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Gardiner, A. H.
Gardiner, Alan
Gardiner, Alan H.
Gardiner, Alan H. (Sir)
Gardiner, Alan Henderson
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (Sir)
Gardiner, Alan (Sir)
Gardiner, Allan H.
Hardiner, Alan H.
Henderson Gardiner, Alan
الن جاردنر، (سير،)
جاردنر، الان، (سير،)
جاردنر، الن، (سير،)
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Language material
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Beatty, Alfred Chester Sir, 1875-1968
Buck, Adriaan de (1892-1959)
Černý, Jaroslav (1898-1970))
Davies, Nina M. (1881-1965)
Davies, Nina Macpherson (1881-1965)
Erman, Adolf (1854-1937))
Griffith institute Oxford, GB
Kissling, Eckart
Oxford University Press
Peet, T. Eric (1882-1934))
Peet, T.Eric
Peet, Thomas Eric
Petrie, W.M. Flinders (1853-1942)
Petrie, William Matthew Flinders (1853-1942)
Thompson, Herbert Sir, 1859-1944
Vogelsang, Friedrich (1877-)
أبو بكر، عبد المنعم، (1907-)
A propos de l'aigle funéraire des Syriens, Fr. Cumont et A. H. Gardiner.
admonitions of an Egyptian sage from a hieratic papyrus in Leiden (Pap. Leiden 344 recto), The
Ancient Egyptian "onomastica", by Alan H. Gardiner...
Ancient Egyptian onomastica : text.
Ancient Egyptian paintings selected, copied, and described
attitude of the ancient Egyptians to death & the dead, The
Catalogue des caractères d'impression hiéroglyphiques égyptiens d'après les matrices appartenant à Alan H. Gardiner
Catalogue of the Egyptian hieroglyphic printing type from matrices owned and controlled by Dr. Alan H. Gardiner : in two sizes: 18 point, 12 point; with intermediate forms
Coffin texts.
Egipto de los faraones, El
Egypt of the pharaohs, an introduction, by Sir Alan Gardiner
Egyptian coffin texts... by Adriaan De Buck,... [and Sir Alan H. Gardiner.], The
Egyptian grammar, being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs by Alan H. Gardiner
Egyptian hieratic texts transcribed, translated and annotated, by Alan H. Gardiner,...
Egyptian Letters to the Dead mainly from the Old and Middle Kingdoms
Erzählung des Sinuhe und die Hirtengeschichte, bearbeitet von Alan H. Gardiner,..., Die
Facsimiles of Theban wall-paintings
First two pages of the "Wörterbuch", The
Geschichte des Alten Ägypten Eine Einführung
Hieratic ostraca...
Hieratic papyri in the British Museum Third series. Chester Beatty gift
hiéroglyphes égyptiens les tables de sir Alan Gardiner feuilles pratiques classification selon les formes, les tables de Gardiner et leurs codes, Les
Hymns to Sobk in a Ramesseum papyrus
Inscription of Mes. ... 1905.
Inscription of Mes, a contribution to the study of Egyptian judicial procedure, by Alan H. Gardiner, The
inscription of Mes, The : a contribution to the study of Egyptian judicial procedure
Inscriptions of Sinaï, by Alan H. Gardiner,... and T. Eric Peet,..., The
Inscriptions of Sinai from manuscripts of Alan H. Gardiner and T. Eric Peet. Edited and completed by Jaroslav Černý. 45th memoir of the Egypt exploration society. Part 2. Translations and commentary, The
Installation of a vizier, by Alan H. Gardiner, The
journal of egyptian archaeology
Kadesh inscriptions of Ramesses II, The
Klagen der Bauern, bearbeitet von F. Vogelsang und Alan H. Gardiner..., Die
Klagen des Bauern
Langage et acte de langage : aux sources de la pragmatique : an introduction
Late-Egyptian miscellanies, Alan H. Gardiner.
Late-Egyptian stories, Alan H. Gardiner.
Leiden magical papyrus I 343 + !345, The
Leiden magical papyrus1343 + 1345, by Adhémar Massart,... [Transcription of the text by Sir Alan Gardiner.], The
library of A. Chester Beatty, The : description of a hieratic papyrus with a mythological story, love-songs, and other miscellaneous texts
Literarische Texte des mittleren Reiches.
Literary texts of the New Kingdom
Map of the gold mines in a Ramesside papyrus ad Turin, by Alan H. Gardoner, The
My working years
Notes on the story of Sinuhe
papyrus Anastasi I and the papyrus Koller
Papyrus Beatty II. The Blinding of Truth
Papyrus hieratica Chester Beatty
Papyrus Leiden 344 recto
Papyrus Leidensis I 343 + I 345.
Papyrus Leopold II aux Musées Royaux d'art et d'histoire de Bruxelles et le Papyrus Amherst à la Pierpont Morgan Library de New York, Le
peinture égyptienne ancienne, La : peintures choisies, copiées et décrites
Peinture égyptienne ancienne, par Sir Alan H. Gardiner,... et Mrs Nina M. Davies. Préface et adaptation d'Albert Champdor. I, La
political Crime in ancient Egypt, by Alan H. Gardiner,..., A
Problem of month-names, The
Professional magicians in ancient Egypt
protest against unjustified tax-demands, A
Qan and Badari I, by Guy Brunton, with chapters by Alan Gardiner and Flinders Petrie
Qau and Badari ...
Ramesseum papyri plates, The
Ramesside administrative documents
Royal Canon of Turin, 1987, c1959:, The
so-called tomb of queen Tiye, The
Some aspects of the Egyptian language
Supplement to Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar, by Alan H. Gardiner and M. Gauthier-Laurent. I : Additions and corrections, by Alan H. Gardiner. II : General Index of references, by M. Gauthier-Laurent
Tarkhan 1 and Memphis 5
Tarkhan I and Memphis, 1913:
Tarkhan I and Memphis V, by W. M. Flinders Petric,... G. A. Wainwright,... and A. H. Gardiner,...
Teksty Sarkofagów
temple of king Sethos I at Abydos, The
Texts of spells, 472-786...
Texts of spells, 787-1185...
Theban ostraca
Theorie of speech and language. -, The
theory of proper names, The : a controversial essay
Theory of speech and language, by Alan H. Gardiner,..., The
Tomb of Amenemhet (No. 82) copied in line and colour by Nina de Garis Davies, and with explanatory text by Alan H. Gardiner,..., The
Tomb of Antefoker,... and of his wife Senet (No. 60), by N. de Garis Davies,... with a chapter by Alan H. Gardiner,..., The
tomb of Antefoker, Vizier of Sesostris I, and of his wife, Se*. -, The
tomb of Ḥuy viceroy of Nubia in the reign of Tutʿankhamūn (No. 40), The
tombs of Amenemhēt. -, The
Tombs of the courtiers and Oxyrhynkhos
topographical catalogue of the private tombs of Thebes, A
Wilbour papyrus, The
مصر الفراعنة