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Claessens, Constantijn
Claessens, Constantijn A.
Claessens, Constantijn A.M.F.
Claessens, S.
Claessens, Stijn
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Alba, Pedro
Anderson, R.E.
Arrau, Patricio
Ayhan Kose, M.
Berglöf, Erik
Bhattacharya, Amar
Birdsall, Nancy
Bongini, Paola
Bruno, Valentina
Bruno, Valentina G.
Burridge, P.
Burridge, Peter
Campenhout, Bjorn Van
Carare, Octavian
Cassimon, Danny
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Cerutti, Eugenio
Chang, P H Kevin
Chuhan, Punam
Claessens, C.A.
Claessens, Constantijn
Claessens, Constantijn A.
Claessens, S.
Claessens, Simeon Djankov and Stijn
Claessens, Stijn et al
Classens, S.
Coleman, Jonathan
Cumby, Robert E
Dasgupta, Susmita
Dell'Ariccia, Giovanni
Demirguc-Kunt, Asl[iota]
Demirgüç-Kunt, AslI
Detragiache, Enrica
Diwan, Ishac
Djankov, S.
Djankov, Simeon
Djankov^, Simeon
Dooley, M.P.
Dooley, Michael P
Dornbusch, Rudiger
E.Terrones, Marco
Eun, Cheol S.
Fan, Joseph P. H.
Fan, Joseph P.H.
Feijen, Erik
Feijen, Erik (1977-)
Feijen, Erik Henri Bernard (1977-)
Fernandez-Arias, Eduardo
Ferri, Giovanni
Fry, M.J.
Fry, Maxwell J.
Fund, International Monetary
Glaessner, Thomas
Glaessner, Thomas C.
Glaessner, Tom
Glen, Jack
Gooptu, S.
Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania
Horen, Neeltje van
Huizinga, Harry
Igan, Deniz
International Monetary Fund (IMF) / Research Department
Jun, Kwang W.
Kanbur, Ravi
Kingebiel, Daniela
Klapper, Leora
Klapper, Leora F.
Klingebiel, Daniela
Kneafsey, Devin P.
Kose, Ayhan
Kose, M Ayhan
Kose, M. Ayhan
Köse, M.Ayhan
Krahnen, Jan
Kroner, Ken
Kroner, Kenneth F.
Laeven, Luc
Laeven, Luc (1974-)
Laeven, Lucius Antonius Hubertus (1974-)
Lang, L.H.P.
Lang, Larry
Lang, Larry H. P.
Lang, Larry H.P.
Lang, William
Mamingi, Nlandu
McGuire, Patrick
McGuire, Patrick M.
Mody, Ashoka
Moshirian, Fariborz
Naude, David
Nenova, Tatiana
Oks, Danel
Oks, Daniel
Park, Yung Chul
Pennacchi, George
Perotti, Enrico
Perotti, Enrico C.
Peters, R. Kyle
Pohl, G.
Pohl, Gerhard
Polastri, Rossana
Qian, Ying
Rhee, Moon-Whoan
Schmukler, Sergio
Schmukler, Sergio L.
Terrones, Marco
Terrones, Marco E
Terrones, Marco E.
Tinbergen Instituut
Tong, Hui
Tzioumis, Konstantinos
Ueda, Kenichi
Underhill, Geoffrey R D
Underhill, Geoffrey R. D.
Universiteit van Amsterdam / Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde / Finance Group
Vallée, Shahin
Van Horen, Neeltje
van Wijnbergen, Sweder
Varangis, Panos
Warner, A.
Warner, Andrew
Wei, Shang-Jin
World Bank
Xu, Lixin Colin
Yafeh, Yishay
Zhang, Xiaoke
1990 Mexico and Venezuela recapture clauses: An application of average price options, The
Access to financial services: a review of the issues and public policy objectives
Additions to market indices and the comovement of stock returns around the world
Alternative forms of external finance : a survey
Alternative frameworks for providing financial services
analysis of debt-reduction schemes initiated by debtor countries, An
Analytical aspects of the debt problems of heavily-indebted poor countries
Are financial sector weaknesses undermining the East Asian miracle?
Balance-of-payments crises in a perfect foresight optimizing model
Balance of payments crises in an optimal portfolio model
Banking reform in transition countries
Bankruptcy around the world - explanations of its relative use
Banks and Labor as Stakeholders: Impact on Economic Performance
Banks, capital markets, and corporate governance : lessons from Russia for Eastern Europe
Basel II Reform and Retail Credit Markets, The
Being a foreigner among domestic banks: Asset or liability?
benefits and costs of group affiliation: Evidence from East Asia, The
benefits and costs of group affiliation, The : evidence from East Asia
Benefits and Costs of Internal Markets: Evidence from Asia's Financial Crisis, The
Bootstrapping options: An application to recapture clauses
Can Governments Mandate Hard Budget Constraints? Bank Lending and Financial Isolation in Romania
Capital flows to Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
Comment on "Banking in Transition Economies."
Commentary to: Central bank dollar swap lines and overseas dollar funding costs
Commodity stabilization funds
Comovement of Newly Added Stocks with National Market Indices: Evidence from Around the World
Competition in the Financial Sector: Overview of Competition Policies
Competitive implications of cross-border banking
Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Measurement of Capital Flight.
Conditionality and debt relief
Contagion: Understanding How It Spreads.
Corporate diversification in East Asia : the role of ultimate ownership and group affiliation
Corporate Governance and Development
Corporate governance and equity prices : evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republics
Corporate governance and regulation : can there be too much of a good thing ?
Corporate Governance in Asia: A Survey
Corporate growth and risk around the world
Corporate growth, financing, and risks in the decade before East Asia's financial crisis
Corporate Performance in the East Asian Financial Crisis.
Costs of Group Affiliation: Evidence from East Asia, The
Cross-country experiences and policy implications from the global financial crisis
cross-section of stock returns, The : evidence from the emerging markets
Current challenges in financial regulation
debt laffer curve: Some estimates, The
Deriving developing country repayment capacity from the market prices of sovereign debt
Designing Financial Systems in Transition Economies
Determinants of Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Seven European Transition Economies
Developments in global e-finance
Did the Euro Crisis Affect Non-financial Firm Stock Prices through a Financial or Trade Channel?
Disentangling the Incentive and Entrenchment Effects of Large Shareholdings
Diversification and efficiency of investment by East Asian corporations
Does campaign finance imply political favors?
East Asian Corporations. Heroes or Villains?
Effect of Barriers to Equity Investment in Developing Countries, The
Effect of Equity Barriers on Foreign Investment in Developing Countries, The
effects of barriers on equity investment in developing countries, The
Electronic finance : a new approach to financial sector development?
Electronic Finance: Reshaping the Financial Landscape Around the World
Emergence of Equity Investment in Developing Countries: Overview., The
Empirical evidence on the new international aid architecture
Enforcement and Good Corporate Governance in Developing Countries and Transition Economies
Enterprise performance and management turnover in the Czech Republic
Enterprise Performance and Managers' Profiles
Equity and bond flows to Asia and Latin America : the role of global and country factors
Equity and bond flows to Latin America and Asia: the role of global and country factors
Equity portfolio investment in developing countries : a literature survey
Estimating the Likelihood of Mexican Default from the Market Prices of Brady Bonds
evidence and impact of financial globalization, The
Evidence on Changes in Aid Allocation Criteria
Explaining the migration of stocks from exchanges in emerging economies to international centers
Explaining the migration of stocks from exchanges in emerging economies to international centres
Expropriation of minority shareholders : evidence from East Asia
Expropriation of Minority Shareholders in East Asia
Finance and hunger : empirical evidence of the agricultural productivity channel
Finance and inequality: Channels and evidence
financial crisis of 2008-2009: Origins, issues, and prospects, The
Financial Cycles: What? How? When?
Financial dependence, banking sector competition, and economic growth
Financial development, property rights, and growth
Financial Frictions, Investment, and Institutions
Financial restructuring in banking and corporate sector crises: what policies to pursue?
Financial sector development and the Millennium Development Goals, c2007
Financial Stress and Economic Activity
Forecasting volatility in commodity markets
Foreign Banks: Trends, Impact and Financial Stability
Foreign direct investment, other capital flows, and current account deficits : what causes what?
Foreing Direct Investment: What Causes What?
From the financial crisis to the real economy: Using firm-level data to identify transmission channels
Future of Stock Exchanges in Emerging Economies: Evolution and Prosepcts, The
global financial crisis: How similar? How different? How costly?, The
Global financial crisis, risk analysis and risk measurement
Government Bonds in Domestic and Foreign Currency: the Role of Institutional and Macroeconomic Factors
Government bonds in domestic and foreign currency: the role of macroeconomic and institutional factors
Hedging commodity price risks in Papua New Guinea
Hedging crude oil imports in developing countries
HIPCs' Debt Review of the Issues.
How do business and financial cycles interact?
How does foreign entry affect domestic banking markets?
How does foreign entry affect the domestic banking market?
Improving the currency composition of external debt : applications in Indonesia and Turkey
Insolvency laws around the world - a statistical analysis and rules for their design
Interest rates, growth, and external debt : the macroeconomic impact of Mexico's Brady deal
international financial architecture: what is news?
International financial integration through equity markets : which firms from which countries go global ?
internationalization of financial services in Asia, The
internationalization of financial services issues and lessons for developing countries, The
Investment and Institutions
Investment Incentives: New Money, Debt Relief, and the Critical Role of Conditionality in the Debt Crisis.
LDC debt crisis: Who gains from debt reductions?, The
Lessons and Policy Implications from the Global Financial Crisis
Location Decisions of Foreign Banks and Institutional Competitive Advantage
Macro-prudential regulatory policies the new road to financial stability
Market-based debt reduction for developing countries principles and prospects
Methodological issues in evaluating debt - reducing deals
Monetary and Macroprudential Policies
need for institutional changes in the global financial system: an analytical framework, The
Oil price instability, hedging, and an oil stabilization fund : the case of Venezuela
optimal currency composition of external debt, c1988, The
Optimal Currency Composition of External Debt: Theory and Applications to Mexico and Brazil., The
Optimal dynamic hedging portfolios and the currency composition of external debt
option - pricing approach to secondary market debt, An : applied to Mexico
Ownership and corporate governance : evidence from the Czech Republic
Ownership and Financing Structures of Listed and Large Non-listed Corporations
Ownership concentration and corporate performance in the Czech republic
Paths to eurobonds
Pattern and Valuation Effects of Corporate Diversification: A Comparison of the United States, Japan, and other East Asian Economies, The
pattern and valuation effects of corporate diversification, The : a comparison of the United States, Japan, and other East Asian economies
Policy Selectivity Foregone: Debt and Donor Behavior in Africa
Policy Selectivity Forgone: Debt and Donor Behavior in Africa
Political connections and preferential access to finance: the role of campaign contributions
Political Economy of Basle II: The Costs for Poor Countries, The
political economy of distress in East Asian financial institutions, The
Political Economy of Global Financial Governance: The Costs of Basle II for Poor Countries, The
Politicians and firms in seven central and eastern European countries
Portfolio Capital Flows: Hot or Cold.
Portfolio Investment in Developing Countries.
Pricing average price options for the 1990 Mexican and Venezuelan recapture clauses
Pricing externalities in the world financial markets: Theory and policy implications
Privatization and Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence and Policy Options.
Privatization benefits in Eastern Europe
Reader in international corporate finance
Recent estimates of capital flight
Recent experience with commercial bank debt reduction: Has the "menu" outdone the market?
Recessions and Financial Disruptions in Emerging Marketes: A Bird's Eye View
Recessions and Financial Disruptions in Emerging Markets: A Bird´s Eye View.
Resolution of corporate distress - evidence from East Asia's financial crisis
Resolution of corporate distress in East Asia
Resolution of financial distress : an international perspective on the design of bankruptcy laws
Resolving systemic financial crises policies and institutions
Resolving systemic financial crisis : policies and institutions
Return Behavior in Emerging Stock Markets.
Risk Management in Developing Countries.
Risk management in sub-Saharan Africa
Secondary Market Prices and Mexico's Brady Deal.
Secondary Market Prices Under Alternative Debt Reduction Schemes: An Option Pricing Approach with an Application to Mexico
separation of ownership and control in East Asian Corporations, The
Shadow banking within and across national borders
State enterprise performance and soft budget constraints: The case of Bulgaria
Stock market development and internationalization: Do economic fundamentals spur both similarly?
Systemic risk in global banking: what can available data tell us and what more data are needed?
Systemic Risks in Global Banking: What Available Data can tell us and What More Data are Needed?
Systemic risks in global banking: what can available data tell us and what more data are needed?
Taking stock of risk management techniques for sovereigns
Thailand's corporate financing and governance structures
Three essays on balance-at-payments crises
Understanding Financial Crises Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses
Volatility and contagion in a financially integrated world : lessons from East Asia's recent experience
What drives bank competition? some international evidence
What happens during recessions, crunches and busts?
When does corporate diversification matter to productivity and performance? Evidence from East Asia
Who controls East Asian corporations ?
Will HIPC matter? : The debt game and donor behaviour in Africa
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Thesis (Ph.D. in Managerial Science and Applied Economics)--Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1986