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M. N
M. N, Marchamont Nedham
M. N (pseudonym)
Mercurius (Britanicus)
Mercurius, Britanicus (Pseudonym)
Mercurius Pragmaticus
Mercurius (Pragmaticus; Pseudonym)
N, M.
N, M. (pseudonym)
N, Marchamont Nedham
Nedham, Marchamont
Nedham, Marchemont
Needham, Marchamont
Needham, Marchimam
Pragmaticus, Mercurius
Pragmaticus, Mercurius (Pseudonym)
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Language material
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Bouman, Jan (I, Amsterdam)
Condillac, Étienne Bonnot de (1714-1780)
De voortreffelijkheid van een' vryen staat
Howell, James (ca.1594-1666.)
Mably, Gabriel de (1709-1785)
Mandar, Théophile (1759-1823)
Monnier, Raymonde
Rousseau, Jean Jacques (1712-1778)
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Selden, John (1584-1654)
Well-wisher to posterity, A (see also from)
Womersley, David
Worden, Blair (1945-)
Additional evidences concerning the right of soveraignty ... of Great Brittain in the sea
check to the checker of Britanicus. -, A
Christianissimus christianandus oder eines englischen Patrioten wolgegründete Beweg-Ursachen durch was Mittel und auf was Art und Weise Franckreich zu einem Christlicheren Stande zu bewegen : worinnen zugleich bloss gestellt und entdeckt worden die arglistige Verbreitungen, so von diesem Hofe seithero den Pyrenäischen Tractaten verschiedenen Fürsten und Herren geschehen
Christianissimus christianandus. Of Reden om Vrankryk tot een kristelyker staet te bewegen. Ontdeckende de misleydingen [...] sedert het Pireneesche tractaet.
Christianissimus Christianandus, or, Reason for the reduction of France to a more Christian state in Europ
Christianissimus christianandus, ou le Moyen de réduire la France à un estat plus chrestien, pour le bien de l'Europe
discourse concerning schools and schoolmasters, a
Dominium maris
Excellence of a free state
great accuser cast down. -, The
Honesty's best policy. - [1677]
la souveraineté du peuple et de l'excellence d'un État libre, De
levellers levell'd, the
Mare clausum : the right and dominion of the sea in tvvo books : in the first, the sea is proved by the law of nature and nations not to be common to all men, but to be susceptible of private dominion and propriety as well as the land : in the second, it is asserted that the most serene King of Great Britain is the lord and proprietor of the circumfluent and surrounding sea, as an inseparable and perpetual appendix of the British Empire
Medela medicinæ. : A plea for the free profession, and a renovation of the art of physick, out of the noblest and most authentick writers. Shewing the publick advantage of its liberty. The disadvantage that comes to the publick by any sort of physician, imposing upon the studies and practise of others. The alteration of diseases from their old state and condition. The causes of that alteration. The insufficiency and uselesnes of meer scholastick methods and medicines, with a nesessity of new. Tending to the rescue of mankind from the tyranny of diseases; and of physicians themselves, from the pedantism of old authors and present dictators
Mercurius pragmaticus.
oppermagt des volks
Ownership of the sea
pacquet-boat advice, or, A discourse concerning the war with France between some English gentlemen and a French-man, betwixt Calis and Dover., The
Pacquet of advices and animadversions, sent from london to the men of shaftsbury which is of use for all his majesties subjects in the three kingdoms : occasioned by a seditious phamphlet, intituled, a letter from a person of quality to his friend in the country
right constitution of a Commonwealth
Short history of the english rebellion
solemn league and covenant, commonly call'd the Scotch covenent. - [ca. 1648], The
True state of the case of the commonwealth