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Duke Edward Seymour
Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford
Seymour, Edward
Seymour, Edward (1er duc de Somerset)
Seymour, Edward Duc de Somerset
Seymour, Edward Duke (English statesman, 1506-1552)
Seymour, Edward (Duke of Somerset)
Seymour, Protector
Somerset, Edward of
Somerset, Edward S. of
Somerset, Edward Seymour
Somerset, Edward Seymour (1st Duke of)
Somerset, Edward Seymour Comte de Hertford
Somerset, Edward Seymour (comte de Hertford; 1er duc de)
Somerset, Edward Seymour (Duke of)
Somerset, Edward Seymour of
Somerset (Protector)
Somerseti, Edwardus Seimerus
1st Duke of Somerset
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Bliss, Jeanette Dwight (18..-1924)
Bliss, Susan Dwight (18..-1966)
Bodrugan, Nicholas
Grafton, Richard (15..-1573)
Harrison, James (15..?-15.. orateur)
Henry VIII, King of England (1491-1547)
Johanna (England, Königin, circa 1509-1537; 1509-1537; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Mallock, William Hurrell (1849-1923)
Murray, James Augustus Henry Sir, 1837-1915
Ramsden, Guendolen (1846-1910)
Seymour, Webb John Lord, 1777-1819
Complaynt of Scotland.
complaynt of Scotlande wyth ane exortatione to the thre estaits to be vigilante in the deffens of their public veil. 1549. With an appendix of contemporary English tracts, viz. The just declaration of Henry VIII (1542), The exhortacion of James Harrysone, Scottisheman (1547), The epistle of the Lord Protector Somerset (1548), The epitome of Nicholas Bodrugan alias Adams (1548)., The
Correspondence of two brothers : Edward Adolphus, eleventh duke of Somerset, and his brother, Lord Webb Seymour, 1800 to 1819 and after
Epistle or exhortation to unitie and peace...
exhortacion to the Scottes, to conforme them selfes to the honorable, expedient, and godly union, betwene the twoo realmes of Englande and Scotlande., An
Letters, remains and memoirs of Edward Adolphus Seymour, twelfth Duke of Somerset K.C. : in wich are also included some extracts from his two published works on christianity and democracy
Schrifftliche vermanung zum Friede und Einigkeit des oebersten Gubernators und anderer der fuernemsten Regenten und Rethe des Koenigreichs Engellandt An den Adell und Gemeine Stende Auch alle andere Einwohner des Reichs Schottenlands.Auss Englischer Sprach ins latein verdolmetscht unnd hernach verdeutschet., Ein
vermahnung zum Friede und Einigkeit, Ein Schrifftliche