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Address, Author of the
Author of the Address
Wakefield, Gilbert
Wakefield, Gilbertus
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Bensley, Thomas (II, Londen)
Bion Smyrnaeus, sec. II a.C.
Homerus (8..-7.. a.C.))
Horatius Flaccus, Q. (65-8 v. Chr)
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus (65-8 v. Chr)
Kearsley, George (II, Londen)
Lucretius Carus, T. c (97-55 v. Chr)
Lucretius Carus, Titus (c:a 95 f.Kr.-55 f.Kr.)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pope, Alexander (1688-1744))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
木庭, 孫彦 (1855-1928)
address to the inhabitants of Nottingham, An
address to the Right Reverend Dr. Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, on the subject of An apology for the liturgy and clergy of the Church of England. By Gilbert Wakefield, An
Biōnos kai Moschou ta leipsana.
Correspondence of the late G. Wakefield wieth the late Charles Fox ... -
Correspondence of the late Gilbert Wakefield, B. A., with the late Right Honourable Charles James Fox, in the years 1796 ... 1801, chiefly, on subjects of classical literature.
enquiry into the expediency and propriety of public or social worship: by Gilbert Wakefield, An
enquiry into the opinions of the Christian writers of the three first centuries concerning the person of Jesus Christ: by Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. Late Fellow of Jesus-College, Cambridge. Vol. I, An
essay on inspiration, 1781:, An
essay on inspiration: considered chiefly with respect to the evangelists. By Gilbert Wakefield, An
Evidences of christianity: or a collection of remarks intended to display the excellence ... of the christian religion. By Gilbert Wakefield
examination of The age of reason, or, an investigation of true and fabulous theology, by Thomas Paine., An
Four marks of Antichrist: or a supplement to the Warburtonian lecture
general reply to the arguments against the Enquiry into public worship: by Gilbert Wakefield, A
Iliad of Homer., The
In Euripidis Hecubam, Londini nuper publicatam, diatribe extemporalis. Composuit Gilbertus Wakefield, A.B
Kyōshi no shokumu : Ichimei bokkaigaku
letter to Jacob Bryant, esq. concerning his dissertation on the war of Troy: by Gilbert Wakefield, B.A., A
Memoirs of the life of Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. Late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Written by himself
New translation of the First Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Thessalonians offered to the public as a specimen of an intended version of the whole New Testament With a preface containing a brief account of the author's plan: By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, and now classical tutor at Warrington Academy., A
new translation of those parts only of the New Testament, which are wrongly translated in our common version, by Gilbert Wakefield, A
Observations on Pope. By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A
Odyssey of Homer., The
P. Virgilii Maronis opera : emendabat et notulis illustrabat Gilbertus Wakefield, A. B. ... Volumen prius [-posterius]
Poemata Latine partim scripta, partim reddita: quibus accedunt quædam in Q. Horatium Flaccum Observationes criticæ
Poetical translations from the ancients. By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A
Q. Horatii Flacci, quæ supersunt
Remarks on Dr. Horsley's ordination-sermon: in a letter to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A.
Remarks on the general orders of the Duke of York to his army, on June 7, 1794
Remarks on the internal evidences of the Christian religion: by Gilbert Wakefield
reply to a letter from David Andrews, against a pamphlet on the spirit of Christianity, compared with the spirit of the times. By the Author of that pamphlet, A
reply to some parts of the Bishop of Landaff's Address to the people of Great Britain, A
reply to the letter of Edmund Burke, Esq. to a noble lord, A
reply to Thomas Paine's second part of The age of reason. By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A, A
rerum natura libri sex, De
rerum natura libros sex, De
rerum natura ll. libri 6, De
Short strictures on the rev. doctor Priestley's letters to a young man, concerning Mr. Wakefield's treatise on public worship:
Silva Critica sive in Auctores Sacros Profanosque commentarius ... - 1789 -
Silva critica: sive in auctores sacros profanosque commentarius philologicus ...
Silva critica : sive in auctores sacros profanosque commentarius philologus ...
spirit of christianity, compared with the spirit of the times in Great Britain. By Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, The
Sylva critica, sive in Auctores sacros profanosque commentarius philologus
T. Lucretii Cari De rerum natura libri sex ex recensione editionis secundae Bipontinae [.] Accedunt variantes lectiones ex editione Wakefieldiana. Upsaliae excudebant reg. academiae typographi MDCCCXIX.
Tragoediarum Delectus. -
translation of the New Testament. -, A
教師之職務 : 一名・牧会学