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Redhouse, ..
Redhouse, J. W.
Redhouse, J. W. (Sir)
Redhouse, James
Redhouse, James (el-İnglizi)
Redhouse, James (Sir)
Redhouse, James W.
Redhouse, James W. (Sir)
Redhouse, James William
Redhouse, James William (Sir)
ردحاوص، جيمس
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Aflaki, Shams al-Din Ahmad al-
Browne, Edward Granville (1862-1926)
H̱azraǧı̄, Muwaffaq al-Dı̄n Abū al-Ḥasan ʿAlı̄ bin al-Ḥasan al-Zabı̄dı̄ al- (133.?-1410))
Nāṣir al-Dīn Shāh, Shah of Iran (1831-1896)
Nicholson, Reynold Alleyne (1868-1945)
Rogers, Alexander (1825-1911)
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Shah, Idries (1924-1996)
Toparlı, Recep
Wells, Cha
Wells, Charles
Yılmaz, Yaşar
Brieven van James William Redhouse (1811-1892) aan Michael Johan de Goeje (1836-1909)
"Burda," i.e., The poem of the mantle, The : recited by him before Muhammad, at Madina, in the ninth year of the Hijra, after the conquest of Makka.
Burda (mantle) poems of Ka'b, son of Zuhayr, and of El-Busiri, The
diary of H.M. The Shah of Persia, The : during his tour through Europe in A.D. 1873
Grammaire raisonnée de la langue ottomane ...
Kitab-i maani-yi lehçe
L-poem of the Arabs, The
Lexicon, english and turkish shewing in turkish, the literal, incidental, figurative, colloquial and technical significations of the english terms, indicating their pronunciation in a new and systematic manner and preceded by a sketch of english etymology, to facilitate to turkish students the acquisition of the english language
Leyendas de los sufíes : historias de la vida y enseñanzas de Rumi
Manāqib al-ʼārifīn.
Mesnevī (usually known as the Mesnevīyi sherīf, or holy Mesnevī) of Mevlānā (our Lord) Jelālu-d-Dīn, Muhammed, er-Rūmī., The
mother's advice to her daughter and The wild daughter's undutiful reply, A : two humorous Turkish poems, in the harem dialect of women, and in pentastich strophes, with recurrent chorus
Müntahabat-ı lügat-ı Osmaniyye
New Redhouse Turkish-English dictionary
Observations on the so-called Poem of Meysūn, and to Meysūn's claim to the authorship of the Poem
On the history, system, and varieties of Turkish poetry
On 'the most comely names' : i.e. the laudatory epithets, or the titles of praise, bestowed on God in the Qur'ān or my Muslim writers
pearl-strings, The : a history of the Resúliyy dynasty of Yemen
Redhouse sözlügü
Selected anecdotes from the work entitled the acts of the adepts (Menāqibu ʼL ʿĀrifīn
simplified grammar of the Ottoman-Turkish language., A
tentative chronological synopsis of the history of Arabia and its neighbours from B.C. 500.000 (?) to A.D. 679, A
Türkçeden İnglizçeye luġat kitābı
Turkish campaigner's vade-mecum or Ottoman colloquial language, The : containing: a concise Ottoman Grammar; a carefully selected vocabulary, alphabetically arranged, in two parts - English and Turkish, and Turkish and English; also a few familiar dialogues
@Turkish dictionary, in two parts, English and Turkish, and Turkish and English. In which the Turkish words are represented in the Oriental character, as well as their correct pronunciation and accentuation shown in English letters... 2nd edition, revised and enlarged...
Wāsif-i Enderūnī
Yeni Türkçe-İngilizce sözlük
ʿUqūd al-luʾluʾiyya fī tārī_k al-dawla al-Rasūliyya
تركجه‌دن انكليزجه‌يه لغت كتابى