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Adams, John,
Adams, John ((composer))
Adams, John Coolidge
John Coolidge Adams
アダムズ, ジョン
Keyboard - Piano
Keyboard – Unspecified (IPDA: Keyboards)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related names: 
Adams, John (1735-1826)
Goodman, Alice
Harvard University
London Sinfonietta
Nagano, Kent
Naxos Digital Services
Orchestra of St. Luke's
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Slatkin, Leonard
Swinton, Tilda (1960-)
Waart, Edo de (1941-...)
Warner music France
WEA Europe
Wilson, Ransom
Adams, J. Nixon in China (Orth, Kanyova, Hammons, Heller, Opera Colorado Chorus, Colorado Symphony, Alsop)
Adams, J. Piano Music (Complete)
Available light
Bolcom, W. Recuerdos ; Adams, J.: Hallelujah Junction ; Velazquez, L.: Alebrijes ; Piazzolla, A.: Le Grand Tango (Split Second)
Century rolls for piano and orchestra
Century rolls Lollapalooza ; Slonimsky's earbox
chairman dances foxtrot for orchestra, The
Chamber symphony Grand pianola music
Chamber Symphony: I. Mongrel Airs
Chamber Symphony: II. Aria with Walking Bass
Chamber Symphony: III. Roadrunner
Chamber symphony Shaker loops : for solo piano
China gates for piano
Christian zeal and activity
Complete piano music
death of Klinghoffer an opera in two acts with prologue, The
Dharma at Big Sur My father knew Charles Ives, The
Doctor Atomic opera in two acts
Doctor Atomic symphony Guide to strange places
dorado, El
East of Eden
electric wake, The
Eros piano
Fearful symmetries
flowering tree, A
Fog tropes Gradual requiem ; Gambuh I
Gnarly Buttons: I. The Perilous Shore
Gnarly Buttons: II. Hoe-down (Mad Cow)
Gnarly Buttons: III. Put Your Loving Arms Around Me
Grand pianola music blazers, slagwerk, sopranen, piano's [2]
Grand Pianola Music: I.
Grand Pianola Music, "On the Dominant Divide": III.
Grand pianola music ; Short ride in a fast machine
Guide to strange places
Hallelujah junction : composing an American life
Hallelujah junction for two pianos
Harmonielehre: Part I
Harmonielehre: Part II. The Anfortas Wound
Harmonielehre: Part III. Meister Eckhardt and Quackie
Harmonium The Klinghoffer choruses
Hoodoo zephyr
Instrumental music.
Io sono l'amore Yo soy el amor
John Adams a portrait and a concert of American music
John Adams conducts American Elegies
John Adams, Nixon in China : opera in three acts
John's book of alleged dances : for string quartet and pre-recorded performance cd
John's book of alleged dances Gnarly buttons
Kageki eru nīnyo El Nino
Light over water
Lugubre gondola
Mishima (2 min 46 s)
Mr. Premier, distinguished guests (2 min 36 s), Act I, Scene 3
My father knew Charles Ives
Naive and sentimental music
niño nativity oratorio for soloists, chorus, children's chorus, and orchestra, El
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene I. Opening
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene I. "Soldiers of heaven hold the sky" (Chorus)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene II. Landing of the Spirit of '76
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene II. "News has a kind of mystery:" (Nixon, Chou En-lai, Kissinger)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene II. "The people are the heroes now" (Chorus)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene II. "Your flight was smooth, I hope?" (Chou En-lai, Nixon)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene III. Cheers (Nixon, Chou En-lai, Pat Nixon, Kissinger, Chorus)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene III. "Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends," (Chou En-lai)
Nixon in China: Act I, Scene III. "Mr. Premier, distinguished guests," (Nixon)
Nixon in China: Act II, Scene I. "This is prophetic!" (Pat Nixon)
Nixon in China: Act II, Scene II. "I am the wife of Mao Tse-tung" (Chiang Ch'ing)
Nixon in China: Act II, Scene II. "Oh what a day
Nixon in China: Act II, Scene II. Opening (Chorus)
Nixon in China: Act II, Scene II. "Whip her to death!" (Kissinger (as Lao Szu), Pat Nixon, Nixon)
Nixon in China: Act III. "After that -
Nixon in China: Act III. "I am old and I cannot sleep" (Chou En-lai)
Nixon in China: Act III. "I can keep still," (Chiang Ch'ing)
Nixon in China: Act III. "I have no offspring." (Chou En-lai, Mao, Chiang Ch'ing)
Nixon in China: Act III. "Let us examine what you did." (Mao, Chiang Ch'ing, Chou En-lai)
Nixon in China: Act III. "Peking watches the stars," (Chiang Ch'ing, Mao)
Nixon in China: Act III. "When I woke up" (Nixon, Pat Nixon)
Nixon in China: Act III. "You won at poker." (Pat Nixon, Nixon)
Nixon in China an opera in three acts
Nixon in China (extraits)
On the transmigration of souls for orchestra, chorus, children's chorus and pre-recorded sounds
Orchestra music.
Phrygian gates for piano
Piano Music (Complete)
Planetarium (3 min 58 s), The
Poèmes de l'amour
Rebel without a cause
Road movies
Serenity, S. 347
Shaker loops : for string orchestra : (1982 revision) : string septet (3 violins, viola, 2 cellos and bass) or string orchestra
Shaker Loops: I. Shaking and trembling
Shaker Loops: II. Hymning slews
Shaker Loops: III. Loops and verses
Shaker Loops: IV. A final shaking
Shaker loops ; Phrygian gates
Shaker loops [SR] c1980:
Shaker loops The Wound-Dresser ; Short ride in a fast machine
Short ride in a fast machine... [etc.]
Slonimsky's earbox
Son of chamber symphony String quartet
String quartet
Symphonie de chambre
Three canons for Ursula
Three dances
Tromba lontana
unanswered question, The
Variations for winds, strings and keyboards
Violin concerto for violin and orchestra
Violin concerto Shaker loops
Visions in metaphor
was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky, I
Wound-dresser (19 min 06 s), The
wound-dresser for baritone voice and orchestra, The
Zes symfonische epigrammen
ジョン・アダムズ・ポートレートと現代アメリカ音楽のコンサート John Adams a portrait and a concert of American Music
歌劇「エル・ニーニョ」 El Nino : キリスト降誕
Contributed to or performed: 
2006-04-07: Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
Am Love, I
American Counterpoint
BBC Music, Volume 11, Number 2: John Adams and Louis Andriessen
Century Rolls
Chairman Dances (San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, feat. conductor: Edo de Waart), The
Chamber Symphony
Complete Piano Music (feat. piano: Ralph van Raat)
Death of Klinghoffer (Orchestra of the Opéra de Lyon feat. conductor: Kent Nagano), The
Desert Music, The
Dharma at Big Sur, The
Doctor Atomic Symphony (Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra feat conductor: David Robertson)
Dorado, El
Fearful Symmetries
Flowering Tree (disc 1), A
Flowering Tree (disc 2), A
Gnarly Buttons
Grand Pianola
Grand Pianola Music
Hallelujah Junction: A Nonesuch Retrospective
Harmonielehre (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Simon Rattle)
Harmonielehre, Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Harmonium (San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Chorus feat. conductor: Edo de Waart)
Hoodoo Zephyr
John Adams Earbox, The
Music From 'Nixon in China' (Orchestra of St. Luke's feat. conductor: Edo de Waart)
Naive and Sentimental Music (Los Angeles Philharmonic feat conductor: Esa-Pekka Salonen)
Niño (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin feat. conductor: Kent Nagano), El
Nixon in China (Colorado Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Marin Alsop)
Nixon in China (Orchestra of St. Luke's feat. conductor: Edo De Waart)
On the Transmigration of Souls (New York Philharmonic, feat conductor: Lorin Maazel)
Piano Music of John Adams and Terry Riley (feat. piano: Gloria Cheng-Cochran)
Portrait (Angèle Dubeau & Le Pieta)
Road Movies
Shaker Loops
Son of Chamber Symphony
Violin Concerto
Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky, I
For soprano, male speaker, string quartet & Hammond organ (all amplified), harp, celesta, piano & percussion (one player)
Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1969