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Falk, R. A.
Falk, Richard
Falk, Richard A.
Falk, Richard Anderson,
フォーク, R. A
フォーク, リチャード
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American society of international law
Black, Cyril Edwin (1915- ))
D'Amato, Anthony A.
ebrary, Inc
Elver, Hilal
Friel, Howard (1955-)
Hajjar, Lisa (1961- ))
Harvard law school
Kaldor, Mary (1946-)
Kim, Samuel S. (1935-)
Lifton, Robert Jay (1926-)
Mendlovitz, Saul H.
Samardžić, Slobodan
Weston, Burns H. (1933-)
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Center of International Studies
Wright, Quincy
川崎, 孝子
Achieving human rights
aftermath of Sabbatino, The : background papers and proceedings of the 7th Hammarskjöld Forum
Appropriating Tet
At the nuclear precipice catastrophe or transformation?
Authority of the united nations over nonmembers
Carter presidency and beyond, The : power and politics in the 1980s
Carty, Anthony. Philosophy of International Law
Challenge of Genocide and Genocidal Politics in an Era of Globalisation, The
Constitutional foundations of world peace, The
Crimes of war; a legal, political-documentary, and psychological inquiry into the responsibility of leaders, citizens, and soldiers for criminal acts in wars.
Crimes of war : Iraq
Dealignment : a new foreign policy perspective
declining world order, The : America's imperial geopolitics
Disarmament and economic development
Economic aspects of global civilization : the unmet challenges of world poverty
Essays on international jurisdiction.
[Essays on the adequacy of the traditional system of international law in the light of modern extra-legal developments
Essays. Selections
Europe and the disintegration of Yugoslavia ; [zastupljeni autori Richard Falk ... et al.]. Belgrade, 1994.
Explaining the United Nations unhappy 50th anniversary : toward reclaiming the next half-century
Explorations at the edge of time : the prospects for world order
From coexistence to conquest international law and the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1891-1949
future of the international legal order, The : retrospect and prospect
global approach to national policy, A
global parliament, A : essays and articles
great terror war, The
Human rights and state sovereignty
Human rights at the UN : the political history of universal justice
Human rights : critical concepts in political science.
Human rights horizons : the pursuit of justice in a globalizing world
Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century
"Humanitarian wars", realist geopolitics and genocidal practices : 'saving the Kosovars'
Implementing international law : the role of domestic courts : some reflections on the United States
Indefensible weapons : the political and psychological case against nuclearism
International law and organization; an introductory reader.
International law and the Third World : reshaping justice
International law and world order : a problem-oriented coursebook
international law of civil war, The
Israel-Palestine on record
Law in an emerging global village.
Law, morality and war in the contemporary world
Legal order in a violent world
Legality and legitimacy in global affairs
Legality and Legitimacy : the Quest for Principled Flexibility and Restraint
New detente, The : rethinking East-West relations
new Europe in the changing global system, A
Nový Pearl Harbor : 11. září a vláda George Bushe : znepokojující otázky
Nuclear policy and world order : why denuclearization
Nuclear Weapons, International Law and the World Court : A Historic Encounter
On humane governance toward a new global politics. The world order models project report of the Global Civilization Initiative
Orford, Anne (ed.). International Law and Its Others
path to zero, The : dialogues on nuclear dangers
Positive prescriptions for the near future : a world order perspective
Postmodern politics for a planet in crisis : policy, process, and presidential vision
Predatory globalization
Promise of world order : essays in normative international relations
record of the paper, The : how the New York Times misreports US foreign policy
Revising culture, reinventing peace : the influence of Edward W. Said
Reviving the World Court
Revolutionaries and functionaries : the dual face of terrorism
Security in disarmament
six legal dimensions of the Vietnam war, The
Some international law implications of the Oslo/Cairo framework for the PLO/Israeli peace process
strategy of world order., The
study of future worlds, A
This endangered planet prospects and proposals for human survival
Toward a just world order, 1982:
Toward a theory of war prevention
Toward Authoritativeness : The ICJ Ruling on Israel's Security Wall
United Nations system, The : prospects for institutional renewal
United States economic measures against Cuba : proceedings in the United Nations and international law issues
Vetonamu ni okeru hō to seiji.
Vietnam and international law; an analysis of the legality of the U.S. military involvement
Vietnam settlement: the view from Hanoi, A
War system, The : an interdisciplinary approach
Western state system, The
What Future for the UN Charter System of War Prevention?
What's wrong with Henry Kissinger's foreign policy
Widening context
world order perspective on authoritarian tendencies, A
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Thesis (S.J.D.)--Harvard law school