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Ranga-Nathan, Siyari Ramamrita
Ranganathan, S. R.
Ranganathan, Schijali Ramamrita
Ranganathan, Shijali Ramamrita
Ranganathan, (Shiyali Ramamrita
Ranganathan, Shiyali Ramamrita (Rao Sahib)
Shiyali Ramamrita, Ranganathan
رانجاناثان، ش. ر.،
رنجاناثان، ش. ر.،
ش. ر. رانجاناثان،
ランガナタン, S. R
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Das Gupta, Arun Kanti
Gopinath, M. A. (1940-)
Gopinath, Malur Aji
Gopinath, Malur Aji (1940-)
International Conference on Ranganathan's Philosophy (1985 ; New Delhi)
Kaula, P. N. (1924-)
Kaula, Prithvi Nath (1924-)
Neelameghan, A.
Neelameghan, A. (1927-)
Neelameghan, Arashanapalai
Neelameghan, Arashanapalai (1927-)
Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'éducation, la science et la culture Paris, Sciences exactes et naturelles Département
Pṛthvī Nātha Kaula, 1924-
Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science
Sivaraman, K.M.
Toti, Laura
Tulasīdāsa, 1532 (1623)
University of Delhi. Department of Library Science
Wilson, Thomas Daniel (1935- ))
داغر، يوسف أسعد
8. All India Library Conference 20-22. Jan. 1949, Nagpur ; Library needs of renascent India ; Presidential address
Ann. Libr. Sci.
Annals of Library Science
bibliography, A
Cataloguing Practice
cinque leggi della biblioteconomia, Le
Classification and communication
Classification and international documentation, by S. R. Ranganathan,...
Classification research 1957-1963 : trend report (India)
Classified catalogue code : with additional rules for dictionary catalogue code
Colon classification, by S. R. Ranganathan
Colon classification : volume 1, basic classification
Conflict of authorship; corporate body vs corporate body
Decimal classification and Colon classification in perspective
descriptive account of the colon classification, A
Developing horizons in library & information science : Ranganathan's tenth death anniversary commemoration volumes
Dictionary catalogue code
Difficulties of government documents, James Childs, Gilbert Mudge Award (1971)
Ḍô Raṅganāthan yāñcyā Dvibindu vargīkaraṇa paddhatīce yathārtha darśana.
Doctor S.R. Ranganathan
Documentation and its facets, being a symposium of seventy papers by thirty-two authors
Documentation : genesis and development
Dr. S.R. Ranganathan : a tribute : on the occasion of his centenary celebrations.
Education and library system of the nation
Education for leisure.
Elements of library classification : based on lecture delivered at the University of Bombay in December 1944 and in the schools of librarianship in Great Britain in December 1956
Elements of library classification : based on lectures delivered at the University of Bombay in December 1944 and in the schools of librarianship in Great Britain in December 1956
Elements of Library Classification : Based on Lectures delivered at the University of Bombay in December 1944 and in the Schools of Librarienship in Great Britain in December 1956
essay in personal bibliography
five laws of library science, 1931., The
Free book service for all : an international survey
Heading and canons : comparative study al five catalogue codes
Heading and canons, comparative study of five catalogue codes. S. R. Ranganathan
International and comparative librarianship and information systems
librarian looks back, A : an autobiography of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan
Library administration, by S. R. Ranganathan. [2d edition.]
Library administration, by S. R. Ranganathan,... With a foreword by R. Littlehailes,...
Library book selection. S. R. Ranganathan
Library catalogue fundamentals and procedure, by S. R. Ranganathan,...
Library development plan : thirty-year programme for India, with draft library bills for the Union and the constituent states.
Library development plan with a draft library bill for Kerala State
Library development plan, with a draft Library bill for the Province of Bombay.
Library legislation; handbook to Madras library act.
Library manual for library authorities, librarians and honorary library workers, by S. R. Ranganathan. 2nd edition...
Library science today : Ranganathan Festschrift.
Library service for all
Library tour,1948 : Europe and America; impressions and reflections.
New education and School library : experience of half a century
organisation of libraries, The
organization of libraries, The
Philosophy of library classification.
Preface to library science.
Problemy indeksacii v trudach indijskogo učenogo Š.R. Ranganatana i jego školy
Prolegomena to library classification
Public library provision and documentation problems, papers for discussion at the 9th All-India library conference, Indore, 11-14 May 1951. Edited by S. R. Ranganathan
Public library system: India, Sri Lanka, U.K., U.S.A.; comparative library legislation.
Putting knowledge to work; an American view of Ranganathan's Five laws of library science
Ramanujan : the man and the mathematician
Ranganathan dictionary : Indian terminology on library and information science
Ranganathan festschrift.
Ranganathan memorial issue : impact of growth in the universe of subjects on classification
Ranganathan memorial number
Ranganathan memorial volumes
Readings from the Ramayana. Bhagavad gita
Reference service and bibliography. Vol. 1. Parts 1-4 : Theory, by S. R. Ranganathan,... and C. Sundaram,... Foreword by Sir Maurice Linford Gwyer,...
School and College Libraries. -
servizio di reference, Il
Social education literature for authors, artists, publishers, teachers, librarians, and governments.
Social science research and libraries. Papers and summary proceedings of the Library seminar on research in the social sciences, New Delhi, 2-4 Jan. 1959. Edited by S. R. Ranganathan and Girja Kumar...
Suggestions for the organization of libraries in India, by S. R. Ranganathan,...
Theory of library catalogue
Union catalogue of learned periodical publications in South Asia
Union catalogue of periodical publications in the Libraries of South Asia (Ceylon, India, Burma, Thailand, Federation of Malay and Singapore and Indonesia). S. [Shiyali] P. [Ramamrita] Ranganathan, P. [Prithvi] N. [Nath] Kaula and T. N. Koranne, for Unesco South Asia science co-operation office and Indian library association
تنظيم المكتبات
مبادئ تصنيف المكتبات : مبنى على محاضرات القيت فى جامعة بميى فى ديسمبر 1944 و فى مدارس المكتبات فى بريطانيا العظمى فى ديسمبر 1956