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Atlee, Clement Richard
Attlee, C.
Attlee, C. R.
Attlee, Clem
Attlee, Clement
Attlee, Clement R.
Attlee, Clement Richard
Attlee, Clement Richard Attlee (1st earl)
Attlee, Clement Richard Attlee (Earl)
Attlee, Clement Richard (Earl Attlee)
Attlee, .. (Earl)
Attlee, Earl C. R.
Earl Attlee
Ėttli, K.
Ėttli, Klement
Эттли, К
Эттли, Клемент Ричард
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Braunthal, Julius (1891-1972)
Churchill, Winston (1874-1965)
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965)
Churchill, Winston Sir, 1874-1965
Crossman, Richard Howard Stafford (1907-1974))
Great Britain Prime Minister (1945-1951 : Attlee) (see also from)
Gromyko, Anatolij Andreevič (1932- ))
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945)
Stalin, Iosif (is Iosif Vissarionovič Džugašvili, 1878-1953.)
Stalin, Iosif Vissarionovič (1879-1953)
Stalin, Iosif Vissarionovič (is Iosif Vissarionovič Džugašvili, 1878-1953.)
Stalin, Josef (1879-1953)
Truman, Harry S. (1884-1972)
Williams, Francis (1903-1970)
Стариков, Николай (1970-)
Стариков, Николай Викторович (1970-)
山口, 房雄 (1918-)
Address by Prime Minister Attlee before a joint session of Congress
As it happened
Atorī jiden.
Attlee's great contemporaries : the politics of character
avenir du travaillisme, L' : nouveaux essais fabiens
Beatrice and Sidney Webb
Borough Councils : their Constitution, Powers and Duties
britische Arbeiterpartei über Krieg, Frieden, neues Europa, Die
Britische Aussenpolitik
Clem Attlee: the Granada Historical Records interview;
Clement Atlee speech, February 20, 1950 [SR] 1950:
Collective security under the United Nations.
Common ownership : Clause IV and the Labour Party
Correspondence between the chairman of the council of ministers of the U.S.S.R. and the presidents of the U.S.A. and the prime ministers of Great Britain during the Great patriotic war of 1941-1945.
Deal with the Causes of War
Empire into Commonwealth; the Chichele lectures delivered at Oxford in May 1960 on Changes in the conception and structure of the British Empire during the last half century.
Ernest Bevin : portrait of a great Englishman
Escape from empire, 1983 (subj.)
Fifty years' march : the rise of the Labour Party
Freedom in a democracy
future of United Nations., The
Hacia una nueva estructura social
India and the world.
international police force, An
Korespondencja przewodniczącego Rady Ministrów ZSRR z prezydentem Stanów Zjednoczonych i premierem Wielkiej Brytanii w okresie Wielkiej Wojny Narodowej 1941-1945.
Korrespondensen mellan ordföranden i Sovjetunionens ministerråd och ledarna i USA och Storbritannien under andra världskriget 1941-1945.
Labour party in perspective
Labour's Peace Aims
Lee, John Alexander: Socialism in New Zealand. -
Léon Blum before his judges : at the supreme court of Riom March 11th and 12th, 1942
Mijn Labourparty
New Fabian essays
Partai Buruh
Pasado, presente y futuro del laborismo
Perepiska predsedatelâ Soveta Ministrov SSSR s prezidentami SŠA i premer-ministrami Velikobritanii vo vremâ Velikoj Otečestvennoj vojny 1941-1945 gg.
Perepiska s U. Čerčillem i K. Ettli (Ijul' 1941 g. - nojabr' 1945 g.).
[Prime Minister Attlee announces Japanese surrender.
prime minister remembers, a
Problems of a socialist government
Problems of economic planning : papers on planning and economics
Purpose and policy : selected speeches
road to war, being an analysis of the National Government's foreign policy, The : prepared by a small group of experts on the basis, and as a continuation of, Inquest on peace by "Vigilantes" [1935]
seconda guerra mondiale nel carteggio di I. V. Stalin con Churchill, Rooselt, Attlee, Truman, La
Service of memorial and burial : Tuesday 7 November 1967, 11.30 a.m. Westminster Abbey
social worker, The
Socialism for Trade Unionists
socialist case, The ; with a foreword by Clement Attlee
Stalin's correspondence with Churchill, Attlee, Roosevelt and Truman 1941-45
Those historic years
town councillor, The
War comes to Britain speeches of the
What labour has done
What next in Central Europe? : the problem of security and the indivisibility of peace
Why I am a democrat; a symposium
will and the way to socialism, The
You're Young : here's Your Biggest Joo
Переписка И. Сталина с У. Черчиллем и К. Эттли (июль 1941 - ноябрь 1945 г.), 2014: