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Kelvin, 1st baron
Kelvin, Baron
Kelvin, Baron William Thomson
Kelvin, .. (Lord)
Kelvin of Largs, William
Kelvin of Largs, William Thomson
Kelvin of Largs, William Thomson (baron)
Kelvin, W. Thomson
Kelvin, W. Thomson (Lord)
Kelvin, William T.
Kelvin, William Thomson
Kelvin, William Thomson ((1824-1907))
Kelvin, William Thomson (Baron)
Kelvin, William Thomson (barons)
Kelvin, William Thomson (Lord)
Kelvins, barons
Kelvins, Viljams
Largs, William Thomson Kelvin of
Thomson Kelvin, William
Thomson, W.
Thomson, W. (Sir)
Thomson, William
Thomson, William ((1824-1907))
Thomson, William Baron
Thomson, William (Barón de Kelvin)
Thomson, William (Baron Kelvin)
Thomson, William (Sir)
Tomson, Vilʹi︠a︡m
Кельвин, Уильям Томсон
Кельвин, Уильям Томсон (барон)
Томсон, лорд Кельвин Уильям
ウィリヤム タムソン
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荒木, 吉次郎
Address on the age of the earth
Application of the principle of mechanical effect to the measurement of electro-motive forces
Baltimore lectures on molecular dynamics and the wave theory of light Founded on Mr. A.S. Hathaway's stenographic report of twenty lectures delivered in Johns Hopkins university, Baltimore, in October 1884. Followed by twelve appendices on allied subjects
Cambridge and Dublin mathematical journal ..., The
Conférences scientifiques et allocutions
Constitution of matter
correspondence between Sir George Gabriel Stokes and Sir William Thomson, baron Kelvin of Largs., The
Elasticity and heat
Electrodynamic qualities of metals.
Elements of a mathematical theory of elasticity
Elements of natural philosophy
Escrits fonamentals sobre el segon principi de la termodinàmica
Experiments on the Electrical Phenomena produced in Gases by Röntgen Rays, by Ultra Violet Light and by Uranium
Foundations of the atomic theory omprising papers and extracts
free expansion of gases, The : memoirs by Gay-Lussac, Joule, and Joule and Thomson
Geology and general physics
Handbuch der theoretischen Physik
Hermann von Helmholtz
Hydrodynamics and general dynamics
Instruction pour l'installation du compas de Sir William Thomson : d'apres la traduction de M. Vivant ....
Isoperimentrical problems
Kagaku meichoshū.
Kelvin problem, The : foam structures of minimal surface area
Kelvin's Baltimore lectures and modern theoretical physics historical and philosophical perspectives
Kelvin's instruments and the Kelvin museum
Lord Kelvin : vida, pensamiento y obra
Mathematical and physical papers
Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin
metric system of weights and measures., The
molecular tactics of a crystal, The
Navigational affaris
Note on induced magnetism in a plate
Oeuvres complètes
Om jordens ålder
On a method of discovering experimentally the relation between the mechanical work spent, and the heat produced by the compression of a gaseous fluid
On a new astronomical clock, and a pendulum governor for uniform motion
On beats of imperfect harmonies.
On the convective equilibrium of temperature in the atmosphere. -
On the dynamical theory of heat with numerical results deduced from Mr. Joule's equivalent of a thermal unit and M. Regnault's observations on steam
On the theory of magnetic induction
Opere di Kelvin
Origins of Clerk Maxwell's electric ideas, as described in familiar letters to William Thomson;
Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica
Popular lectures and addresses
Principles of mechanics and dynamics
Problems relating to underground temperature.
Réflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu.
Reports of the committee on electrical standards appointed by the British association for the advancement of science
Reprint of papers on electrostatics and magnetism
Researches in Thermometry
scientific papers of James Prescott Joule, The
Scientific papers: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology
second law of thermodynamics, The : memoirs by Carnot, Clausius, and Thomson
Sir Isaac Newtonʾs Principia
Tafeln zur Erleichterung der Anwendung der Sumner'schen Methode für den Seegebrauch mit Erläuterungen
Thomson puṣulasınıñ tanẓīmi ḥaḳḳında taʿlīmāt
Treatise on natural philosophy
Über die dynamische Theorie der Wärme mit numerischen Ergebnissen aus Herrn Joules Äquivalent einer thermischen Einheit und Herrn Regnaults Messungen an Dampf
Vorlesungen über Molekulardynamik und die Theorie des Lichts
Vortex statics.
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, 1824-1907 : [catalogue of] an exhibition of manuscripts and machines from the collections of Glasgow University, [held in] Glasgow University Library, July-October 1977.