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Guilielmus (Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis)
Laud, Guilielmus
Laud, Gulielmus
Laud, Gullielmus
Laud, Wilhelm
Laud, Willem
Laud, William
Laud, William (Abp. of Canterbury)
Laud, William Archbishop of Canterbury
Laud, William Archbishop of Canterbury (English churchman, 1573-1645)
Laud, William (Dr)
Laud, William (Ep)
Laude, Wilhelm
Lawd, William
Lawd, William (Archevêque de Canterbury)
William (Archbishop of Canterbury)
William (Archevêque de Canterbury)
William (Canterbury, Archbishop)
William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury
William (Lord Archbishop of Canterbury)
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Badger, Richard
Bastwick, John (1593-1654)
Buckeridge, John (1562?-1631))
Burton, Henry (1578-1648)
Church of England Province of Canterbury Archbishop (1633-1645 : Laud) (see also from)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fisher, John (1569-1641)
Hexham, Henry (1580?-1658)
Hinde, John (17de eeuw)
Laud, William (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Prynne, William (1600-1669)
University of Oxford Chancellor (1630-1641 : Laud) (see also from)
Waelpot, Jan Pietersz Delft, 1621-1658
Young, Robert -1643
Archbishop Laud commemoration, 1895: lectures on Archbishop Laud together with a bibliography of Laudian literature and the Laudian exhibition catalogue, etc.
Archbishop Laud's funeral sermon, preached by himself, from the scaffold on Tower-hill, on Friday Jan. 10. 1644. ... Published at this time to vindicate the memory of that ... prelate, from the ... aspersions of those vile, paltry scribblers, who write the Review and Observator
archbishop of Canterbury's speech; or, his funerall sermon. Dutch, The
Articles to be enquired of in the metropoliticall visitation of the most reverend father, VVilliam, by Gods providence, lord arch-bishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and metropolitan in and for the dioces of [blank] in the yeere of our lord God 163[blank] and in the first yeere of his graces translation
booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, The : and other parts of divine service for the use of the Church of Scotland.
brief des aerts-bisschops van Cantelbergh, (tegenwoordigh gevangen inden Tour van Londen.) Aen den vice-cancelier, ende de rest vande convocatie tot Oxford. Te kennen ghevende sijne ootmoedighe bede aen sijne konincklijcke majesteyt, om een spoedige versoeninghe tusschen hem ende sijn Hooge Hoff van Parlement, Een
Brieven van William Laud (1573-1645) aan William Boswell (-1650)
Des aerts-bisschops van Cantelbergs oratie ofte lyck-predicatie, gedaen by hem selven op't schavot op Towerhill.
Doctissimi clarissimíque Gerardi Joannis Vossi et ad eum virorum eruditione celeberrimorum epistolae : quas inter centum fere numerantur Guil. Laud, Jac. Usserii ... : ex autographis mss. collegit et ordine secundùm singula tempora digessit Paulus Colomesius.
Elixir jesuiticum sive quinta essentia jesuitarum ; ex variis, inprimis pontificiis, authoribus, alembico veritatis extracta ; quae mundi theatro exhibetur, continens, I. Epitheta & periphrases jesuitarum. II. Catalogum, vel quasi, testium veritatis de Jesuitis. III. Similitudines & apophtegmata de jesuitis. IV. Theses & positiones ex novâ-antiquâ veritate desumptas, patribus jesuitis ad ventiladum proximis diebus saturnalibus, & qui eos sequentur usque ad carnis privium, vel praeter propter, propositas. Collectore Gratiano Leosthene Saliceto.
Harangue prononcée en la chambre de l'Etoile, le mercredi XIV. de juin de l'année M.DC.XXXVII à la censure de Jehan Bastwick, Henry Burton et Guillaume Prinn touchant les prétendues innovations en l'Eglise
History of the troubles and tryal of the Most Reverend Father in God and blessed martyr, William Laud, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury
History of the troubles and tryal of... William Laud,... wrote by himself,... to which is prefixed the diary of his own life... and subjoined... the Archbishop's last will, his large answer to the Lord Say's speech concerning liturgies, his annual accounts of his province delivered to the king and some other things relative to the history...., The
Lijck-sermoen van VVillem Laud, aerdtz-bisschop van Cantelberg [...] by hemselven uyt-ghesproocken op't schavot.
oratie, die onlangs ghedaen is in de ster-camer, op de censure van Johan Bastwick, Henrick Burton, en VVillem Prin., Een
proclamation for the well ordering of the market in the cittie of Oxford, and for the redresse of abuses in weights and measures within the precincts of the Vniversitie of Oxford., A
Relation of the conference between william laud, late lord archbishop of canterbury and mr. fisher the jesuit by the command of king james of ever blessed memory with an answer to such exceptions as a.c. takes against it
Replie to Jesuit Fishers answere to certain questions propounded by His Most Gratious Matie. King James
Reverendi in Christo patris Lanceloti, episcopi Wintoniensis, Opuscula quaedam posthuma.
Sermoen ofte redenen van den ertz-bisschop van Canterbury, ghedaen op het schavot aen Touwer-hill.
Sermon preached on monday, the first of february, at Westminter, at the opening of parliament, [concerning State and Church unity], by the bishop of S. Davids. [William Laud]., A
Speech concerning innovations in the Church., A
speech delivered. Dutch, A
Warhaffte und Gründtliche Erzehlung wie es mit dem Todt deß Ertzbischoffs von Contorberi hergangen. -
XCVI. sermons by the Right Honourable, and Reverend Father in God, Lancelot Andrewes, late Lord Bishop of Winchester. Published : The second edition