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Lodge, O.
Lodge, O.J.
Lodge, O. Joseph
Lodge, O. (Sir)
Lodge, Oliver
Lodge, Oliver J.
Lodge, Oliver Joseph
Lodge, Oliver Joseph (Sir)
Lodge, Oliver (Sir)
ロッジ, オリバー
ロッヂ, サー・オリバー
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Boissevain, J.W. (1874-1959)
Boissevain, Jan Wilhelm (1874-1959)
Bourbon, H.
Lodge, Raymond (1889-1915. [from old catalog])
Maxwell, J.
Maxwell, Joseph (1858-1938))
Nojiri, Hōei (1885-1977)
Ruskin, John (1819-1900))
Seeley, John Robert (1834-1895))
Smithsonian Institution
Swedenborg, Emanuel (1688-1772)
Wachsmuth, Richard (1868-1941))
野尻, 抱影 (1885-1977)
Advancing science : being personal reminiscences of the British Association in the nineteenth century
Äther und die Wirklichkeit eine Reihe von Vorträgen über die zahlreichen Aufgaben, die der Raumäther zu erfüllen hat, Der
Beobachtungen über Trance-Phaenomene aus dem Berichte
Christopher a study in human personality
Continuity; the presidential address to the British association , Birmingham MCMXIII
Divine love and wisdom, The
Ecce Homo : a survey of the life and work of Jesus Christ
Electrons or the nature and properties of negative electricity
Elementary mechanics including hydrostatics and pneumatics
Ether & reality a series of discourses on the many functions of the ether of space
Evolution and creation
Huxley memorial lectures to the University of Birmingham
irrationality of war; on science as an element in the developing of international good will and understanding, The
Leben und materie : Haeckel's Weltsrätsel kritisiert
Lectures and lay sermons
Letters from Sir Oliver Lodge, psychical, religious, scientific and personal
leven na den dood met voorbeelden welke getuigen dat herinnering en genegenheid na den dood voortleven, Het
Life and Matter A Criticism of Professor Haeckel's 'Riddle of the Universe'
Lightning conductors and lightning guards. A treatise on the protection of buildings, of telegraph instruments and submarine cables, and of electric installations generally, from damage by atmospheric discharges.
Making of man a study in evolution
Man and the universe a study of the influence of the advance in scientific knowledge upon our understanding of christianity
Modern problems, a discussion of debatable subjects
Modern problems : dealing with pre-war questions of permanent interest
Modern views of electricity
Modern views on matter
natural history of a savant, The
Neueste Anschauungen über Elektricität
Parent and child, a treatise on the moral and religious education of children
Past Years
Peasant life in Jugoslavia
Phantom walls
Pioneers of science
Position of woman: actual and ideal
Pourquoi je crois à l'immortalité personnelle.
Presidential addresses to the Society for Psychical Research, 1882-1911
Public service versus private expenditure.
radio: the life story of a technology
Radioaktivität und Kontinuität : Zwei Vorträge.
Raymond or life and death with examples of the evidence for survival of memory and affection after death
Reason and belief
Reimondo : Meikai tsūshin
Reimondo : Ningen eisei no shōken kiroku
Relativity a very elementary exposition
School teaching and school refrom : a course of four lectures on school curricula and methods, delivered to secondary teachers and teachers in training at Birmingham during February 1905
Science and religion
Sesame and Lilies The Two paths ; The King of the golden river
Signalling across space without wires Being a description of the work of Hertz & his successors
Sir Oliver Lodge on survival of death
Socialism and individualism
Some social reforms
story of civilization through the ages, The
story of Wedgwood 1730-1930, The
Substance of faith allied with science: a catechism for parents & teachers
Sur les électrons
Survival of man a study in unrecognised human faculty
Survivance humaine, étude de facultés non encore reconnues, par Sir Oliver Lodge. Traduit de l'anglais sur la 3e édition par le Dr H. Bourbon. Préface de J. Maxwell,..., La
théories modernes de l'électricité; essai d'une théorie nouvelle., Les
Through a stranger's hands new evidence for survival : with 4 illustrations
vie et la matière, La
voortbestaan van den mensch, Het : een studie over een niet erkend vermogen in den mensch
Vývoj a stvoření
war and after; short chapters on subjects of serious practical import for the average citizen in A.D. 1915 onwards, The
Weltäther, Der
Wetenschap en godsdienst : door zeven wetenschappelijke mannen
Why I believe in personal immortality
レイモンド : 冥界通信