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Smith, E. G.
Smith, G. E.
Smith, G. Elliot
Smith, G. Elliot (Sir)
Smith, Grafton E.
Smith, Grafton Elliot
Smith, Grafton Elliot (Sir)
Smith, Grafton Elliott
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Ayrton, Edward Russell
Dawson, Warren R.
FitzPatrick Lectures (1915-1916 : London)
Jones, Frederic Wood (1879-1954))
Maspero, Gaston (1846-1916))
Rivers, W. H. R. (1864-1922)
Rivers, William Halse (1864-1922))
Rivers, William Halse Rivers (1864-1922)
Rivers, William Halse Rivers (1864-1922))
Royal College of Physicians (London)
Sekla, Bohumil (1901-1987)
Wheeler, William Morton (1865-1937)
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944)
Zuckerman, Solly Zuckerman Baron, 1904-1993
Adichanallur skulls, The
After death?
Ancient egyptians & the origin of civilization
Ancient man in Britain
archæological survey of Nubia, The : Report for 1907-1908 [--1910-1911]
Concepts of human evolution the proceedings of a symposium organized jointly by the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland and the Zoological Society of London on 9 and 10 November, 1972, The
contribution to the study of mummification in Egypt, A : with special reference to the measures adopted during the time of the XXI dynasty for moulding the form of the body
Conversion in science
Creation by evolution a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the physiological series of comparative anatomy contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Diffusion of culture
Downland man
Early man; his origin, development, and culture
Egypt. Maṣlaḥat al-Masāḥah.
Egyptian mummies
Elephants and ethnologists
Elliot. The royal mummies, 1912:
Evolution of man, The
Human history
Huxley memorial lectures, 1925-1932.
Medicine, magic, and religion the Fitz Patrick lectures delivered before the Royal college of physicians of London in 1915 and 1916
migrations of early culture a study of the significance of the geographical distribution of the practice of mummification as evidence of the migration of peoples and the spread of certain customs and beliefs, The
Natural man : a record from Bornéo
neural basis of thought, 1999:, The
Pott'sche Krankheit an einer ägyptischen Mumie aus der Zeit der 21. Dynastie (um 1000 v. Chr.)... Vorausgeschickt ist eine Skizze von Karl Sudhoff zur Einführung und Orientierung, Grafton Elliot Smith und Marc Armand Ruffer.
Primitive man
Psychology and politics, and other essays. -
Race, mind and soul.
Report on the human remains
Search for man's ancestors
Shell shock and its lessons
significance of the Peking man, The
Sir Grafton Elliot Smith : a biographical record by his colleagues
Sulle migrazioni dei marinai mediterranei in Oceania e in America nei tempi pre-colombiani
threshold of the Pacific an account of the social organization, magic and religion of the people of San Cristoval in the Solomon islands, The
tomb of Queen Tîyi The discovery of the tomb, The
tomb of Senebtisi at Lisht, The
tomb of Siphtah, The : with The tomb of Queen Tîyi
tomb of Thoutmôsis IV with an essay on the king's Life and monuments, The
Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb by the late Earl of Carnarvon and Mr. Howard Carter
Tutankhamen, king of Egypt ... 1923.