor, and the middle sectors
South America in the 1990s
Technopols : freeing politics and markets in Latin America in the 1990s
Theoretical approaches for the study of U.S.-Mexican relations
To make a world safe for revolution Cuba's foreign policy
Toward Mexico's democratization parties, campaigns, elections and public opinion
Twenty-five Years of Cuban Studies
U.S.-Cuban relations in the 1990s
U.S. interests and policies in the Caribbean and Central America
United States and Mexico between partnership and conflict, The
US-Cuban relations in the 1990s.
US interests and policies in the Caribbean and Central America
Western Hemisphere immigration and United States foreign policy
Widening scholarly horizons : theoretical approaches for the study of U.S.-Mexican relations
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1972