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Robert Wight
White, Richard
Wight, R.
Wight, Robert,
Wight, Robert (Dr)
Wight, Robert (Scottish surgeon, naturalist, and botanist, 1796-1872)
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Arnott, G.A. Walker (1799-1868)
Arnott, George Arnott Walker (1799-1868. [from old catalog])
Arnott, George Arnott Walker (1799-1868)
Cleghorn, Hugh Francis Clarke (1820-1895. [from old catalog])
Ingledew, W.
Noltie, Henry J.
Ong, David M.
Sunkin, Maurice
University of Edinburgh
Walker-Arnott, G. A.
botany of Robert Wight, The
[Catalogue of dried specimens of Indian plants
Contributions to the botany of India.
Dissertatio medica inauguralis de febrium natura scalpello quaesita ; quam, annuente summo numine : ex auctoritate reverendi admodum viri, D. Georgii Baird, SS.T.P. Academiae Edinburgenae Praefecti : necnon amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimae facultatis medicae decreto : pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis
Extract notes on American cotton agriculture ... 1843:
Figures of Indian plants
Icones plantarum Indiae orientalis; or, Figures of Indian plants By Robert Wight
Icones plantarum Indiae orientalis or figures of Indian plants. Vol. 1, 1838-1840:
Illustrations of Indian Botany; or figures illustrative of each of the nat*. -
Illustrations of Indian botany, or Figures illustrative of each of the natural orders of Indian plants described in the author's "Prodromus florae peninsulae Indiae orientalis", with observations on their botanical relations, economical uses and medicinal properties, including descriptions of recently discovered or imperfectly known plants, by Robert Wight,...
Illustrations of Indian botany; principally of the southern parts of the peninsula
Illustrations of Indian botany; principally of the southern parts of the penninsula
Notes on cotton farming, explanatory of the American and East Indian methods, with suggestions for their improvement.
Observations on the forest trees of southern India, 1850:
"Prodromus Florae peninsulae Indiae orientalis", containing abridged descriptions of the plants found in the peninsula of British India, arranged according to the natural system by Robert Wight,... and G. A. Walker-Arnott,... Vol. I
Robert Wight and the botanical drawings of Rungiah & Govindoo
Sourcebook on environmental law
Specilegium neilgherrense;
"Spicilegium Neilgherrense", or a Selection of Neilgherry plants drawn and coloured from nature, with brief descriptions of each, some general remarks on the geography and affinities of natural families of plants and occasional notices of their economical properties and uses, by Robert Wight,... Vol. I
Treatise on the culture of the red rose, strawberry, brazil gooseberry, peach, mango, and grape vine
With a half title page
Calendis Augusti, horâ locoque solitis.--t.p
Thesis (M.D.)--University of Edinburgh