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Lardner, D.
Lardner, Dionigi
Lardner, Dionysius,
ラルドネル, ジオニシヤス
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[Keightley, Thomas] (1789-1872. [from old catalog])
Alexander, Peter (philosophe)
Bell, Robert (1800-1867))
Dublin University
Dunham (1858))
Forster, John (1812-1876)
Kater, H.
Kater, Henry (1777-1835)
Koszmann, H.
Renwick, James (1790?-1863)
Vergnaud, Amand-Denis (1791-1885)
水橋, 東作
Animal physiology for schools.
annual retrospect of public affaires for 1831, The : in two volumes.
cabinet cyclopaedia, The : natural history
Common things explained, containing : earth, fire, water, time, the almanack, clocks and watches spectacles, colour, kaleidoskope, pumps, from "The Museum of Science and Art" : with one hundred and fourteen illustrations
Dampfmachine fasslich beschrieben und erklärt, Die
Diversi mezzi di cominicazione.
Diversi mezzi di comunicazione
electric telegraph, The
elementary treatise in the differential and integral calculus, An
Elementerna af differential- och integral-calculen, 1837:
Éléments de mécanique
Elements of the theory of central forces
Eminent British statesmen
Eminent literary and scientific men : English poets.
Great exhibition and London in 1851., The
Hand-book of natural philosophy : optics
Hand-books of natural philosophy and astronomy.
Handboek der werktuigkunde : benevens een aanhangsel over den slinger en de balans
Handbook of natural philosophy.
History of Europe during the middle ages.
history of maritime and inland discovery., The
history of Poland, The : in one volume.
History of Rome
History of Russia
History of the Netherlands, The
history of the world, The
Hydrostatics and pneumatics. By the Rev. Dionysius Lardner.
Italian republics; or the origin, progress, and fall of italian freedom.
Lardner's One thousand and ten things worth knowing : a book clearly explaining how to do rightly almost everything that can be necessary in the kitchen, the parlor and dressing-room, and disclosing all the most valuable information, receipts and instruction in the useeul [i.e. useful] and domestic arts, everything of which is of practical use to everybody : to which is added Employment for all, or, A hundred ways to make money.
Lectures on the steam-engine : in which its construction and operation are familiarly explained : with a sketch of its invention and progressive improvement : and an account of the present state of the Liverpool railway, and the performances on it, and of steam carriages on turnpike roads
Lives of eminent British statesmen
Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Great Britain : English poets
Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain and Portugal.
manual of electricity, magnetism, and meteorology, A
Manuel complet du travail des métaux : fer et acier manufacturés...
manufacture of porcelain and glass., The
microscope, The
Muséum des sciences et des arts choix de traités instructifs sur les sciences physiques et leurs applications aux usages de la vie, Le
museum of science & art, The
One thousand and ten things worth knowing
Outlines of history: embracing a concise history of the world from the earliest period to the pacification of Europe in 1815.
Popular Geology : Containing: carthquakes and volcanoes. The crust of the carth. The pre-adamite carth. With two hundred and eleventh illustrations
Popular lectures on astronomy : delivered at the Royal Observatory of Paris
Popular lectures on science and art; delivered in the principal cities and towns of the United States.
Popular lectures on the steam engine, in which its construction and operation are familiarly explained; with an historical sketch of its invention and progressive improvement.
Railway economy : a treatise on the new art of transport, its management, prospects, and relations commercial, financial and social. With an exposition of the practical results of the railways in operation in the United Kingdom, on the continent, and in America
Rome : in two volumes.
Saikin musen kōgaku meicho hon'yaku.
series of lectures on Locke's Essay, A : 1842
series of lectures upon Locke's Essay., A
Sketch of the progress of physical science. By Thomas Thomson ... Also, a course of lectures on astronomy, by Dionysius Lardner, LL.D.
Steam communication with India by the Red Sea; advocated in a letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melbourne
steam engine explained and illustrated, The : with an account of its invention and progressive improvement and its application to navigation and railways : including also a memoir of Watt
steam engine familiarly explained and illustrated; with an historical sketch of its invention and progressive improvement; its applications to navigation and railways; with plain axioms for railway speculators., The
Taisei un'yuron
terra sotto l'aspetto geografico, geologico e fisico;, La
Traité de pneumatique ou des propriétés physiques de l'air et des gaz
Traité élémentaire de mecanique
Tratado elemental de las Máquinas de Vapor
treatise on astronomy
treatise on geometry and its application in the arts., A
Treatise on heat.
treatise on hydrostatics and pneumatics., A
treatise on mechanics., A
Treatise on the origin, progressive improvement, and present state of the manufacture of porcelain and glass
treatise on the progressive improvement and present state of the manufactures in metal., A
Varietà di fisica.
Bound with: Dublin problems : being a collection of questions ... London : Whittaker, 1823