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Rosas, A.
Rosas, Allan
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Bjorkholm, Mikaela
Drzewicki, Krzysztof
Eide, Asbjørn
Krause, Catarina
Levits, Egils (1955- ))
Modeen, Tore (1929-)
Neuwahl, Nanette A. (1959-)
Pelkonen, Heli
Phillips, Alan
Suksi, Markku (1959-)
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administration publique indirecte dans quatorze pays.
Ålandsöarna demilitarisering och neutralisering
Alandsoarnas demilitarisering och neutralisering :
citizens' Europe, 1995:, A
citizens' Europe, A : in search of a new order
Combating lawlessness in gray zone conflicts through minimum humanitarian standards
Constitutionalising the EU judicial system : essays in honour of Pernilla Lindh
Counter-Terrorism and the Rule of Law : Issues of Judicial Control
Cour de justice et la construction de l'Europe
Court of Justice and the construction of Europe, The : analyses and perspectives on sixty years of case-law : analyses et perspectives de soixante ans de jurisprudence
Current problems of the international humanitarian law
Development co-operation and processes towards democracy : Nordic seminar organized by the Advisory Board for Economic Relations between Finland and Developing Countries, 21-22 October 1991, Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland
Economic, social and cultural rights a textbook
Economic, social and cultural rights, c1995:
Essays in honour of Virpi Tiili
EU as an External Human Rights Actor, The
EU competition law in context essays in honour of Virpi Tiili
EU constitutional law : an introduction
EU Law and International Agreements concluded by EU Member States, with Particular Emphasis on Maritime Law
EU Primary Law as Substantive Law
European Court of Justice and Public International Law, The
European Court of Justice in Context: Forms and Patterns of Judicial Dialogue, The
European Union and Fundamental Rights/Human Rights, The
European Union competition law in context : essays in honour of Virpi Tiili
European Union constitutional law
Finis Europae socialis?
Fundamental Rights in the EU, with Special Emphasis on the Case-law of the European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Human rights in a changing East-West perspective. -
Ihmisoikeudet sodassa
"Implementing" EU Law in the Member States: Some Observations on the Applicability of the Charter of Fundamental Rights
Implementing humanitarian law applicable in armed conflicts : the case of Finland
Indirect public administration in fourteen countries : L'administration publique indirecte dans quatorze pays
Indirect public administration in the fields of education and pensions
Inlägg kring medelbar offentlig förvaltning : Puheenvuoroja välillisestä julkisesta hallinnosta
Inlägg kring medelbar offentlig förvaltning seminarium kring medelbar offentlig förvaltning, Åbo 4-5 februari 1985
International human rights norms in domestic law : Finnish and Polish perspectives
International law and conventional weapons : a study on the impact of different approaches and interest configurations on the efforts to modernize the international legal criteria for the choice of conventional weapons in war
International Responsibility of the EU and the European Court of Justice
Is the EU a human rights organisation?
J.-J. Rousseau and the Law of Armed Force
Joinder of Parties and Third Party Intervention in WTO Dispute Settlement
Judicial Protection in EU State Aid Law
Jurisprudemce of Human Rights Law, The : a comparative interpretive approach
jurisprudence of human rights law a comparative interpretive approach, The
Justice in Haste, Justice Denied? : the European Court of Justice and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Kansainvälinen normisto Suomen oikeuselämässä
Kansallisvaltion tulevaisuus Euroopassa : seminaari Turussa 5-6.10.1989
Kansat ja oikeus : aikamme kehittyvä kansainvälinen oikeus
Kehitysyhteistyö ja ihmisoikeudet : piloottitutkimus
Kommunstyrelsens tillsyn över nämnderna
Legal aspects on a Nordic nuclear-weapon-free zone : revised papers presented at the Second Scandinavian Seminar on a Nordic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, in Espoo, Finland, August 30-September 1, 1984
legal status of prisoners of war, The ; a study in international humanitarian law applicable in armed conflicts
legal status of prisoners of war, The : a study in International Humanitrian Law Applicable in Armed Conflicts
legal status of prisoners of war, The : a study of international humanitarian law applicable in armed conflicts
Life after "Dassonville" and "Cassis" : Evolution but no Revolution
Mänskliga rättigheter i Norden : andra nordiska seminariet rörande forskning, undervisning och information om de mänskliga rättigheterna, Åbo ... 1982
Mänskliga rättigheter under krig
Medelbar offentlig förvaltning : begreppsutredning och problemområden
Methods of Interpretation : Judicial Dialogue
National Judge as EU Judge: Opinion 1/09, The
Negative security assurances and non-use of nuclear weapons.
new chemical weapons convention ... 1998:, The
new Chemical Weapons Convention--implementation and prospects, The
Oikeus, demokratia, informaatio : oikeusnormien ja oikeuslähteiden muuttuminen
OSCE in the maintenance of peace and security conflict prevention, crisis management and peaceful settlement of disputes, The
Puheenvuoroja välillisestä julkisesta hallinnosta.
Relations entre les états membres de l'Union européenne : le droit international public y a-t-il encore sa place?
Shipwrecks in EU Law
Social rights as human rights : a European challenge
Social Rights in a United Europe
Sodanaikainen puolueettomuus ja puolueettomuuspolitiikka : tutkimus kahden puolueettomuusmallin asemasta kansainvälisessä oikeudessa ja Suomen sisäisessä oikeudessa
Statsförvaltningens organisation : strukturer och kompetensförhållanden
Status in EU Law of International Agreements Concluded by EU Member States, The
strength of diversity, The : human rights and pluralist democracy
Tntesakan, sotsʻialakan ev mshakutʻayin iravunkʻner : dasagirkʻ
UN Minority Rights Declaration, The
Universal minority rights
Value Added Tax and Distortion of Competition
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