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Anderson, Erik
Andersson, Erik
Stensiö, Anderson
Stensiö, Erik
Stensiö, Erik A.
Stensiö, Erik A:son
Stensiö, Erik Anderson
Stensiö, Erik Andersson
Stensiö, Erik Helge Osvald
Stensiö, Erik Helge Osvald Andersson
Stensiö, Erik ([Helge Oswald] Andersson)
Stensioe, Erik Andersson
Stenslo, Erik
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Alexander, Henry (1890-....))
British Museum (Natural History)
Greenwood, Peter Humphry
Jarvik, Erik
Lehman, Jean-Pierre (1914-1981)
Linnean Society of London
Miles, Roger Steele
Østgrønlandske expedition til Kong Christian den X's Land, 1930
Patterson, Colin (1933-1998)
Treaarsexpeditionen til Christian den X's Land (1931-34)
Anatomical studies on the Arthrodiran head
brain and the cranial nerves in fossil, lower craniate vertebrates, The
cephalaspids of Great Britain, The : With sixtysix plates and seventy text-figures
downtonian and devonian vertebrates of Spitsbergen. Part 1, Family Cephalaspidae, The
downtonian and devonian vertebrates of Spitsbergen, The : family Cephalaspidae
Erik Stensiö, 1992 ;:
Erik Stensiö : 2/10 1891 - 11/1 1984 : minnesteckning vid Kungl. Vetenskapsakademiens högtidssammankomst den 2 april 1991
Etude complémentaire des poissons de l'Eotrias de Madagascar
Family Cephalaspidae
Interrelationships of fishes
Jakob Wilhelm Leche : Minnesteckning.
Några synpunkter i en befordringsfråga.
new Anaspid from the Upper Devonian of Scaumenac Bay in Canada, with remarks on the other Anaspids, A
On the Devonian Coelacanthids of Germany with special reference to the dermal skeleton
On the head of the macropetalichthyids with certain remarks on the head of the other arthrodires : [Illustr.]
On the heads of certain Arthrodieres.
On the heads of certain Arthrodires : 1 : Pholidosteus, Leiosteus, and Acanthaspids
On the pectoral fin and shoulder girdle of the Arthrodires
On the placodermi of the upper devonian of East Greenland. II, Antiarchi : subfamily Bothriolepinae
On the snout of Arthrodires
Pholidosteus, Leiosteus and Acanthiaspids
Sakkunnigutlåtande rörande professuren i geologi, särskilt historisk geologi vid Uppsala universitet 1950
sensory lines and dermal bones of the cheek in fishes and amphibians, The
Sinamia Zdanskyi, a new amiid from the lower cretaceous of Shantung, China : With 17 plates and 20 fig. in the text
Triassic fishes from East Greenland : collected by the Danish expeditions in 1929-1931
Triassic fishes from Spitzbergen : P.2
Upper Devonian vertebrates from east Greenland : collected by the Danish Greenland expeditions in 1929 and 1930