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Grafton, A.
Grafton, A. T.
Grafton, Anthony
Grafton, Anthony T.
Grafton, Anthony Thomas
Grafton, Antony Thomas
グラフトン, アンソニー
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Abbadi, Mostafa el- (1928-...)
Kiron, Arthur
Kraye, Jill (1947-...)
Mills, Kenneth (1964-...)
Momigliano, Arnaldo (1908-1987)
Most, Glenn W. (1952-...)
Rosenberg, Daniel (1966-...)
Settis, Salvatore
Shelford, April
Siraisi, Nancy G.
Sirinelli, Jean (1921-2004)
Weinberg, Joanna (1949- ))
Williams, Megan
Williams, Megan Hale (1969-...)
Zetzel, James E.G.
足達, 薰 (1969-)
american scholar, the
Aruberuti : Itaria runesansu no kochikusha.
Athenae Batavae: the research imperative at Leiden, 1575-1650
Aufbewahren oder wegwerfen - Wie Sammler entscheiden
Ausgewählte Schriften zur Geschichte und Geschichtsschreibung
Bring out your dead the past as revelation
Cardano's cosmos the worlds and works of a Renaissance astrologer
Cardanos Kosmos : die Welten und Werke eines Renaissance-Astrologen
Cartographie du temps des frises chronologiques aux nouvelles timelines
Cartographies of time
Christianity and the transformation of the book Origen, Eusebius, and the library of Caesarea
Christianity and the transformation of the book : Origen, Eusebius and the Library of Cesarea
Chronologia of the ancient world
classical tradition, The
Clio wired : the future of the past in the digital age
Codex in crisis
Collectors' knowledge: what is kept, what is discarded
Colloque Alexandrie
Commerce with the classics ancient books and Renaissance readers
Conversion in late antiquity and the early middle ages seeing and believing
Conversion old worlds and new
correspondence of Joseph Justus Scaliger, The
culture of correction in Renaissance Europe, 2011:, The
Defenders of the text the traditions of scholarship in an age of science, 1450-1800
Des Alexandries du livre au texte
Digitization and its discontents for Jewish history : a talk delivered at the international conference From Access to Integration: Digital Technologies and the Study of Jewish History, Center for Jewish History
Essays in ancient and modern historiography
Falsari e critici : creatività e finzione nella tradizione letteraria occidentale
Falsarios y críticos : creadividad e impostura en la tradición occidental
Falsarios y críticos : creatividad e impostura en la tradición occidental
Fälscher und Kritiker : der Betrug in der Wissenschaft
Faussaires et critiques : créativité et duplicité chez les érudites occidentaux
Faussaires et critiques créativité et duplicité chez les érudits occidentaux
footnote a curious history, The
Forgers and critics : creativity and duplicity in Western scholarship
foundations of early modern Europe, 1460-1559, The
From De die natali to De emendatione temporum. The origins and setting of Scaliger's chronology
From humanism to the humanities education and the liberal arts in 15th and 16th century Europe
From humanism to the humanities : education and the liberal arts in fifteenth-and sixteenth-century Europa
have always loved the holy tongue" Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a forgotten chapter in Renaissance scholarship, "I
Henricus Glareanus's (1488-1563) Chronologia of the ancient world : a facsimile edition of a heavily annotated copy held in Princeton University Library
Historians and ideologues essays in honor of Donald R. Kelley
Humanism and Political Theory
Humanists with inky fingers, 2011:
Humanists with inky fingers the culture of correction in Renaissance Europe
Isaac Vossius, chronologer
J.J. Scaliger's Indices to J. Gruter's Inscriptiones Antiquae a note on Leiden University Library MS Scal. 11
Jewish past revisited, The : reflections on modern Jewish historians
Joseph Scaliger a bibliography, 1850-1993
Joseph Scaliger a bibliography, 1852-1982
Joseph Scaliger a study in the history of classical scholarship
Karudāno no kosumosu : Runesansu no senseijutsushi
Kultur der Renaissance in Italien, Die
Leon Battista Alberti master builder of the Italian Renaissance
Leon Battista Alberti : un genio universale
Magic and technology in early modern Europe
Magus, Der : seine Ursprünge und seine Geschichte in verschiedenen Kulturen
Martin Crusius reads his Homer
Migration in history, c2007:
Migration in history : human migration in comparative perspectiv
Migration in history human migration in comparative perspective
Natural particulars nature and the disciplines in Renaissance Europe
new republic, the
New science : principles of the new science concerning the common nature of nations
New worlds, ancient texts : the power of tradition and the shock of discovery
nota a piè di pagina, La : una storia curiosa
note on two seminal documents of world discovery & exploration, East and West, 1493-1505/6, A
obelisk: a history
orígenes de la erudición, Los : [breve tratado sobre la nota al pie de página]
Orígenes trágicos de la erudición, Los
origines tragiques de l'érudition une histoire de la note en bas de page, Les
page, de l'Antiquité à l'ère du numérique histoire, usages, esthétiques, La
Prince, The
Prolegomena ad Homerum.
Prolegomena to Homer, 1795
Proof and persuasion in history
Ricci, the Chinese, and the toolkits of textualists
Rome reborn the Vatican library and Renaissance culture [to accompany an exhibition held at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Jan. 6-Apr. 30, 1993]
Scaliger collection, The
Secrets of nature astrology and alchemy in early modern Europe
Signore del tempo, Il : i mondi e le opere di un astrologo del Rinascimento
Spätantike bis Spätaufklärung
tragischen Ursprünge der deutschen Fussnote, Die
Tragischen Ursprünge der deutschen Fuβnote, Die
transmission of culture in Early modern Europe, The
Uses of Greek and Latin, The
vita propria liber, De
What is history? : the art of history in early modern Europe
What was history ? the art of history in early modern Europe
Wissenschaft des nicht Wissenwerten, Die : ein Kollegienheft von Ludwig Hatvany
Worlds made by words scholarship and community in the modern West
カルダーノのコスモス : ルネサンスの占星術師