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Miller, Bob
Miller, Robert R.
Miller, Robert Rush
Rush Miller, Robert
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Bardach, John E.
Hubbs, Carl L. (1894-1979)
Hubbs, Carl Leavitt (1894-1979)
Lagler, Karl F. (1912-1985)
Lagler, Karl Frank (1912-1985)
Minckley, W. L.
Norris, Steven Mark
Smith, Gerald Ray
Taylor, Jeffrey N.
Ueno, Teruya (1930-...)
University of Michigan. Museum of Zoology
Uyeno, Teruya
Webb, Shane A.
Allodontichthys hubbsi, A New Specias of Goodeid Fish from Southwestern Mexico
Allodontichthys hubbsi, a new species of goodeid fish from southwestern Mexico
annotated list of the american cyprinodontid fishes of the genus fundulus, with the description of fundulus persimilis from Yucatan, An
Cichlid fishes (genus Cichlasoma) of the Rio Pánuco Basin, eastern Mexico, with description of a new species
cyprinodont fishes of the Death Valley system of eastern ... 1948., The
Cyprinodont fishes of the Death Valley system of Eastern California and South-western Nevada, by Robert R. Miller, The
cyprinodont fishes of the Death Valley system of eastern California and southwestern Nevada., The
Dactyloscopus amnis, a new sand stargazer from rivers of the Pacific slope of southern Mexico
Dionda erimyzonops, a new, dwarf cyprinid fish inhabiting the gulf coastal plain of Mexico
Dionda Erimyzonops, A New, Dwarf Cyprinid Fish Inhabiting the Gulf Coastel Plain of Mexico
Distribution and evolution of chamistes (pisces : catostomidae) in western North America
Distribution and Evolution of Chasmistes (Pisces: Catostomidae) in Western North America
evaluation of Seth E. Meek's contributions to Mexican ichthyology, An
Fishes of Utah
Five New Species of Mexican Poeciliid Fishes of the Genera Poecilia, Gambusia, and Poeciliopsis
Four new species of viviparous fishes, genus poeciliopsis, from northwestern Mexico
Freshwater fishes of México
Hyporhamphus patris, a new species of hemiramphid fish from Sinaloa, Mexico, with an analysis of the generic characters of Hyporhamphus and Hemiramphus, by Robert R. Miller
New Fossil Fishes from Plio-Pleistocene Lake Idaho
new genus and species of cyprinodontid fish from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, with remarks on the subfamily cyprinodontinae, A
New genus and species of deep-sea fish of the family Myctophidae from the Philippine Islands, by Robert R. Miller, A
new genus of cyprinodontid fish from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, A
Notes on the cutthroat and rainbow trouts with the description of a new species from the Gila River, New Mexico, by Robert Rush Miller
Notropis orca and Notropis simus, cyprinid fishes from the American Southwest, with a description of a new subspecies
Pisces (freshwater fishes)
Review of the American clupeid fishes of the genus Dorosoma, by Robert Rush Miller, A
revision of the Mexican cyprinid fish genus Algansea, A
Rhinichthys Deaconi, a New Species of Dace (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from Southern Nevada
Salmo australis, a New Species of Fossil Salmonid from Southwestern Mexico
Smilodonichthys rastrosus: a new Pliocene salmonid fish from Western United States
Spiny-rayed Cyprinid Fishes (Flagopterini) of the Colorado River System, The
Spiny-rayed Cyprinid fishes, Plagopterini, of the Colorado River system, by Robert Rush Miller and Carl L. Hubbs..., The
Studies of Cyprinodont fishes
Studies of the fishes of the order Cyprinodontes
Summary of late Cenozoic freshwater fish records for North America
systematic review of the Middle American fishes of the genus Profundulus, A
Systematics and Biology of the Gizzard Shad (Dorosoma Cepedianum) and Related Fiabes
Systematics and biology of the gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) and related fishes
Two new cichlid fishes, genus cichlasoma, from Chiapas, Mexico
Two New Fishes, Gila bicolor gnyderi and Catostomus fumeiventrie, from the Owens River Basin, California
Two new fishes, gila bicolor snyderi and catostomus fumeiventris, from the Owens river basin, California
Two New Fishes of the Genus Cyprinodon from The Cuatro Cienegas Basin, Coahuila. Mexico
Two new freshwater clingfishes of the genus gobiesox from southern Mexico
Variation, distribution, and relationships of the mexican eleotrid fish gobiomorus polylepis
Variation in Lucania parva, its establishment in Western United States, and description of a new species from an interior basin in Coahuila, México
Variation, life colors, and ecology of cichlasoma callolepis, a cichlid fish from southern Mexico, with a discussion of the thorichthys species group
xiphophorus gordoni
Zoogeneticus tequila, a new goodeid fish (Cyprinodontiformes) from the Ameca drainage of Mexico and a rediagnosis of the genus
Zoogoneticus tequila, a new goodeid fish (cyprinodontiformes) from the Ameca drainage of Mexico, and a rediagnosis of the genus