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Lindsay, Theophilus
Lindsey, Teofil
Lindsey, Théophile
Lindsey, Theophilus
Pansmouser, Golieb
Pansmouser, Gotlieb
Pansmouser, Gotlieb (Pseudonym)
Pansmouser, Gotslieb
Pansmouser, Gottlieb
Pansmouser, Gottlieb (Pseudonym)
Pansmouzer, Gotlieb
Pansmouzer, Gotlieb (Pseudonym)
Pansmouzer, Gottlieb
Schryver der Verdeeling van Polen, de
Schryver der Verdeeling van Poolen, de
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Ditchfield, G.M
Elmsley, Peter (ca.1735-1802)
Elmsley, Peter (Londen)
Gérard de Rayneval, Joseph-Mathias (1736-1812)
Johnson, Joseph (Londen)
Lindsey, Theophilus (see also from)
Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti (1749-1791 comte de)
Pansmouser, Gotlieb (see also from)
Pilińska, Isabelle
Rayneval, Joseph Mathias Gérard de (1736-1812)
Théveneau de Morande, Charles
answer to the question, Why are you a Christian? By John Clarke, Minister of a church in Boston., An
Apology of theophilus lindsey on resigning the vicarage of catterick, yorkshire
attempt to explain some of the Thirty-Nine Articles on scriptural principles by a minister of the Church of England, An
book of common prayer, reformed according to the plan of the late dr [[samuel clarke]], the
catechist or an inquiry into the doctrine of the scriptures, concerning the only true God, and object of religious worship, The
Conversations on Christian idolatry, in the year 1791 Published by Theophilus Lindsey, M. A.
conversations on the divine government, shewing that everything is from god, and for good, to all
discourse addressed to the congregation at the chapel in Essex Street, Strand, on resigning the pastoral office among them. By Theophilus Lindsey, M.A, A
dissertations on the preface to st john's gospel and on praying to jesus christ
Divisione della Polonia : in sette dialoghi a guisa di dramma : conversazione tra potenze distinte, in cui si fanno parlare gli interlocutori secondo i loro principe, e la loro condotta
Droits des trois puissances alliées sur plusieurs provinces de la république de Pologne, Les
examination of Mr. Robinson of Cambridge's Plea for the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. By a late member of the university. In the preface, a part of Mr. White of Oxford's appendix to his late Bampton-Sermons, is considered, An
farewell address to the parishioners of Catterick. By Theophilus Lindsey, M.A, A
Historical view of the state of the Unitarian doctrine and worship, from the Reformation to our own times... by Theophilus Lindsey,..., An
J. Priestley's Answer to Mr. Paine's Age of reason.
memoirs of the late reverend theophilus lindsey, m.a., including a brief analysis of his works; together with anecdotes and letters of eminent persons, his friends and correspondents; also a general view of the progress of the unitarian doctrine in england and america
partage de la Pologne, en sept dialogues en forme de drame, ou conversation entre des personnages distingués dans laquelle on fait parler les interlocuteurs conformément à leurs principes et à leur conduite, Le
Partage de la Pologne, en sept dialogues en forme de drame... par Gottlieb Pansmouser,... Traduit de l'anglois par Miladi***, duchesse de*** ... [J.-M. Gérard de Rayneval.], Le
Podział Polski : w Siedmiu Rozmowach
Polish partition
samenspanning der arenden, een zinnebeeldige fabel, by wyze van tooneelspel, De
second address to the students of Oxford and Cambridge relating to Jesus Christ, and the origin of the great errors concerning him; with a list of the false readings of the scriptures, and the mistranslations of the English Bible which contribute to support those errors, A
sequel to the apology
sermon preached at the opening of the chapel in Essex-House, Essex-Street, in the Strand, on Sunday, April 17, 1774, A
Theilung von Pohlen. -, Die
verdeeling van Polen, in 7 samenspraken, tusschen hooge standspersonen, tooneelswijze voorgedragen, De
Vindici? Preistleian? an address to the students of Oxford and Cambridge; occasioned by A Letter to Dr. Priestley from a Person calling himself an Undergraduate, but publicly and uncontradictedly ascribed to Dr. Horne, Dean of Canterbury, and President of Magdalen College, Oxford
vindiciae priestleianae