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Pinero, A. W.
Pinero, A. W. (Sir)
Pinero, Arthur
Pinero, Arthur (Sir)
Pinero, Arthur W.
Pinero, Arthur W. (Sir)
Pinero, Arthur Wing,
Pinero, Arthur Wing (Sir)
Pinērō, 'Āthœ̄ Wing
Wing Pinero, Arthur
פינרו, ארתור וינג
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Bazalgette, Léon (1873-1928)
Bienstock, J. Wladimir (1868-1933)
Hamilton, Clayton Meeker (1881-1946)
Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)
Rowell, George
Salaman, Malcolm C.
Sullivan, Arthur (1842-1900)
Tracy, Louis (1863-1928)
Wearing, J. P.
Widmark, Richard
Wyn-Rogers, Catherine (1958-)
Yale University, June
沢村, 寅二郎 (1885-1945)
amazones, The : a farcical romance in three acts
Amazons, a farcical romance in three acts, The
beauty stone an original romantic musical drama, The ; in three acts
benefit of the doubt; a comedy in three acts, The
big drum, 1915:, The
Big drum, a comedy in 4 acts, by Arthur Pinero, The
big drum; a comedy, in four acts, The
cabinet minister; a farce in four acts, The
collected letters of Sir Arthur Pinero., The
Dandy Dick;
--Dr. Harmer's holidays : a contrast in nine scenes
enchanted cottage, The : a fable in three acts
Feuilleton de Comoedia, 14 avril 1913
freaks:, The
gay Lord Quex; a comedy in four acts, The
His house in order a comedy in four acts
hobby-horse, c1892:, The
In chancery; an original fantastic comedy in three acts
Iris, a drama in five acts
Lady Bountiful, a story of years; a play in four acts
Late Victorian plays, 1890-1914
Letty, an original drama in four acts and an epilogue
Leur idole (Sa maison en ordre) comédie en 4 actes
magistrate, 1936:, The
magistrate; an original farce in three acts, The
magistrate, The : a farce in three acts
magistrate, The ; The schoolmistress ; The second Mrs. Tanqueray ; Trelawny of the "Wells"
Maison en ordre", comédie en 4 actes de M. Arthur W. Pinero, traduite par MM. Léon Bazalgette et J.-W. Bienstock, "La
Maison en ordre, comédie en 4 actes, par Arthur W. Pinero, traduite par Léon Bazalgette et J. W. Bienstock. [Paris, Vaudeville, 1er octobre 1908.], La
maison en ordre comédie en quatre actes, La
maison en ordre, La : comédie en quatre actes
Mid-channel; a play in four acts
"Mind the paint" girl a comedy, in four acts, The
"Mind the paint" girl; being a novelization of Sir Arthur Pinero's comedy, The
money spinner; an original comedy in two acts, The
new woman and other emancipated woman plays, The
notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith; a drama in four acts, The
notorious mrs. Ebbsmith, The : a drama in 4 acts
Oxford companion to the theatre, The
Papers on playmaking
Playgoers; a domestic episode
Plays by A. W. Pinero
Plays of Arthur Pinero, The
Poora : Nochi no tankarē fujin
Preserving Mr. Panmure. A comic play, in four acts.
Princess and the butterfly, or the Fantastics, a comedy in 5 acts, by Arthur W. Pinero, The
princess and the butterfly; or, The fantastics. A comedy in five acts, The
princess and the butterfly, or, The fantastics, The : a comedy in five acts
private room, a play in two parts, A
profligate, 1891:, The
profligate, The : a play in four acts
Robert Louis Stevenson as a dramatist
Robert Louis Stevenson, the dramatist
rocket, an original comedy in three acts, The
schoolmistress a farce in three acts, The
seat in the park; a warning, A
Second Mrs. Tanqueray a play in 4 acts... [London, St. James's Theatre, May 27th, 1893], The
second Mrs. Tanqueray; a play in four acts., The
Second Mrs. Tanqueray, an original play in four acts..., The
second Mrs. Tanqueray and the notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith, The
seconds Mrs.Tanqueray.
social plays of Arthur Wing Pinero, The
squire, an original comedy in three acts, The
Sweet Lavender: a comedy in three acts
Sweet lavender : a domestic drama in three acts
The second Mrs. Tanqueray, 2007. CIP:
Three plays
thunderbolt, an episode in the history of a provincial family; in four acts., The
times a comedy, The
Trelawny of the "Wells" : a comedietta in four acts
Trelawny of the "Wells"; an original comedietta in four acts.
Trelawny of the "Wells" and other plays
tweede mevr. Tanqueray, De : tooneelspel in 4 bedrijven.
Votes for women!
weaker sex; a comedy in three acts, The
Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988:
widow of Wasdale Head ..., The
wife without a smile; a comedy in disguise, in three acts, A
ポオラ : 後のタンカレー夫人
Drama 140 production (historical)--Mar. 15, 18, 1938, Experimental Theatre
Producer's Thesis (M.F.A.)--Yale University, June, 1938