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J. R
J. R, John Ray
R, J.
R, John Ray
Raio, Joanne
Raius, Ioannes
Raius, Joannes
Raius, Johannes
Rajus, Joannes
Rajus, Johannes
Ray, Jean
Ray, Jean de
Ray, Jo
Ray, Johan
Ray, John
Ray, John (Mr)
Rayus, Johannes
Wray, Jean
Wray, John
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Bohn, Henry G. (1796-1884)
Bohn, Henry George (1796-1884)
Derham, W
Derham, William
Lankester, Edwin
Rauwolf, Leonhard (approximately 1540-1596.)
Salerne, François
Salerne, Mr.
Smith, Samuel (libraire-imprimeur)
Smith, Samuel (Londen)
Walford, Benjamin
Walford, Benjamin (London)
Willoughby, Francis (1635-1672)
Willughby, Francis (1635-1672)
Catalogus plantarum Angliæ, et insularum adjacentium tum indigenas, tum in agris passim cultas complectens in quo præter synonyma necessaria facultates quoque summatim traduntur, unà cum observationibus & experimentis novis medicis & physicis
Catalogus plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium. Appendix
Catalogus stirpium in exteris regionibus a nobis observatarum, quæ vel non omnino vel parcè admodum in Anglia sponte proveniunt
Collection of english proverbs digested into a convenient method for the speedy finding any one upon occasion : with short annotations : whereunto are added local proverbs with their explications, old proverbial rhythmes, less known or exotick proverbial sentences, and scottish proverbs
Collection of english vvords not generally used with their significations and original, in two alphabetical catalogues, the one of such as are proper to the northern, the other to the southern counties. with catalogues of english birds and fishes; and an account of the preparing and refining such metals and minerals as are gotten in england
Compleat collection of english proverbs; also the most celebrated proverbs of the scotch, italian, french, spanish, and other languages. the whole methodically digested and illustrated with annotations, and proper explications
Correspondence of john ray
Des conflits entre principes abstraits et stipulations conventionnelles
Dictionariolum trilingue
Founders of British Science [...]
Harry Dickson
histoire naturelle, éclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, l'ornithologie, qui traite des oiseaux de terre, de mer et de riviere, tant de nos climats que des pays étrangers. Ouvrage traduit du latin du Synopsis avium de Ray, augmenté d'un grand nombre de descriptions & de remarques historiques sur le caractere des oiseaux, leur industrie & leurs ruses. Par M. Salerne, Docteur en médecine à Orléans, correspondant de l'Académie royale des sciences. Enrichi de trente-une figures dessinées d'après nature., L'
Historia insectorum
Historia plantarum species hactenus editas aliasque insuper multas noviter inventas & descriptas complectens : in qua agitur primò de plantis in genere, earúmque partibus, accidentibus & differentiis : deinde genera omnia tum summa tum subalterna ad species usque infimas, notis suis certis & characteristicis definita, methodo naturæ vestigiis insistente disponuntur species singulæ accurate describuntur, obscura illustrantur, omissa supplentur, superflua resecantur, synonyma necessaria adjiciuntur : vires denique & usus recepti compendiò traduntur
Joannis Raii Synopsis methodica avium & piscium opus posthumum : quod vivus recensuit & perfecit ipse insignissimus author : in quo multas species, in ipsius ornithologia & ichthyologia desideratas, adjecit : methodumque suam piscium naturæ magis convenientem reddit : cum appendice & iconibus
Joannis Raii Synopsis methodica stirpium Britannicarum: tum indigenis, tum in agris cultis locis suis dispositis; Additis Generum Characteristicis, Specierum Descriptionibus & Virium Epitome
John Ray's Cambridge catalogue (1660)
livre des fantômes, Le
Memorials of John Ray : consisting of his life by Dr. Derham, biographical and critical notices by Sir J.E. Smith, and Cuvier and Dupetit Thouars : with his Itineraries, etc.
Methodus graminum, juncorum et cyperorum specialis
Methodus insectorum; seu, Insecta in methodum aliqualem digesta ...
Methodus plantarum emendata et aucta
Methodus plantarum nova, brevitatis & perspicuitatis causa synoptice in tabulis exhibita, cum notis generum tum summorum tum subalternorum characteristicis, observationibus nonnullis de seminibus plantarum & indice copioso
Miscellaneous discourses concerning the dissolution and changes of the world wherein the primitive chaos and creation, the general deluge, fountains, formed stones, sea-shells found in the earth, subterraneous trees, mountains, earthquakes, vulcanoes, the universal conflagration and future state, are largely discussed and examined
Mr. Ray's travels
new method of plants
Nomenclator classicus sive dictionariolum. Secundum Locos Communes Nominibus usitatioribus, Anglicis Latinis, ordine dispositis. A classical nomenclator, with the gender and declension of each word, and the quantities of the syllables
Observations topographical, moral, & physiological made in a journey through part of the Low-countries, Germany, Italy, and France : with a catalogue of plants not native of England, found spontaneously growing in those parts, and their virtues
Oeuvres complètes
Ornithologiae libri tres ...
Persuasive to a holy life, from the happiness that attends it both in this world and in the world to come
Philosophical letters between the late learned Mr. Ray and several of his ingenious correspondents, natives and foreigners. To which are added those of Francis Willughby esq;
quelques aspects des manifestations de volonté ayant force liante en droit international public, De
Select remains of the learned John Ray [microform] : with his life
Stirpium orientalium. Rariorum catalogi tres
Synopsis methodica animalium quadrupedum et serpentini generis
Synopsis methodica Stirpium Britannicarum; editio tertia, 1724 [and] Flora Anglica, 1754 & 1759
Three physico-theological discourses
travels into the Eastern countries, Dr. Leonhart Rauwolff's
variis plantarum methodis dissertatio brevis ..., De
werelt van haar begin tot haar eynde
Wisdom of god manifested in the works of the creation