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Rimington Taylor, Eva Germaine
Taylor, E. G.
Taylor, E. G. R.
Taylor, Eva G.
Taylor, Eva G. R.
Taylor, Eva Germaine Rimington
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Barlow, Roger (d. 1554.)
Bourne, William (1583- ))
Collins, K. St. B.
Fenton, Edward
Fernández de Enciso, Martín
Hakluyt, Richard (1552?-1616)
London Geographical Institute
Major, Richard Henry (1818-1891))
Richey, M. W.
Speed, John (1552?-1629)
Unstead, J. F. (1876-1965)
Unstead, J. F. (1876-1965))
Unstead, John Frederick (1876-1965)
Air age World map for two thousand million neighbours
atlas of Tudor England and Wales, An : forty plates from John Speed's pocket atlas of 1627
brief summe of geographie., A
business man's geography; a compendium of general and post-war conditions in respect of overseas produce and overseas markets, The
Climate, summer conditions.
Climate, winter conditions.
Copy-book of letters outward &c : begins 29th May, 1680, ends 5 July, 1687
Early Charts and the Origin of the Compass Rose
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland described and abridged [from old catalog]
essentials of world geography, The : for junior students
General and regional geography for students
Geography of an air age
geometrical seaman; a book of early nautical instruments;, The
Guide to periodicals and bibliographies dealing with geography, archaeology and history, compiled by E. Jeffries Davis... and E. G. R. Taylor,...
Haven-finding art. A history of navigation from Odysseus to Captain Cook. E.G.R. Taylor, with a foreword by Commodore K.St.B.Collins,... Appendix by Joseph Needham,... [New ed.], The
History of Navigation from Odysseus to Captain Cook. -, a
Ideas on the shape, size and movements of the earth
Land and plan; basic facts relative to a master plan for Britain
Late Tudor and early Stuart geography, 1583-1650; a sequel to Tudor geography, 1485-1583
Letters outward, 1679-1694
Mandeville's travels : texts and translations
Marin géométrique les premiers instruments nautiques, Le
Mathematical practitioners of Hanoverian England, 1714-1840, by E.G.R. Taylor.., The
mathematical practitioners of Hanoverian England, 1714-1840, The : a sequel to The mathematical practitioners of Tudor and Stuart England
mathematical practitioners of tudor and stuart england, the
Mathematics and the navigator in the thirteenth century
Navigation in the days of Captain Cook
Oceans & rivers, 1928:
original writings and correspondence of the two Richard Hakluyts, The
original writings & correspondence of the two Richard Hakluyts; with an introduction and notes, The
Philip's comparative series of wall atlases Europe
Planning prospect.
Production and trade; a geographical survey of all the countries of the world
regiment for the sea and other writings on navigation, by William Bourne of Gravesend, a gunner (c. 1535-1582), A
Select documents illustrating the four voyages of Columbus, including those contained in R. H. Major's select letters of Christopher Columbus
South Africa, political & communications.
Suma de geographia.
Survey before plan.
teacher's manual accompanying Philip's comparative wall atlas maps, A
third and fourth voyages, The
troublesome voyage of Captain Edward Fenton, 1582-1583; narratives & documents., The
Tudor geography, 1485-1583
Wall atlas of South Africa
What do they talk about ? 60 miles [=Om. 065 : 1 410 000 environ]. Prepared under the direction of Professer E. G. R. Taylor and designed