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Gunther, R. T.
Gunther, R.W.T.
Gunther, Robert
Gunther, Robert T.
Gunther, Robert Theodore
Gunther, Robert W.
Gunther, Robert W.T.
Gunther, Robert W. Theodore
Gunther, Robert William Theodore
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Digges, Leonard (d. ca. 1559.)
Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazarbos
Dioscorides, Pedanius (1e E.)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Goodyer, John (1592-1664)
Günther, Amy Neville Rolfe
Hooke, Robert (1635-1703)
Morley, W.H. (1815-1860)
Morley, William Hook (1815-1860)
Pratt, Roger (1620-1684)
Ray, John (1627-1705)
architecture of Sir Roger Pratt, Charles II's commissioner for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire, The : now printed for the first time from his note-books
astrolabes of the world, The : based upon the series of instruments in the Lewis Evans Collection in the old Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, with notes on astrolabes in the collections of the British Museum, Science Museum, Sir. J. Findlay, Mr. S.V. Hoffman, the Mensing Collection and in other public and private collections
astrolabes of the world, The : based upon the series of instruments in the Lewis Evans collection in the old Ashmolean Museum at Oxford : with notes on astrolables in the collections of the British Museum, Science Museum, Sir J. Findlay, Mr. S.V. Hoffman, the Mensing collection, and in other public and private collections
bibliography of topographical and geological wirks on the Phlegra*. -, A
biolog. Sciences. -, The
Chaucer and Messahalla on the astrolabe .... -
Chemistry, mathematics, physics, and surveying. -
corde, De
Daubeny laboratory register, 1849-1923, The : complete in one volume
diary and will of Elias Ashmole, The
Early British Botanists and their gardens : based on unpublished writings of Goodyer, Tradescant, [et al.]
Early science in Cambridge. -
Early science in Oxford
Electricity & magnetism, 1675-6., ...
Extracts from Hooke's Micrographia
Further correspondence of John Ray
Great Oxford pioneers of science and industry in the 18th century
Greek herbal of Dioscorides;, The
Gulielmi Patteni, cui VVaynfleti agnomen fuit, wintoniensis ecclesiae praesulis quondam pientissimi, summi Angliae cancellarij, collegijq[ue] : Beatae Mariae Magdalenae apud Oxonienses fundatoris celeberrimi, vita obitusq[ue].
Handbook of the Museum of the History of Science in the Old Ashmolean building, Oxford
Herbal of pseudo-Apuleius
Historic instruments for the advancement of science : a handbook to the Oxford collections
history of the Daubeny Laboratory
materia medica., De
Micrographia or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
Old Ashmolean reprints.
Oxford and the history of science
Oxford Country. -, The
Oxford gardens. Based upon Daubeny's Popular guide to the physick garden of Oxford; with notes on the gardens of the colleges and on the University Park.
Pausilypon, the imperial villa near Naples, with a description of the submerged foreshore and with observations on the tomb of Virgil and on other Roman antiquities on Posilipo
Philosophical Society. -, The
Robert T. Gunther and the Old Ashmolean
Rolfe family records, volume II
Sir Roger Pratt on architecture
theodelitus and topographical instrument of Leonard Digges of University College, Oxford. Described by his son Thomas Digges in 1571. Reprinted from Longimetra, the fyrst booke of Pantometria., The
Tract on capillary attraction