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Ferguson, Jacobus
Ferguson, Jakob
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, James F.R.S.
Ferguson, James I
Ferguson, James ((Scottish astronomer))
Ferguson, James (Scottish draftsman and astronomer, 1710-1776)
James Ferguson
James I Ferguson
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Brewster, David (1781-1868)
Dilly, Charles (1739-1807))
Guthrie, William (1708-1770)
Henderson, Ebenezer (1809-1879)
Horrocks, Jeremiah (1617?-1641)
Kitchin, Thomas (d. 1784))
Knox, John (1720-1790, [from old catalog])
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Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Robinson, John (1753-1813))
Schwickert, Engelhard Benjamin (1741-1825))
Wasberg, Eric (1725-72)
Anfanggründe der Sternseherkunst. -
Art of drawing in perspective made easy to those who have no previous knowledge of the mathematics
astronomical tables
Astronomie des demoiselles ou Entretiens entre un frère et sa soeur sur la mécanique céleste...
Astronomie nach Newtons Grundsätzen erklärt. -, Die
Astronomien, uppå sir Isaac Newtons grundsatser, lätt och begriplig gjord för dem, som ej studerat mathematiken, af James Ferguson. Öfwersatt ifrån andra engelska uplagan, af år 1757. Strengnäs, tryckt af Lars Arvids. Collin, 1771, 1771 :
Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles and made easy to those who have not studied mathematics. To which are added, a plain method of finding the distances of all the planets from the sun, by the transit of Venus over the sun's disc, in the year 1761. An account of Mr. Horrox's observation of the transit of Venus in the year 1639: and, of the distances of all the planets from the sun, as deduced from observations of the transit in the year 1761
British essayists; to which are prefixed prefaces, biographical, historical, and critical, The
Dissertation upon the phænomena of the harvest moon also, the description and use of a new four-wheel'd orrery, and an essay upon the moon's turning round her own axis
Easy introduction to astronomy for young gentlemen and ladies
Essays and treatises
Ferguson's Astronomy, explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles
Ferguson's lectures on select subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, geography, astronomy, and dialling
idea of the material universe, deduced from a survey of the solar system. By James Ferguson, An
Introduction to electricity in six sections
Introduzione alla elettricità ... Traduzione dall'inglese.
Journal of a voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia. -
Lectures on select subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and optics With the use of the globes, the art of dialing, and the calculation of the mean times of new and full moons and eclipses
Life of James Ferguson, F.R.S., in a brief autobiographical account, and further extended memoir. With numerous notes and illustrative engravings.
new geographical, historical, and commercial grammar; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world ..., A
Select mechanical exercises shewing how to construct different clocks, orreries, and sun-dials, on plain and easy principles. With several miscellaneous articles; and new tables, ... Illustrated with copper-plates. ... By James Ferguson.
select mechanical exercises, with a short account of the life of the author, written by himself
starrekunde voor jonge heeren en jufferen, op eene gemeenzaame wyze verhandeld in tien samenspraaken, tusschen Neander en Eudosia;, De
story of the peasant-boy philosopher, the
supplement to Mr. Ferguson's book of lectures ... By James Ferguson, A
system of modern geography:, A
Tables and tracts relative to Several arts and Sciences
Two letters to the Rev. Mr. John Kennedy containing an account of many mistakes in the astronomical part of his scripture chronology. And his abusive treatment of astronomical authors. By James Ferguson, F.R.S.
use of a new orrery, made and described by James Ferguson, The
Young gentleman and lady's astronomy familiarly explained in ten dialogues between neander and eudosia. by james ferguson